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Even if the sun would cease to exist,
I doubt it'd ever get as dark as this.

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



I’m standing at your doorstep
A hand poised to act
But as still as I am on the outside
There’s a battle deep inside
If I knock, I know you’ll answer
The disappointed look on your face
 Would crush me to pieces
And the conversation 
Wouldn’t be worth it
But if I run
You’d never know, never care
Never wonder
Why I always stick around
So I drop my hand
And take a step back
And I run

The ones I want
I cannot reach
The friends I have
I only need
But then again
Isn’t that what they’re there for? 
To be used
Then forgotten
To be lifted
Then abandoned
And maybe’s it's cruel
Maybe it’s mean
But what do I do?
What can I say
When it’s the only way you treat me
Every single day

I come when you need me
I come when you don’t 
And out of all my wishes
You reject me the most
But yet, I’m still here
Out of your line of sight
Waiting in your back corner
For the day you’d turn around and say
“I’m glad you’re here.
I hope you’ll stay.” 
Perhaps you will
Perhaps you won’t 
But I’ll still be here
Even if you don’t

I know you can see me
Can feel me without sight
Its a special thing 
Only few can have
It's a special thing 
only a friend would use
And so I wait
Knowing that you’ll turn around
But then you don’t
And I keep waiting
Maybe I guessed wrong about you
Sweet, old friend
Maybe life has changed you
Past the point of no return
Maybe if I keep trying
You’ll never turn around
Never understand
The things we could do
If only hand in hand
But what if you do?
You do turn around
Turn around to face me
Turn around to take my hand
And I’m not there
To welcome you back
An empty space where
I’d once been waiting
Ten too many years
It’d be cruel
But it’d serve you right
Yet I still stand here
Thinking to myself
“Maybe she’ll turn around.” 
Even if I know
You won’t

Maybe I’m going crazy
But I swear I can still hear her
The girl who used to run
The one who always screamed my name
The queen who was day to my night
The friend who’d tell me, 
“It’ll be alright.” 
But the one I want 
Is already gone
And the images inside my head
Are only faded memories
But I can’t help but want
The girl you used to be

I know I’m not supposed to talk
I’m supposed to be quiet like I’m not here
Even though I am
But I’ve got a question to ask you
One you can’t ignore
Will you come back to me, beautiful heroine?
Will you push away the foggy clouds
Society has planted in your head?
Will you stand strong on your ground
And emerge from the cage they’ve built
To hold your power?
Will you come back to save me
Once again?

Won’t you come back to me, sweet, old friend?
Won’t you come back? 






© Copyright 2018 Avery White. All rights reserved.

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