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I've witnessed a lot more than others probably won't get to experience in this life time based on choices. At times it feels like I'm being guided by a few or two giving me insight to things I've never thought to explore before. This is my story from the view highest point on the moon looking down on us all.

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



Considering this most needed sense I'm able to use as a clearer vision to those blind to the reality in front of them. I've been through many places fair and unpleasant. I've witnessed many struggles and horrors in places least expected. It's like a greater force or two guiding me down the paths which have brought me this far bringing me over the mountain that was placed in front of us all at birth. As calm and healthy as I may seem to those around me, I am mostly happy throughout the day with the most positive energies surrounding and contacting me. The ability to look at those far and wide with actions they commit out of fear when faced with decisions they're uncomfortable with because of the laws and rules set in place. Placing fears of making the wrong move in their mind formed from unconscious thoughts creating pictures of death and horror blocks out reality. It seems there's a great disturbance in my mind at times when taking a look through my new set of eyes. Seeing the thrown stones I've witnessed Hit my spaceship like asteroids in a belt I cant seem to find my way out of as each rock represents the hardship I've endured for so long in the dark. I felt hopeless as they reached into my soul hurting me with insults and actions of a devious being, but light comes in many forms such as love from others that came to guide me to safety, provide a shield, and a chance to see those ones that took part in keeping me down.

I don't love who I am still even though I smile a great deal. My trips to the separate reality of those communicating with me on matters larger than what most would not consider problems while still able to enjoy the paradise in my mind. There's thoughts that come to mind throughout the day that leaves me baffled on the subject of heart breaks, love, and who I really am. Although I bring joy and happiness to those around me when problems come up I continue to restore peace to their hearts. Yet there's a battle in your reality and the next in my mind where paradise is set up. To this day I remained bewildered when memories of those I trusted and loved left me without reasoning. To spend years puzzled as to why she ended the connection we shared when the whole while I spent most of my days striving for the perfect future with you included in my dreams. Dreams become reality, but as time flies without even the slightest clue of what I did wrong continues to eat me whole like a form of hell on earth. Brothers and sisters around me remind me that I'm an amazing being inside-out, however your reasons for leaving have me at war with myself considering bad adjectives to describe myself. Others may come and go, but it's certain individuals that I hold a place in my heart for no matter what trip they're taking in hopes that they will come back at the least to give me reasoning behind their leaving. Like a song that started with the tune of a violin gracefully moving our souls closer, even as we spead through time hand and hand painting such beautiful pictures of moments meant to be carried on forever. It all came to a traget end without reasoning forming cruels theories behind the questions. However, if you were to come back today there would be no doubt i am willing to consider you my sister with our unconditional love being restored.

See its a gift and a curse when paying attention to every aspect of life, and incorporating each piece in your mind. My body transforms into a spaceship while my conscious pilots forming what most people would call an "alien", but is really me as perfect as can be with the ability to create anything with my mind and my spaceships follows orders to make those thoughts become actions. With great powers such as these comes responsibilities meaning to take care of my ship by keeping it healthy and staying away from corn addictions, coffees, and prescriptions. My mental state remains healthy and everyday is unraveling something great within me. I pass through dreams of others which looks like other worlds with the ability to help them on their journeys for peace within themselves as well. To be able to help the blind see what was right in front of them, and find what was lost since they were young are miracles only a brother or sister knowledgable and willing to help can provide. So many stories I've heard and seen from those that call me by name each day and night. I look into their eyes and see whole new worlds with amazing properties, but not one is exactly the same as the previous. Everybody's life is their own to live, so the idea of wanting to be exactly like someone else is impossible upon reach. Clarity can come in more than version as the Moon guides me towards the right energies, and the Sun awakens the shut eyes inside my mind to see pits people have fallen into without a clue as to how to get out, or how they got there. The thrown stones leave scars on my spaceship and conscious that comes with stories birthing lessons and upcomings I've achieved through high focus.

Meadows of confessions orbit around my mind when I grow silent, and sparkling tears float upward towards the center of my universe. As I fade out of this reality the voice of a pleasant one assures me that each tear will be remembered, and stored in a ocean of wonders surrounding my own streams of limitless thoughts from over the years that come from hopeless begging I've done of those throwing stones at me. People assume the worst of my appearance around them in their clouds of thoughts springing from the terrors they create on their own in their minds. On the outside is where they stand as they approach me with curious yet suspicious eyes eating them up inside wonder what my next move will be towards them. I still stand tall with open arms awaiting their knock on my door, so I invite them in with gifts. Those gifts come from my mouth bringing about acceptance, understanding, happiness, and love. These gifts break down walls they built with hate in their minds, while still preparing more gifts on my table for them to completely let me come back into their lives making things as right as can be. After a time of shining understanding and wisdom upon them, I continue our love between us with a hug thus signifying our souls reconnecting as they once did before. That is applied to any and everyone that comes around me with expressions of sorrow and uncomfort. Remembering those walls that stood tall seperating us all from the rest of the world, blinding most our brothers and sisters leading them to the dark where they feel gains come from paper, killing, and a title. People are afraid of change within because that is the most unsettling challenge of every living being growing up in such terrible times such as these, I never forget the rules I made for myself rather than laws set up for failure at every turn. If you should pray to communicate with a higher power contact the universe to set out clearer paths for those struggling to find peace.

The heart of a lion lies within my ambition to keep up with the world as it turns no matter the pain I undergo from those harassing me for my pride. Animals play a very important role when transforming into the next best God takes place in me. Certain times will bring about an eagle overhead signifying a change for leadership to take place soon. When I concentrate on the energies particular animals give off to me as they are sent my way, I can communicate with them for references to the near future and what lies ahead. Each one tells me a story of my uprising in a place where no harm will be done unto me, nor will any blasphemy detour me away from my well guided path to greater levels near and far. People sometimes look to me as a hero of some sort. Some look to me as a teddy bear with a soul much brighter than their night lamps. I could waste my days finding everything wrong with the blessed set of eyes I've acquired, but I rather spend my time blessing those around me with the knowledge to awaken themselves as I have done. Some think that there's "chosen ones" selected at birth and separated from everybody else around the world. However, that will not be as valid as those who really take the time to evaluate thoughts such as that foolish one. There would be no reason to be living if only a handful of us make it to better hieghts, so that's the wrong way of viewing yourself and others around you because everyone has their own ship with very distinct consciouses piloting each one. One thing we all have in common is that we're all born to be different. Each of us has something to add to our world to make it perfect. Could you really moving on to a world where those of the churches near by are inhabiting creating laws and setting up governments based on their senseless beliefs of being better than anyone around them. That is enough chaos in their houses at this current moment, so a world full of the phony actions of those will not be tolerated from me, or anyone with a free mind of their own to see through the dirty mirrors of lies fooling most of your relatives.

Sometimes when my head hurts I stick my hands and feet in the dirt of Mother Earth, and rest against one of her hands holding apples or coconuts at her fingertips. In my times of grief she will play me a tune to comfort me conducted by her choir of birds, breezes, and the wonderful animals she provides to comfort me when I feel unable to connect with people. People have come and brought about peace and happiness to my heart, then tell me a word they use to put all their feelings, emotions, and dreams in one called "Love". It can be slandered and blown out of proportion when taken lightly by those seeking lust from others rather than just me. The connections felt draw pictures in the mind that can not be erased, as that is the future I've been searching for, but it would seem I was denied. I'm still happy at the end of each day even with those few bad thoughts that come to mind as I factor in the positivity keeping my mind expanding with amazement of the world I've created mentally, so it all out weighs the negative trapping them behind walls built for safety from dangers such as those which can seem to suck the life out of your spirit. Clouds can roll overhead because of such thoughts, and they ruin your days and nights giving you the sense that you've been cursed when really you just have to let go of the thoughts that do not make you strong, letting yourself off the hook for all the things you've done. See those staring in my rear view whispering to one another for opinions of curiosity attached to what my next move might be when actually I'm staying clear of the stones that wish they might throw my way. Think about your own life and aim to get it right. Even though I didn't love who I was, I still remained humble because I know improvement was just a few moments away, so there would be no room for negativity to destroy my knowledge of who I really am. I still look from at everything in every corner of the world from my spaceship blessed with the best view from the Moon while the Sun provides the light needed to see through all that is dark and expose them all for being phonies. The love you all share is what will keep a smile on my face without a doubt. If anyone should question you on my writing simply reply to them with the heart of a lion as you tell them I said, "I'm just doing my thing if you know what I mean"!

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