Doll Baby

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It's Christmas Eve. Nina gets a doll. What happens afterwards... read to find out.

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



It was Christmas Eve. Parents were rushing to every store to get their adorable little girls the perfect doll and their adventurous little boys the coolest toy truck. But one of these kids weren't as lucky..................

"Mommy, I want that one" said Nina pointing at a beautiful porcelain white doll. It had cherry red lips, long curly black hair, and was wearing a gorgeous white lace dress. Its green glass eyes were breath-taking. But also, the doll had a long black string attached to its arm. Nina pulled it. She was surprised to hear the words "I'm Little Lucy and you're my new best friend" come out of the speaker in the doll's mouth. Nina was mesmorized. she really wanted that doll. "Okay, Sweetie" said her mother. Her mother took the doll off the shelf and took it to the counter.

As the mother put the doll on the counter, the cashier gasped and said "Oh no, ma'am you don't want that one" "Why not?" asked the Mother "It's been returned nine times" said the concerned cashier. "Well, if my little Nina wants a doll, she gets a doll" said the stuck up mother. "Fine" said the cashier carelessly "It's your funeral". The cashier gave them the doll, the mother paid and they went home. After they left the cashier went into the restroom, buried her head in her knees, curled up in the corner, silently crying and said "Another victim"

They arrived at home. Nina couldn't wait to play with her new doll. Her mom tried to make Nina wait until the morning when it was Christmas day but like her mother said, whatever Nina wants, Nina gets. Nina took her doll upstairs to her room and played with it for what seemed like forever. She was addicted to pulling the doll's string and hearing its sweet, loving voice, calling Nina her best friend. But a few days later, Nina was bored of Little Lucy. Now she wanted this gigantic teddy bear she saw at the toy store. But Little Lucy loved Nina. She wanted Nina for herself. So Lucy had a plan.

Nina was sleeping. The lights flickered on and off, waking up Nina. Nina's long blonde pigtails were still perfect somehow. When Nina sat up, she saw Lucy sitting still on the edge of her bed. "Lucy, get off my bed!" Nina threw Lucy off of the bed and went back to sleep. Lucy was heartbroken.

Nina was eating dinner and she decided to go get her new purple teddy bear to eat with her. When Nina came back, she was furious to find Little Lucy sitting in Beary"s chair. "Get up, dumb Lucy, that's Beary's chair!" Nina pushed Lucy off of the chair and ate with her bear. Lucy shed a little tear which looked creepy because of her plastered on porcelain smile. "Nina, I love you"whispered the doll "You will be my best friend"

Nina was sleeping. Lucy snuck into the mother's room and opened a droor. She grabbed a needle and thread then walked into Nina's room. She hopped on her bed.

Lucy took the needle and slit open the stomach of the teddy bear and grabbed all the stuffing from it. Then she slit open Nina's stomach and inserted the stuffing into her stomach and then sewed the skin shut. Then Nina woke up, screaming to the top of her lungs. But then Lucy sewed her mouth shut and sewed her eyelids shut. Nina was dead. Then Lucy hugged her and said "Now we can be friends forever". Nina's mother walked in, shocked, terrified, ams frozen in fear. She saw the doll, covered in blood. She screamed. She picked up the doll and threw it in the fireplace. She fell to her knees and cried beside her daughter.

The mother called the store at which she got the demented doll and told them what happened. The manager laughed at the story, saying she was crazy. Meanwhile the cashier was walking through the isles. And there sat Little Lucy on the shelf where the family bought her. "I guess 9 wasn't enough for you, was it" said the cashier as she fell to her knees and prayed for the next victims of Little Lucy.

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