Aliens and the wine merchandisation

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Submitted: April 26, 2017

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Submitted: April 26, 2017






This story dates back to the year 1932 when the San Fermin festival was going on in Spain. Two aliens Okawa and Tawa were ready to explore space or “dingy “ as they called it.

They were from a race called “Zizi “ from Neptune. The Zizis’ were very pliant creatures, with long sharp noses and peculiar conspicuous eyes . As friends, the Zizis were kind at heart.

Okawa and Tawa were traveling in a spacecraft AA460 ,the first ever spacecraft made by the Zizis.They traveled for five days when there was a loud crash. The battery of the AA460 had been destroyed! They had to do an emergency landing.The nearest habitable planet was Earth.

It looked like an enormous,blue, alluring ball of water. Though unsure they pulled their flaps down and landed straight down in Spain.

Everything blacked out and after about two hours Okawa and Tawa got up with a throng of people around them. They realized that their AA460 engine was missing! "

They didn’t know what to do and thought best to stay inside till the lofty and mysterious people were gone. Once they hopped out of the craft ,they transformed themselves into humans ,they shook hands with a local boy and automatically transferred spanish in their brain .

 Tawa was an expert in repairing things so he decided to stay back and fix the spacecraft till Okawa went in search of the engine.

The town was merrily celebrating Saint Fermin festival. Dancers were performing Jota (Traditional dance) ,some were carrying the statue of Saint Fermin,Bull racing was going on. Okawa kept walking until he reached a wine yard in the countryside and there it was! Finally, he got a glimpse of his engine…

He ran to give Tawa the good news…. Their engine was with an old wine merchant!

The next morning both of them, disguised as humans met the merchant.They told him that the engine was theirs. The old man having a sip of his wine said, “AS I WAS GOING ON A WALK YESTERDAY, I CAME ACROSS YOUR MYSTERIOUS ENGINE AND PICKED IT UP TO SEE WHAT IT WAS…. BUT I DIDN’T MEAN TO STEAL IT”

When Okawa and Tawa revealed their identity.,the old man was astonished and almost blacked out... Tawa was thirsty and asked him if he could taste his wine. The man readily gave it and stared at his visitors wondering if it was real or just a dream! Tawa loved the smooth vanilla flavored wine .As both were curious the merchant proudly showed them his wine cellar and his enviable Rioja wine collection.Okawa asked the man if he could give them some wine for a little gold (which the Zizis had found). The merchant readily agreed.

From then onwards the Zizis were regular customers in Spain and boosted the wine merchants business.


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