a whimper

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looking to enter the booksie poetry contest. looking for feedback to tune this poem up.

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



It never starts with a whimper.

No, it begins with a scream; that first anguished breath; the very air so alien to our lungs.

And so it begins; thrust into the unknown -- the incomprehensible.  A blurry world I will forever struggle to give shape.  

What is this hell?

And who am I . . .


the ghost that haunts these hallows, these shallow depths, my silent footsteps.  

Quiet as the night I crept.  

Quieter still I left.


I'm screaming still.  Even as the laugh-lines etch my face.  

My misty, azure blue ball deflates at my feet and I weep.

What have I lost?

What did I need to know?


And so it ends; the world, complex but incomprehensible -- a blur.

It fades before my eyes and I whimper . . .

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