Renewing Friendships

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Even though friendships are often torn apart, that does not stop forces from bringing it back together.

Submitted: April 26, 2017

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Submitted: April 26, 2017



It took a while for the young man to open his eyes and try to adjust to his surroundings, but the only thing that he came to realize was that he was in a hospital and second he had no idea who he was. The moment the doctor walked in his room the young man wanted to say something but was unsure, although the way his heart rate was going on the monitor it would seem that it was a completely different story. The doctor walked up to him and in a calming manner told the young man to realx, and that everything was going to be explained if he just calmed down. The doctor had introduced himself as Octavio Carter, and that he had been assagined as Eddie's doctor, which is what he guessed his name was considering he couldn't remember anything else. Doctor Carter looked from his notes that he was holding to look back at Eddie, from the way Doctor Carter was looking at him everything seemed to be okay, except for the amnesia he was currently experincing.

Eddie had spent close to two days in the hospital before anyone came to see if he was fine as it turned out Eddie's phone had been damaged in the accident, what accident were they talking about Eddie still had no clue. During lunch one day there was a knock at the door, before Eddie could say anything a young woman came into his room, Eddie tried to sit up straight on his bed but due to the fact that his ribs were sore made it difficult to move. His visitor must have seen his discomfort, because she told him not to move that she was just here to explain herself not knowing what she meant by that Eddie let her continue. "The doctors told me you have amnesia, is that true?" Eddie continued to stare, more importantly he stared at her eyes, those ocean blue eyes looked like they held so many emotions but were hard to read.

The woman sighed. "I guess they were telling the truth, I mean their doctors they have to tell you the truth even if you don't want to hear it". Eddie didn't say anything what could he say to someone who was completley breathtaking with shoulder lenght blonde hair, and those eyes that left him speechless. Before Eddie could say amything she came towards his bedand held out her hand, and introuduced herself. "I'm Paisley Benson".

Even though Eddie had amniesa he knew how to shake hands, it was just that Paisley was really beautiful and also Eddie was pretty sure that he was blushing just by looking at her. "You know you can let go of my hand". Eddie looked down and saw that he had been holding Paisley's hand, and by the way her voice sounded it made her feel uncomfortable, uttering an apology Eddie let go and put both hands beside himself. Pasiley continued to stare at him as if trying to figure Eddie out, until she got a chair from the corner of the room and sat beside his bed. Both of them sat there not saying anything, although for Eddie what could he say he had no idea who he was, and as for Paisley she looked like she didn't want to say anything at all.

"I guess I should go first". Paisley said as she leaned back against the chair trying to make herself feel comfortable. "I'm sure you'd like to know why your in the hospital, and even though you've been here for two days why no one hasn't come to see you". All Eddie could do was nod his head, because he had been curious surely there were people who knew where he was. "Well thankfully visiting hours are over at six o clock, so this is going to take a while.

The explination as to why Eddie was in the hospital had been not what he had expected, because he never thought he would be the type of guy to be drunk driving. Trying to clear his throat, Eddie spoke to Pasiley for the first time sence her arrival. "Why was I driving drunk in the first place?" Paisley gave him a sympathetic look almost as if she didn't want to tell him the reason as to why he was in the hospital in the first place. "You were at a party with some of your friends".

They way she said friends stuck to Eddie, were his friends a bad group or did Pasiley not like them for the sake of not liking them. "Is there a reason why you don't like my friends". Eddie asked as he looked at Pasiley in the eye. "It's just the way you said friends, do you not like them?' Pasliey didn't say anything, but the expression on her face said so much for words to even convey.

"That's one of the reasons why I'm here". said Paisley with a slight tremor in her voice. Eddie didn't know why, but just the sound of her voice made him want to hug her, which was weird for Eddie consideirng he just met her. "You see we used to be best friends almost like brother and sister, but then things started to change." There was that tremor again Eddie didn't know why, but he wasn't sure if he wanted Pasiley to continue, but if they had a relationship that close then what was it that changed.

"What happened?" Pasliey tried to smile, but she really couldn't telling the story was going to be hard then trying to actually remember it. "You changed". It was all Pasiley had to say, because for her to actually remember seeing and at times being there for him was hard and going back and talking about it. Eddie didn't know why, but the way she was looking at hime was telling Eddie that whatever changed had happened to him was not good.

Before Eddie could come up with anything to say Pasiley beat him to it. "Before you say anything I want you to listen to what I have to say, because this might be your only chance to hear me out". Eddie wasn't sure what to say maybe because he felt vunerable being in this hospital room, or he just might be the type of guy not used to hearing the truth. Even if this was hard to hear Eddie had to know the truth, he had to find the reason of everything going on around him, but most importanlty he had to know if there were any consequences of his actions. Taking his silence as a yes Pasiley started the story where it all began, during the start of senior year.

Pasiley told Eddie that the beggining of every school year both of them would wait for each other in the front entrance, but for some reason he had been late for class, espically at the start of being a senior. Eddie wasn't sure what to say, well what could he say he just found out he was a senior in high school, and drunk driving could hinder at his chances in college. "Um how many months have we been in school?" Eddie asked with hesitation not sure if he was ready for Pasiley's answer. Without hesitating Paisley said. "We have two weeks until graduation".

Eddie didn't say anything, what could he say first he found that he had amniesa, second a girl visits him telling these stories that he can't remember. Pasiley must see the distressed look on his face, because she gets up from the chair and puts a calming hand on Eddie's shoulder. "Calm down everything is going to be okay". Eddie starts to become agitated, how can he keep calm when he's barley figuring out who he is, and the way that Pasiley talks to it's as if she can boss him around.

Nudging her away from him Eddie tried to gather himself, but it was hard with Pasiley just standing there and not getting to the point of her story. "That's easy for you to say, you're not the one with amniesa, look Pasiley instead of giving me once upon a time why don't you just skip to what happened and why". Paisley seemed to consider this, that was one of the main reasons as to why she was here even though it hurt to see him like this, but it would hurt even more after she was out of this room. Sighing Paisley sat back down not even bothering to get comfortable, because telling the truth was never easy. "Fine I'll tell you, but I just want you to know that whatever questions you have I'll try to answer them".

Eddie just stayed quite staring at her taking that as her cue, and just like she had promised the story started with what happened. It had happened during the beginning of senior year Pasiley had thought she was going to finish this year strong with her best friend, only to realize that things changed. One that being over the summer Eddie had joined the Lacross team, even though he said that most of the guys on that team were stuck up first class jerks and he would never get near them. Second his attitude had completley changed now that he had new best friends to hang out with, one day in between classes Pasliey had walked up to Eddie to say hi only for him to laugh in her face, Pasliey didn't know what made her turn away the lauhgter coming from the group or the tears threatning to fall. Third although Eddie never messed with Pasiley he did flat out ignore her, it was just that Eddie and his new group of friends thought they ran the school.

During the whole time Eddie found his hand to be intresting, because he would not look at Pasiley during her story. "I'm not really sure what to say, but if it's true do you at least have any proof?" Pasliey wasted no time in getting her phone out of her purse, and looking up the photos for Eddie to see. Looking throught the pictures he must of been looking at had to have been during Junior year, because the two of them looked happy with an arm wrapped around each other, and the sun reflecting their eyes his green and her blue. The more Eddie scrolled thru the photos the more he got to see the evedince, one picture in particular captured his attention it was of both of them, but Paisley had looked like she was going to cry and Eddie looked like he was just wanting to get away.

Eddie gave Paisley her phone back, but was curious about that picture. "Did something happen when that picture was taken?" Pasiley didn't say anything, but she did go through her phone and finally gave him the phone with a video on the screen. Eddie pressed play, and saw himself taking body shots off some red head girl, with everyone around him cheering which only esculated when the redhead got up and wrapped her arms around Eddie kissing him, and the cheering only got louder. Speechless Eddie handed the phone back to Pasliey who hasn't said anything at all, because what was ther to say when watching a video of a bunch of drunk high school kids.

Both of them just sat there with the only thing to be heard was the sound of the clock hanging overhead the door, and the sound of the nurses and doctors going about their work. Thinking of the clock Eddie looked up and saw that it was twelve in the afternoon, it seemed time flew by when it came to having an identiy crises and an unknown future. "So ... um who was the redhead?" Eddie was suprised that he was calm enough to ask that question, he thought he'd be a wreak by now. Pasiley took a few minutes to say something the video must have been a shock to her to, consideirng she was the one to record the whole thing.

"That's your girlfriend Becca Thompson, she's alson in the hospital". Eddie tried not to scream at the top of his lungs, because this was just getting crazy not knowing his life, Pasiley, now having a girlfriend this was wall becoming to much. "Is Becca okay?" Pasliey looked at Eddie and shook her head. "She was in the car with you, but she's fine only a couple of bruses and a broken leg, you wrapped the car around a tree, it's even a miracle that both of you are alive.

How many times does Pasiley have to schock him today, before Eddie realizes that his life had not been perfect he drank, ignored his friend, and almost got himself and girlfriend killed. "Hey Pasiley how exactly did I change, what made me become freinds with these people?" Pasliey who had been quite in terms of talking finally spoke. "You joined the Lacross team, you thought you wouldn't be good enought but the coach did, and most of the you hang out with centers around Lacross". Eddie never considerd Lacross to be a sport for him, but up until two days ago his life was centered around it along with other things as well.

Before Eddie could say anything Pasiley's phone chimed apparently getting a text message. Reading it Pasliey started getting up from her chair, but not before turning to Eddie with a sincer smile on her face. "I have to go my parents really don't want me to be around you right now, but if you have any questions for me you can ask?'. Eddie could understand Paslieys parents, she did seem like the kind of girl to work hard at what she does. Eddie had so many questions to ask, but with the limited time that he had left Eddie had to choose just one.

"Are my parents going to visit me soon?" Pasliey gave Eddie a sorrowful look, and it took a few seconds for her to answer. "Your parents are dissapointed with you Eddie, they warned you about the crowed you were with, and they just hope this was a wake up call". Eddie didn't know waht to say or feel, but he was glad that he had parents that cared for him even though he made it hard for them. "I'm not going to graduate am I?"

Pasliey shook her head. "It's up to to the judge, but I doubt you are". Walking up to Eddie Pasleiy wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug, careful not to hurt him. "I'll always consider you a friend Eddie". Eddie didn't want to say anything he was just glad that despite how he had change, Pasliey never gave up on him.




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