A Life Belonging to Them

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My parents admitted that they don't believe I'm trans because I was bullied by girls and I sometimes have reactions to things that are feminine, hence, in their mind, I am really a girl who wants to distance herself from the female gender altogether, and that they don't believe me. This is a poem I wrote in a moment of weakness.

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



Ever since I became more me

You've been lying,

Now I see.

You treat me right;

With respect

Alas behind the glass you still hold tight.

A me I was "supposed" to be,

A me you gave birth to,

A me you want to see.

You see me and tell me I'm wrong

To think that I have changed

To a place you think I don't belong.

But before I was hurting

In the skin that I had

And believing the lies that you were blurting.

you may say you're worries

But really, at what cost?

Ignoring the feelings, flurried.

So what if I'm not your little girl

And you'd think I'd be better neutral

When I, myself, saw male as a perfect pearl?

Just  that you can't see

The things I'm to go through

Aren't to damage you, but to better me.

The bitter truth bit down hard

To me, but to you,

Truths I could tell would be a red card.

You'd rather me hurting,

Then call my preferred name

And force the phobic message you're asserting.

You'll support the other,

But why not me?

Love me, still, but push me further.

You'd rather have a dying daughter

Than your joyous son

For him, nothing, all for her.

You know she died

When I was born

Denial to the one survived.

You don't believe me

For fear and denial

Go back to the princess you want me to be.

The past is dead

But I survive

Please listen to what I said.

Would you rather I die

Than have my womanhood destroyed

And let myself fly?

Alas here your emotions park;

You would rather have a daughter

Than call me Mark.

© Copyright 2018 Marcellinos. All rights reserved.

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