who am i

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Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



Who an I?

I am broken.

I am shattered.

I am a person hiding from everyone.

I am a person with trust issues because of all the lies I've heard.

I am a rejected.

I am misunderstood.

I am the girl that no one wants to be around.

I am the girl no one would ever miss.

I am the girl that friends have tried to tell me that people would miss me.

Just I can see in their eyes that is a lie.

No ever notice me in a room.

I blend so well with the shadows.

Like an empty space.

My tears have shed.

Just people laugh instead of trying to comfort.

When people ask "how are you?"

I am just numb.

Life was crush my will.

Has crush my might.

Has crush my being.

Most  of the time I am numb.

The rest of the time I am sad or mad.

Sorry to bother you.

So go enjoy life.

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