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Submitted: April 26, 2017

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Submitted: April 26, 2017



You push me away yet I follow like a stray
Wanting to stay, by your side but that won't happen today
Feeling abandoned, unloved not liked tonight
Wasn't even a fight but she wants me out of sight
Texting whoever at this time, a little before and after midnight
Bad feelings in my stomach and chest, why should I still invest
When her interest seems less and less, leaving me a mess
Transformed from a wreck, but I had to pull myself together and sow the neck
I'm not what she really wants, its only a front or a joke
Probably use to be something, "I love you" becomes choked
Harder to hear it or feel it but I still feel lovesick
Tragic, trafficking this pain and anger yet I feel nostalgic
Thinking of good times, too bad its a lie but I'm fine with crimes
Use to treat us like a 9 to 5, always doing overtime working on a relationship
Feeling stupid for believing and trusting, she deceives and manipulated
Tit for tat, she fucks up I fuck up but I'm always Feeling stuck
Already struck, not sure why I'm around, already ran my luck
Better off in a trunk or underneath a truck, I'm tired of earth
Tired of living and feeling, I never asked for birth
Asked to be under the dirt, seeing no worth and always getting hurt
Is it what I deserve, rotten desserts for this extrovert hybrid introvert
I'm of no concern, just left alone, broken and torn....
when will i learn, ive always been shown love doesnt like me since i was born
Barely hanging on while she doesnt hold at all, is only a spiral downfall
Even if i didn't hurt her, what would we be, hard to see cause i would still crawl
Injured and mauled, despair in charge, these thoughts grab problems to enlarge
but im given up on easily, sadly everything couldn't be seen for the meaning
Everything that was done is just missing and the negativity is the present

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