Golden Ovaries

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Big dreams stomp out reality from taking over who you aim to be, so why not get rid of those that keep pushing you down for once. Take a step in the right direction and do yourself a favor.

Submitted: April 26, 2017

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Submitted: April 26, 2017



Too many thrown stones to count the number of hands that took part in your deceitful downfall. The ability to change yourself is simple and cliche' to a simplton without the heart of a lion to get up and protect that which is who you are in your mind. I stand by many on their fight for greatness, I stand by many on their fight for freedom and peace, I Stand by all women for the equal rights in human nature everywhere they've always deserved if not more. Taking a look at history so stereotypical and the idiots that support those lies without a doubt are the real enemies of self and others. Attempting to put an end is the first step, but not many take action. I'm not much for too much talking, so i'm moved by actions big and small. Talking became out played and weak when those that spoke were stuck in a corner by themselves when the dark came over them removing them from society. No questions rise and people love to quote "Life Goes On" and "Oh God help us"  in the sense that they've settled for less rather than the original goal.

Oh Father this, Oh Father that, but where's our mothers' stories in those books you preach for some sense in glorifying money at the end of every service you host studio and stadium size. We come from a womb which is the safest place to be when in need of a life to breathe and grow. Why throw away such a perfect home and connection we formed from, so I'm fighting for the freedom of every real man, woman, and child expecting a chance to make things right. There would be no man without women yet that fact is ignored when hopes of a miracle coming from a crooked liar with a book yelling that a man in the sky controls all, expects nothing but the best from everyone, demands offerings from that which he supposedly made, slaughters and makes suffering of those to recieve some type of respect, and claims love for all but continously bashes hurts and burns our mothers? Thats the mindset of a pimp from a creative place in a palace looking down on those that suffer, but look up to him with eyes of tears for hope that he will spare them.

The hurt in the eyes of many when laws clearly state they cannot recieve the same wage as that of a man which still isn't enough on his behalf either. So the one that creates life is supposed to somehow survive, support, and produce life in terribles times such as these where men in America are perverted young and old as too many watch them beat and rape our women. People overlook Gods, Goddess, and Love because the definitions have been thrown to those who do not deserve to have them on their tongues. The Goddess came before the God, Earth is mother, and the gateway most of you hope for after death is being destroyed by disgusting men you lend your hearts and wallets to every day of the week in your work place, your big screens in each household, and your conniving services at church still which fail to mention the stories and voices of the great women who stepped foot on this planet and the next.

Taking life lightly in front of your sons, grand children, and friends empowers those mentally retarded from the hype they recieve from other idiots such as themselves. No man, woman, or child can come around a wise one such as myself nor others like me with such behavior. That is the real blasphemy, and my word should be read like each red word in your bibles, quarans, or whatever you waste your time reading for some type of acceptance. Recognize first the distatsteful reality around you then find passion in the ones deserving of everything they've given us. Pick up the real books set out in places requiring time to search rather than settling for less. Even as I finish up here my fight for those deserving is not over, those that only see themselves will never have a place in my heart for me to ever call them brother, father, sister. People take my words like jabs everyday and throw stones then hide behind closed doors to talk amoungst themselves, but i never forget an arguement, insult, strike, or remark. They could murder me in my sleep wherever i lay my head. The only hell i see is the continuation of the order in front of me, don't bother me with your Father God, Jesus, muhhumad, or buddha tales because they mean nothing to me like women don't to those who took part in writing all that crap. But hey, I'm just doing my thing if you know what I mean.

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