Bloomy Festivities

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I've got something to say

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 26, 2017



It's like I'm kicking down phantom doors. These factors are all made up. It's the real world waking up in me. I'm noticing the effects and hopeless cheers for the best who seemed to leave behind everyone else turning their suffering into checks. The reality you perceive is mainly a dream when the light shines it'll gleam on what's real for you. Searching and screaming for them to keep on scheming. Man they're really picking all of your brains. See my mind does the leading while my body does the work because that's what this spaceship is for.

So I can tell of truths in all the strangest places, but it's up to your conscious to follow. Now as I take you on this trip that takes mental patience hold on because the ride is going to start with a drop. We're in a roller coaster where heads are all spinning, so tell me who is really leading this show? But when you come to realize that the problem wasn't each other, it was the person who put you on the tracks. Just grip your partners' hands tight, because the change is in us all.

We just needed everyone to figure that out. I float by singing songs with tunes of pleasure, you guys will only vibe your head to the beats. Hey, if you listen you can figure it out. That truth was coming out of my mouth. Now days later after playing my album people caught on to what I was talking about. Shortly after some people came to shut me out of your minds. Seems the shackles are all breaking off your heads.

Now turn to brother, sister, father, and mother to tell them love is what we really needed to get out. Being free of the course you were stuck to makes room for improvement. Give me your eyes for your attention so you see what I'm talking about when the darkness seems to block us all out, positivity on the other hand will always shine through, so the darkness will always die out. 

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