Precious Gemstones

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Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



x-Precious Gemstones-x



Shining bright, gleam with such radiant color;

Lit by candles shine, beautiful rubies fall.


Faces accented with moonstones of sadness;

eyes like sapphires as blue and icy as the frozen waters of Heaven’s streams,

and yet filled with darkness and sorrow as the Underworld of dreams.


Arrows fly, figuratively, through the sky.

Words piercing heart and soul.

Anger like waves storming the shore of the mind,

Blinding the vision of all there is to offer below.

Real feelings like pearls, hidden behind the firmly closed walls, of the oyster.

Only prying them open will reveal the treasure-only to kill the host, in this endeavor.


Feelings to be protected. Rejected, hurt, sad and burnt by others- pressurized by life makes us precious,

But all at the cost of enduring the weight. Some of us crack-

With what we lack being grit, perhaps. Or is that just how others see?


Covetous like emeralds. Able to see what others have and not what we lack.

Jealousy like wine flows from inside, spilling on the floor what was longed for.


Shedding walls, far too late,

letting in what we needed all along, taken away,

fueled by another’s hate, words long held,

turned to swansong.


Left to face the world alone, the weight too much, do we break alone?

When diamonds long waited turn to onyx,

Soul blackened, the darkness contains the most hidden light and loving beauty,

To some- far more precious.


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