This World, An Opera

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A poem about life, love, and the world as a stage.

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017




The whole world is a large opera stage,

and life is a script for a play, varying!
Every night, the curtain falls down

and every morning the curtain rises for a play!
Every morning is a new script for a play

and everyone plays a part in it!
Me, you, He, we all, my friend!

We all play a small part in this life's play!
I am just a small part in this life,

displaying various roles of me, being human!
This life is a script of joy and sorrow, hope and despair,

happiness and unhappiness!
Whenever any grief or harassment stares at me,

I ignore it, and smile!
Whenever I see my fellow human beings unhappy,

I just pray for them, and smile!
I know I am not able to help those in need!
I never stop praying for betterment for them,

and smile!

Whenever I see a lot of tears

in weeping eyes of any starving man or creature.
If only I can think of something for their suffering soul.

When I see some glimpse of relief in such weeping eyes,

I pray to God for those sufferers,

and smile!
This world is full of starving faces and dead human bodies.
Whenever I see someone come out

and extend his wish for help to his hungry, dying life,
I always pray, and smile!
We, humans, are lucky so far.
We are blessed with incredible speech and laughter.
Whenever I see some speechless creature,

showing signs of not being hungry and thirsty,

I notice such pleasure of the soul,

and smile!
Whenever I feel change in the flow of life, so colorful,

suddenly becoming loyal and very generous to all on earth,
I become a happy man, and smile!
Whenever I see fellow human beings, celebrating life,
I feel great pleasure, and smile!

Whenever I think, I played my role here,

I sense a blessing signature over my role,

by my God, and smile!
Whenever I feel I'm just a modest actor with the greatest role,

as a human being, I smile!
Last note about my acting;
I am a traveler of this universe, with a role, as a living human being.
Who always remains down to earth.
Whenever they remember me,
I am delighted, and smile!
Whenever my beloved looks at me in my imagination,

with dreamful and pleasant eyes,

I become mad, by this merciful sight

of those loving eyes and warming heart,

my own heart sings and I smile!




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