At Last

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I love Miraculous Ladybug :D

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



“Chat, I need to tell you something” Ladybug says nervously. “Anything, M’lady.” Chat replies. “I’m- You can take my mask off.”. Inwardly, Chat shouts with joy. “Okay M’lady.” He carefully removes her mask, anticipating who it could be.

“Marinette… It’s been you this whole time?” he says in a surprised tone. “Look Chat, You’re annoying, and you flirt with me too much, but I love you. But only as a friend, because there’s someone else.”.

Chat tenses “Who?” he says angrily.”. Marinette looks slightly embarrassed as she proceeds to tell him. “It’s… Adrien Agreste.”.  Chat looks relieved “Yes!” He punches the air triumphantly. “I don’t understand, a minute ago you were so upset.” Marinette says in a confused tone.

“Plagg, claws out!”. Marinette looks startled. “Adrien?!” “Yes M’lady” Adrien says softly. “But I- You- How?”. “It doesn’t matter.” He says, pulling her close. He kisses her blissfully and backs away “Does that answer your questions?”.

Marinette blushes and nods. “Maybe you have a few questions for me?” she says mischievously. Adrien looks into her eyes “Just one. Do you still love me like you did before?”. Marinette grabs his shirt by the collar and kisses him.

“Does that answer your question?”. Adrien grins sheepishly and blushes “I dunno, maybe you could repeat that answer a few more times.”. “Gladly.”.

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