Comfy Blindness

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Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



Comfy Blindness



We are all so blind.

In blindness we confide.

Being blind from the truth

Is how live our lives.



This quantum society

Is founded upon them.

Lies save us from the truth

As the truth terrifies.


The truth is

And we all know it

Is that we are pointless.

Our planet isn’t even a grain of sand

Compared with the vastness of the cosmos.


And we know there is no divine

That it is but a fable to keep us satisfied.

And there is nothing after death

As our brain simply ceases to function and




Death is the only truth

And the truth is only death

And we know that life

Is but a series of distractions until we perish.


‘But there must be more!’

I hear you cry

But why must there?

We’re born to die.

The soul is just a lie

And all we are

Is a series of neural junctions

Weaved by the fabric of time.


We confide in fantasy

And ignore the truth:

We are random

We are dying

We are biology.


And in those brief moments

When the mask is lifted

And we see truth

We take blinding painkillers

To ease the empty pain

And return the blackening mask

To the comfy position on our heads.

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