Haunting Obsession

Haunting Obsession

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



A young lady by the name of Clara Evert just finished her studies in becoming a specialized psychiatric nurse. she quickly found a job under her aunt Amelia at Clearwater Mental Asylum. Things were already uneasy at first but getting better. That is until she met a particular patient, from there everything seemed to spiral.
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A young lady by the name of Clara Evert just finished her studies in becoming a specialized psychiatric nurse. she quickly found a job under her aunt Amelia at Clearwater Mental Asylum. Things were already uneasy at first but getting better. That is until she met a particular patient, from there everything seemed to spiral.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Rough Start

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Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 27, 2017




“So little lady,” Asked the  short bald cab driver taking the half cigar away from his mouth to take a deep Smokey breath out. “where are you heading today?  

 I looked up as I crawled into the back rough leather seat. I stared at the driver with a tad bit of frustration as I situated myself. 

 Its Clara, Clara Evert. Placing my luggage roughly beside me as I began to buckle my seatbelt. And to Clearwater Mental Asylum please” 

 He looked up in his rear-view mirror at me, “uhh” hlooked and sounded surprised.  After a minute, he took a quick nod then turned around to started to drive. I shrugged off his peculiar actions as I turned to stare out the window watching the beautiful passing trees, empty fields and little towns we passed through. I started to get lost in thought as continuous amount of golden wheat fields passed by. I was so  excited to start at my first job in my new career. Luckily my aunt Amelia was the psychiatric doctor of the whole asylum. So I suppose I had a bit of an easy way in due to my connection I rested my head on the back of the seat breathing in the scents of leather from the seats, cigar smoke from the driver and the smell of my own perfume. I slowly closed my eyes watching the fields pass by as a blur. 


I was abruptly awoken form my peaceful sleep when the cab driver came to a hard stop, flying me slightly forward. Good thing for seat belts I thought or else I most likely would have my face collide with the back of the passenger seat.  Quickly stepped out of the cab grabbing my luggage from beside me and began to walk around to the driver side and pay him. I looked  down at him with a glare as I thought "If you think your getting a tip after that, think again".   

“Good luck kid, you’re going to need itHe looked up to the tall steel gates leading to the asylum and drove off before I could even ask what he meant I shook off what he meant off my mind and turned around to see the large gloomy asylum just past the gate. I approached the two larg vine covered steel gates in front of me when I began to look for a way to get in.  

After a few minutes of searching around the gates for the way in,  I heard, “Can I help you?” a voice rang out and made me jump. 

 “H-hello” I looked around confused.  

“Miss, I’m over here hidden behind the morning glories”  

I walked over to the left side of the gate, pushing the flowers to the side to reveal a slightly weathered intercom.  

I pressed the faded white button down and spoke“My name is Clara I’m here to see  Amelia to regarding my first day of work I called ear-“I was cut off to the gates opening. I pressed the button again presuming they had opened it without me asking . 

“Thank you” I spoke with gratitude and walked through. 


began to walk up the long dirt path taking in my surroundings of the grounds. On my left was a garden filled with a variety of flowers from hydrangeas, tulips and even some marigolds. To the far left was  a deep  lush green forest  filled with a range of trees as well as some sort of a tarmac area. On my right was a tiny wooden tool shed behind a stone patio with a rather large sitting areaI continued to walk up the path when I felt a sudden gentle tug on my shirt’s sleeve. looked down to see an older man seeming to be in his late 30's crawling on the ground in rather dirty clothes. He looked up with blue teary eyes, I smiled kindly thinking he was a patient due to his shirt having his name stitched on. He pointed near some bushes on my right he mouthed what seemed  the word "Teddy". 

 “Are you afraid? Want me to go look for it with you?”  

He nodded and starting crawling similar to a child, over to a few bushes. I followed, keeping an eye on my surroundings to remember where I wasAs we came closer, he pointed at one of the bush then started shaking.  

“What is it? Is he in here?” I asked sweetly 

He began to crawl in the bush, I followed separating  the hedges apart to see where he went. To my horror I found the patient biting and tearing apart a squirrel he had found. I began backing up slowly when he slowly looked up at meblood mixed with fur dripping down the side of his mouthA crooked smile quickly grew on his face, his eyes went from as innocent as a child to murderously and increasingly insane. He  jumped towards me causing me to fall back hitting my head as he pinned me to the groundBefore I was ablto react, he placed his rough bloody hands on my neck as his grip tightened bit by bit. I tried my best to push him off having the blood from his mouth drip onto my face. I tried  hitting, punching as well as kickingyet I was unsuccessful. He laughed louder and louder with his rough hands tightening more around my neck like a snake constricting its prey. My vision soon became blurry second by second. I heard a loud noise like someone yelling as the person who was chocking me got tackled off of me. I breathed a deep breath in choking on what air I was able to get.  I saw what looked like Amelia running up to me with 2 other people I presume from the Asylum . The closer she got to me, the more my eyes became blurry and began to  shut until fully closed.  


I woke up and quickly tried to grab the invisible hands I thought were still at my throat. I felt a soft hand gently but somewhat forcefully pull my arms down to my side as someone sat me up slowly. 

 With a gentle pull into their arms “shh Clara, it’s okay now. It’s me no reason to fight back.”  

As I felt one hand gently caress my hair, I looked up to see a women in her early 30's with long brown hair and brown eyes.  

“Well, that was an interesting first day…” she began “I hope this didn’t scare you too much…” I just sat in her arms in silence shaking slightly. 

 Once I got my bearings back I looked up now knowing that this women was Amelia and asked “Does that happen a lot?” 

 “It’s very rare, that was one of our high security patients who is only supposed to be let outside when no one else is out there except 2 staff members” She finished with a slight sigh.  

“How are you feeling though?” She looked at me concerned as I shakily pushed away from her to sit on my own. 

 “I’m okay” I spoke taking a deep breathe out, “Just a little sore around the neck.” 

 She quickly got up from the couch and grabbed some nearby bandages as well as some anti-inflammation cream. She made her way back to me sitting beside me. “Now I know this may hurt a bit because it’s soar but try to bear it.” She said as she placed her hand with the cream along my neck. I groaned in pain as it somewhat burned going on, when she had finished that she began wrapping the bandages around my neck. 

 “There all done” She said with a smile. 


She assisted in lifting me off the couch and began to walk with me out of what I presumed to be her office heading down the hallway. I watched her  smiling and waving at the patients as she passed them by. We took a left first down a tiny windowed hallway which made me feel very claustrophobic. We walked straight down the hall to a key card locked door.  

“Here we are” as she inserted the card into its slot making the light go greenWe made it to a door with a 13 on it ,she walked to the door and unlocked it.  

We headed into the room“This will be your room for the time being.  I put you here because your lucky number is 13. See, even in my old age I still have a good memory.” She laughed as I smiled at her, feeling a sense of safety. 

"Take the night off to do a little research on the patients I have given you and get some rest. The files will be in your filing cabinet over by your desk." She pointed towards the tiny metallic two drawer cabinet. As well as a detailed day-to-day schedule you will need to follow regarding patients and responsibility's” She quickly pulled me into a strong embrace “I’m so happy you agree'd to work here with me, I know things were rough going in…” I lifted my hand and touched my neck as it still stung “But things will improve, I promise.”  

 She backed away “You sure you’re going to be okay for the night in here by yourself? You’re more than welcome to sleep in my room.” She asked cautiously awaiting my response with protective eyes.  

I put on a brave face and shook my head smiling “If I am going to be here for a little while, might as well suck it up now and deal with it”. She nodded and hesitantly leaving the room. I walked over to the single bed over against the wall and plopped down “Ya…Deal with it” I sighed holding my hand to my bandaged neck.  


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