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Submitted: April 27, 2017

THE BOOK OF UNDYING LOVE AND DRAMTIC LOVE STORY This is story about a young boy that grew up in town that...'
This is story about a young boy that grew up in town that used to scare him a lot. so here’s the truth about that young boy. This young boy had elder sister,which passed away years ago,and has a elder brother.This boy had no idea of who he was goanna be come in the future.he was doing stuff that he was not suppose to be doing,months went passed,days went,weeks went and even the hours went he still didn’t find out who he was really the boy decide one day his going to play football with his brother and his brothers friends which was also his friends.there palyed football,cricket,vollyball and even hid and seek.which their kept the young boys nickname to be PETER,which the boy like as much,he was friends with his brothers friends,so from that day he was always with his brothers friends which change him a lot.
One day the boy and his new friends went to play football,it was a hot and sunny day,sweat was running down their head and their decide after the game of football there are going to play hide and seek in the school,after their go home and have some drinks,the young boy was only 8 years old at that time when he joined his brothers friends.
So later on that day the boys decide to go back to the school to play hide and seek,their waited till the sun goes down and became a little dark and their went and played where two guys seek and the rest hide while the two guys count till 100 and find them after that,the first two that get caught will seek,so this young boy decide to go and hide with one his friends between the school blocks,while the others scatted all of the school blocks,which was A block,B block and a C the young boy and his friend was the age of 22,decide to go the end of the B block right at the top at the last classroom,which appear to be open with no one knowing of the boy and his friend decide to hide inside where no one can see while inside that room alone with his friend,the young boy’s friend asked him a question,which the young boy didn’t understand at that age.the friend asked him do you know to get inmate?.The boy replied and said no,I don’t know what that means,it was already half and hour and their was the last ones hiding,so the boys friend said lets go now,and will come back here later,don’t tell anyone where you was hiding,the replied and said their went,
Later on that day, their went back to the same hiding place,which turn into a magical adventurer for the boy,the boy and his friend went and had a fun time while his friends and them was looking for there continue for days,months and years.the young boys friend name was shawn,so their carry on seeing each other and having their after years a another strange thing happen to the boy.
Years went by and the boy just turn 15 years old.when a good thing he thought happen to him,when a good looking ,handsome, attractive boy named Andrea,also one of his brothers this what happen that day there was playing soccer,so this guy decide to take break and go have some water behind the school block which a tap was there,all the boys know that the tap that’s there is like a ice water the boy decide to take break while young was sitting and watching his friends play,so his friend walk towards him and ask him to accompany him to the the young boy went with his friend andrea,while drinking water the boys friend andrea asked him to get inmate with him,and the boy thought that his friend was joking until he and his friend went down between the blocks and started to get inmate with each other,while his other friends play soccer,while their was so busy in there fun,their decide to go to his house and have move fun,while the young boy was also seeing another their carry on for years and years even the boy went to hig Read Chapter