the serenade

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a simple poem i made

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017





Flirt me with your dribble

A sharp sharp voice that can rip the heart

A venomous serenade that begins

I smile to see you play it

Gentle strains plus your mood smile

Melancholy I see perangaimu

Repeat the word

Yes, the serenade said

Sounds nice

The sound of the wind broke the silence of the night

Silent, mute the atmosphere was dark

Pain deeper

Serenade melankolis you play

The tragedy of death has inspired me again

Linked me in a daydream


The soul's niches are hit by waves

Spanking sounds squealing ears

Yes, your death serenade is over and over again

The tunable is very melodious

Anyone who will blush

Hesitate to respond

You're melancholy piercing the heart

Where do you call me?

From the east do you bring that beautiful string?

Messaging serenade messages

Start singing sound wise

At the end of the street I see your smile

I do not know the direction

I only answer escape from view

Only the serenade I heard inside

Bring me with you

Do not blame me if I go

The melancholy serenade you play steals my body

Medan 27 April 2017

Faisal Fahmi Marpaung

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