America 2016

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A view of America in 2016.

Submitted: April 26, 2017

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Submitted: April 26, 2017



Black Lives Matter.....2016

I am a blackman,a coloured,a negro,a no good
I spend all my time hanging out here in the hood
I'll sell drugs to your young white children to make them feel good
If there families don't care,why should they not come down to my lair
Why not dare,and don't be so square

I am after all a blackman,a coloured,a negro,a no good
Wasting my life living down here in the hood
With my homeboys willing and happy to settle old scores
With guns,knives,whatever it will be
Enough to put terror in your eyes,and make you flee
Just you wait and see

I'll come rob your house,and make you frown
I'll divest you of your possessions without a sound
I'll come rape your daughter,and make you scream
This is for real,this ain't no dream

Black lives matter,ain't that's what they say
But who among you believe that in the cool light of day
We believe it,us black guys down here in the hood
But we are after all,black and coloured
So it's only right that we should

But do the Police and the authorties really agree
Not from down here on street level,from what we can see
Although for the many who don't see what we can see

Perhaps on that point,will choose to disagree
Will shooting us dead,for reasons left unsaid
Remedy the situation that you all dread

We're Doctors,Lawyers,Politicians and Policemen too
You cant shoot us all dead,even if that's what you'd like to do
We're here to stay,like it or not
We even have a blackman in the Whitehouse
Giving it his best shot

How is this gonna end...we better learn to live together
One way or another,before we're all dead
Let our differences come out in the open
Let them be said,learn to tolerate and accept each other
Ain't that what Martin Luther said

I am a blackman,a coloured,a negro,a no good
Living my days down here in the hood
The figures tell you what you need to know
It's not suprizing really,you want us to go

We are the majority of the inmates in your prison system
And sitting on Death Row

Had your ancestors not bothered with us,all those centuries ago
Had you let us be,and let us be free
We would not even be in your country now,for you all to see
But you choose to enslave us,and take us far from our homeland
To a place far away,from our brothers and sisters,on that fatefull day
As they wept on the quay side,as we sailed away

Now we're your sportsmen,entertainers and musicians you love
We have enriched your society,with a velvet glove
Would your society,not be so empty
If we could not fill your scoreboards with success so glorious
Our music,the backbone of your nation,playing on every station
Does that not even up the score
Do you really now want for us,to step out the door

Are you really sure,you want us long gone
And take from your society the legacy you've seen

Which at times has reigned supreme
I am a blackman,a negro,a coloured,a no good.


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