a wish

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A wish

Once there was a village named (MANGAL), there is also another name for the village (CURSED village). At present in the village there are only around 20-25 houses, but in the past there were around 100-150 houses. Most of the family’s leave the village because of some mischievous incidents and sounds in the morning and night time. The main thing is that the family’s who leave the village are dead continuously one by one within a period of 2months. Although after this happens some family’s still lives in the village because, they have a thought that they were decided to die in the village itself.

After the days go on houses were keep on reducing. But no one knows what the reason for this kind of the behaviours. Suddenly one day a few members came to the village. When the villagers asked them they told that they were college students and they are the friends of Rahul. Rahul is also one of the village members who left the village a few years back. Rahul has friends in the village also , one of the Rahul friend from the village asked, where is Rahul, students told that Rahul died in an accident , before he dies in the hospital he told us about the village and the situation of the village. At the last moment he told that his wish is to bring the village back to its normal position. The students told that in order to fulfil Rahul wish they came to solve the problems in the village.

 After hearing this, immediately the village members asked them to leave the village in order to save their life. But they were not ready to leave the village.

The name of students


VIJAY is very interested in curiosity, suspense, and thriller. He is very interested in solving the problem in the village. KARHICK and PRADEEP were genius. ARUMUGAM is very afraid; he is not willing to stay in the village. MADHAVAN is a very angry person. GANESH and MANOJ don’t like RAHUL; they came because of other friends. They were also not willing to stay in the village.

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



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