“Can one really go without a phone to create success each and every day?” – A weeks test, I’ll try my best!

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“Can one really go without a phone to create success each and every day?” – A weeks test, I’ll try my best!

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



“Can one really go without a phone to create success each and every day?” – A weeks test, I’ll try my best!

In this day and age being without a phone seemed like one of the scariest things…..especially in London. Why?

  1. City Mapper – How would I be able to get around without City Mapper?
  2. Facebook/ Skype/ Messenger/ Whats App – How do I keep in touch with my friends and family each day?
  3. Instagram – But what about my followers? I love to be able to take brilliant photos, photos of life that stand out to me. What if I miss those moments because I didn’t have my phone?
  4. Work – How am I to work from home? How do I keep in touch with their Social Media? (something I am charged with?)
  5. MUSIC – What was I going to do without music continuously creating magic in my day?

A conversation with my girlfriends over a bottle of wine or 3 – Technology, especially our phones if utilized wisely, provides us with success, efficiency and ease.I say bye bye.JPG

What occurs next is somewhat fate. We head out dancing and what do you know…..my cellular is  picked up by some ol’ mate . A moment of shock, a heightened sense of urgency and a distraught, I am now without my phone, a feeling I feel right down to my bone.

It was then that I decided to attempt a week without my cellular. This may have been the residue of wine still flowing through my body, it could have been that I was just too tired to care. I wanted to know… really I wanted to see if I could live life without a phone and still be me.

“Can one really go without a phone to create success each and every day?”

DAY 1: Saturday – Waking up with the realization that my phone was gone, it mattered none because the sun shone. My flatmate and I cancelled all passwords I knew…..I sit back and relaxed to smoke a cigarette or two. The decision was made, I will head to work and investigate further and if the phone is not found my plan was laid. A week without a phone, I will give it a go. If anything I was sure it would be a bit of a show.

Day 2: Sunday – I rise and shine with a wakeup call from work – yes no Alarm I thought – gosh being late for work would make me distraught. For all who know me know I am dedicated as can be, to be the best possible worker when representing my boss whether a he or she. Work was complete, I felt free as a bird, I tuck into bed that night with a smile under the sheet.

Day 3:  Monday – Thank god for my natural body clock, waking me up right on the dot. Blurry eyed I shower quick and make my way to the tube without my music giving me my daily kick. “And here we go” I think, to work without a phone, the people I would have been in contact with have all but missed my tone. The day went smooth and ohh so quick – I tell everyone my story and they think I must be thick. A week without a phone, “I could never do that” – well my friend I am going to give it a bat. I arrive home that night meeting a new flatmate in sight. A few wines are shared and some inspirational pushes my way, a week will be fine and if not hey you’ll cave.

Day 4: Tuesday – Body clock still in gear, I wake with a tear….gosh how do I check my Insta, my Facebook or my friends/family who I hold so dear. Thank god for a laptop – helping me with my morning routine of music, coffee and a little chat in between. It is not so bad I think, I still have a laptop. It just means that I can’t talk on the go, is that really a big no no? I find myself more observant of the people around….I never knew the tube was so silent, only but a few newspaper crinkle sounds.

Day 5: Wednesday – I wake just in time, to make an important conference call, which I would have rather arrived 1/2 and hour earlier to ensure I was on the ball. But my life without a phone was starting to take it’s toll on my continuous push for success. Something that I pride myself best. My first day needing to go wandering the streets of London – Oh gosh no City Mapper? A google print out was done. Although my tether was nearing the end, with no phone to tend I am determined to see this week through if nothing but for you. Half an hour late I arrive to my destination only apologizing for my map reading mistake. An understanding response when advised I do not have a phone, “why haven’t you bought one yet” he said with such an incredibly surprised tone. Ahhhhhh the tension builds and I question “do I just buy one now? No my determined self reminds me that my job is not yet done.

Day 6: Thursday – Arghhhh no ease yet again….a quiet tube ride to work I hold anything but a grin. I want my phone back and not a Samsung or HP…but my IPhone 7 which has become so dear to me. That’s it I decide I will order one to be by my side on the last day of this rough week which I never thought would be so bleak.

It is not that I am hugely technologically minded but with a phone by my side life seems a lot more kinder. With banking, music, maps and more we have everything at the fingertips “ohhh gosh how did we do it before?”

With my Day 7 nearing so close I write this with only excitement in my bones. A phone will be delivered to my workplace tomorrow – Day 7 thank god, life will be back on show. My answer to my question can I make every day a success without a phone? In this day and age….I unconsciously and sadly say No. From a girl whom grew up on the land making fun with the Sheep I now find comfort in my familiar, warming IPhone 7 beep beep.Apple Phone.JPG

I never say no to a game, test or dare…..my gosh this one certainly had me almost in a tear. #aKiwiYES2Adventure of all sorts I say. And that my friends is something I wouldn’t have any other way. I will be going to sleep with only but a smile, tomorrow my life will feel like it is back to its fast paced, Apple IPhone infused dial.


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