Deer Woman Family

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Native American myth about the deer woman but set in the modern day with a little Romance I hope you enjoy

Submitted: April 26, 2017

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Submitted: April 26, 2017



Deer Woman Family

In New York Januray 10, 2010 it's Allusion 16th birthday after her party her grandmother sat her down to talk I have something to tell seen your of age do you remember the storys I told you when your younger. yes grandmother, well honey  about the deer woman we are related to her all women in our family has the curse of the deer woman soon you will start to change. Change how ? you will find out soon I have to go, Grandmother where are you going? pleases tell me more I have to know more. One more thing Allision keep your emotions under control, then a week later she started to notice some changes happening to her like her eye color stated to change and she stared to smell things across from and hearing things too. The school was having a school dance and this boy Eric has a little crush on her so he decide to ask her to the dance so after the school dance they stated to date Eric and Allision. She was falling in love with him and he was already in love with her so she decide to tell him about her family secret at this party that Eric freinds invited him too when they got to the party. Allision went to get something to drink because she was really thrist but water or beer could get rid of her dry mouth and she smell something really good someone at the party cut themsevles with a beer opener. she feeled really hunger and she stop herself and went to go find Eric and she stop to smell for his sint she find him in the kitchen where she found him a girl kissing him he saw Allision in the coner of his eye he push off the girl and told to stop that she was drunk and he ran after Allision. Allision ran out of the house then she found this drunk boy leaving the party she grab for his arm then throw him to the ground and started to eat on him she torn out his heart. Then Eric caught up to her and saw what she was doing he scarmed out to her "Allision" then she relilize what she was doing she drop the heart and started to cry and ask Eric to help her he went to hold her tight and. Told that both figure this out ok she told him that she is a monster and slowly grab his pocket knife out of his pocket that he also carry around with him then she push him away and started to run away from him he then ran to his car. He caught up to her he notice where she was going which was the police station she ran through the doors and drew out the knife and she was covered in blood. The police told her to lower her weapon Allision told the officers that she that I just murder a boy a few blocks from here please kill me please the officers told to claim down we will help you just lower the weapon then we will talk okay. Then Eric ran into the police station and called out to her again she turn around and saw it was Eric then Allision closed her eyes and stab herself in the stomach Eric scramed NO! he ran towards her and pick up her small body. And throw the knife across the room and he laid his hand on her stab wound Eric turn to the officers and yelled to call the ambulance he said to Allision don't close your eyes help is on there way okay. She bearly keeping her eyes open she left her hand up and touch his face she was crying saying she was sorry and  started to caught up blood Eric wiped it off her face and she said to him " I love you Eric" then he started to cry then he said I love you Allision she smiled. And she closed her eyes and hand slip off his face and hit the floor Eric said no Allision open your eyes please Allision am right here I can't live with out you please come back he tried to put her lifeless hand back on his face. He brought her closer to his chest and sceam on the top of his lungs and then cryed he didn't let her go and tell the police told them that they have to take her and the police ask if he was ready to take a statment they gave him a blanket then he agree to the statement then his parents arriverd after the questioning was done then a police officer told the detective the morge report of the dead victim then the Eric parents were about to leave then the detective ask Eric if he'd knew that Allision was 3 weeks pagnet Eric drop to his knees and stared to cry even more a few days later they had Allision funeral Eric brought another gave stone put right next to Allision that was thier unborn childs gave stone. 10 years later Eric became a writier best seller in New York his first book was called " My beauitful Deer" he decated it to Allison and my child wherever you are I love you both then Eric was ask to do and interview. The reporter ask the simple qustions like what made you become a writier?, what enspires you your muse? and she ask who is Allision that cought him off gurad he said that's a long story  to make it short she was my first love in high school then she ask you had a child with her yes where is she now? did you guys get married? sadly no I wish she died a few years ago will you get married ? No sorry ladys my heart belongs to Allision then he said no questions the reporter said one more please yes will you wrtie another book soon your reader are waiting maybe now bye I have to see my editor sorry on his way to go see his editor walking the cross walk he saw Allision how she would look a bit older he's ran after this person yelled Allision she didn't response then he grab her wrist. He said Allision she said no am Alice do I know you? he smile and though to himself that I have a second chance at love again where ever you are Allision thank you for coming back to me some how I love you and I will fall in love with you again. He ask Alice do want to get some coffee to say sorry for acting a little crazy Alice okay but your buying he laught and said okay. 

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