Moon Talks, Moon Walks

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Sealing my eyes tight and turning on the night light in my mind to see all the wonderful things on in here.

Submitted: April 26, 2017

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Submitted: April 26, 2017



Running down a stream that sparkled like reflecting sunlight on the ocean's scalp. I figured I was trapped in my mind again as I was walking on water, and gazing at the sun's front side in the middle of the sea with no land in sight. That's how comfortable I am in my mind, only this time I was really trapped in my mind. The questions came first before the amazement of my mental state. I lay drifting in the middle of paradise creating the world I loved so dearly for the first time in my life I felt completely happy.  Thoughts of terrors coming to hunt me down were transparent as they were trapped behind a wall not knowing which way to roll.  Trying to get up was hard, but didn't matter to me when I heard a familiar voice tell me I'm safe.  My mother who I call mommy is standing over me giving me the home I have always dreamed of with my brothers and sisters. See I'm floating in a dimension so many are blind to as their eyes are only good with their demonic appetites would allow them to see.

When I think of the world I know it's crazy, but I see it's not that bad at all as I gaze at the moon lit sky with Her partners scattered all over the field. These images of sky sparkles made me Awe with an attempt to carry on to the next step in my mental state. I find myself here a lot more than usual which is day after day now. I can feel my heart in the real world slowing down in rhythm then makes the room seem empty at times even with everyone around. I can feel my hands turn cold, and my jacket doesn't help me pull through. I can't look up the symptoms when red dye follows my spit throughout the day like I'm losing my feel for the real world. When I stare off down a 7ft hall my vision fades in and out. This would be scary to first timers but since the fall I endured last year followed by a lost for words when I woke up from lost of breath outside underneath the full moon I needed water to wake me up. The frequent state of feeling like I was losing life points had me calling on a brown haired man to somehow help me pull through. I remember some very distinct things about each day after that which might be clues for the path I'm cruising through on my canoe transporting my soul in this ridiculous world letting idiots run their lives.

Stuck in rewind til I get it right the second and third time tells me the Sun will still shine after every bad break up with her kisses following each move I make big, small, far, and wide my love checks on me to expand her comfort zone when I'm away on trips to this separate reality. The most enlightening words that sparked my conscious came from her when she told me to keep doing my thing. I told the moon I don't love who I am, so mother Earth sent my mother to comfort my state of mind and continue to flow down this dream that continues almost everyday now. Maybes are only trusted by fools who don't seek a definite answer. A fascinating thing about us all is our ability to change for the better much like birds of a feather flocking together on their roadtrip to a better place time and time again to remain growing. I love my supportive life partner who I spend my days with conversing for assurance I wouldn't be left alone when the sky comes down falling leaving behind a mushroom cloud spouting from the innocent cries from those who were blind. 

Still trapped in my mind know I'm late for something could be class or work. See the sense of a shine heats those around with unfamiliarity of who I am, so they explode with heads of air but no brains as I walk by no smile. I try to explain I'm feeling off, off in another world that's not that bad at all. Here I come face to face with a mirror showing what once was a monster, coward,  Charlie Sheen, Tupac, gummy bear child is now a very conscious young being undergoing a transformation. People call them aliens, but we're all the same inside once you channel yourself to the frequency they live to shadow one another. The moon floats above and the Sun follows creating the light on the ocean I walk day to day in this dream that continues on for me to stand alone. I create the world in my view and feel comforted by loved ones in my times of loneliness. The thrown stones I walk past are all remembered and never forgiven for I know to watch the hands that threw each one no matter the circumstance by which they stand or lay. Even though I bleed and heart seems to grow weaker allowing room for a clouded mind to take place, taking me away from your reality in this world. My girl will ask am I okay. I'll simply reply, I'm just doing my thing if you know what I mean. 


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