Broken Glass

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the story of a young girl who met a boy and gave her a changing state of mind.

Broken Glass


There was a boy who came along

On the other side

He was at his point of view


Changed your point of view

Left you broken and confused

It got worse


Every other night the tears would fall

Visioned things how it could have been

You waited and didn’t leave him


Pretended you could be with him

It was your fault

You had thought


He was afraid of loving you

But he denied it to you

Said he hated you


You saw him after months and months

Came flying to your room right after

Let the tears fall like a mad hurricane


He watched you like a hunter

You watched him back as the prey

Thought things were left off as broken glass


You didn’t know why you cried

You let your emotions take a train and you had changed

Things went wrong


Blamed yourself over and over again

You knew it wasn’t your fault but you had said it was anyway

Each time you talked you acted like a cover


But your eyes had spoken with anger and fear

The nights had eventually slammed you down deep into the ground

Acted as friends


You knew it was fake

The hastiness had taken over you

Wanted to see if something was still there

It had gotten shattered

Didn’t bother to repair the cracks

Eventually got the courage and begged him to come back


He had said no

Couldn’t take it anymore

So you cut yourself once or twice


Dealt with your depression

Ringed you out like a washcloth with all of your tears

But it didn’t stop then


The visions got even more realistic

Started to pretend to act them out

Knew they weren’t real


Cried even harder

He didn’t know a thing what was going on

What he had done


He was soulmate to you

His hands connected right into your heart

Took it out right after he had left


You were dead to the world

Light and happiness had drained right out of you

Isolated yourself from the world


Left alone with your twisted thoughts

Didn’t have the strength to talk it out

Life long friends had left you


You thought your soul and brain had died

But the visions were still alive

Didn’t sleep in days


You stayed by his side every day

Even though there was no contact made

It killed your mind every day


Music had become your blood

Listened to it every day

Helped you with the pain


You face looked like it came out of a tsunami

Appearance looked like Hell

You didn’t care


Dealt with fake friends and people

Burned them right out of your life

Stayed right in your isolation

A lucky branch had fallen out of a tree

On Friday the 13th

It was girl from your past


Thought you two had forgotten each other

Made contact once or twice

Connected like two magnets


Marked each other's life stories

In each of your books

She helped with your pain


Talked some sense into you

Your thoughts had calmed down

The visions were still there


You liked them so much you let them stay

Didn’t light the match yet for them

Still needed to figure things out


Things went down again

He came back

Full of anger


Not one bit sad

You knew him well enough to know that he was hurting

Looked straight into his eyes saw all of the anger and hurt


There was a reflection in them though

It was you

Realized all of the shit he had put you through


Tried to talk to him

Led up to screaming and fighting

Emotions had all spilled out of you like a full cup of water


Crying and sobbing together

All the lies that you two told

Were destroyed


Didn’t want things to go wrong again

Cried over and over again

Are things ever going to get better you had once thought


You had a teaspoon of strength in you

Used up all of it

On the girl who had helped you with your pain


He had detoxicated all of his emotions

Told you how he really felt

Couldn’t go back to how things were


Truths were told of how you two had really felt

Being friends is hard with him

Re-introduced yourself to him


But your point of view had changed in your whole entire life

Even had the courage to say f*ck you to society

Couldn’t tell if you two should be together


The special girl and you had a talk

Life is going to take a big turn

You had to let him go


It wasn’t good for your mind

The visions had stayed still

Saying goodbye was the hardest part of all


But you had learned an important lesson

You learned how to let go of someone

And he had taught you that


But you had gotten better

The depression slowly started pouring out

And happiness was your mood


You still have the days where it’s bad and good

It’s like yin yang you once thought


Closed the gate that led your mind to Hell

Boldness shined right through you


You went on and left.


  • Bianca Celeste Nunez


Submitted: April 27, 2017

© Copyright 2022 biancacnunez. All rights reserved.

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