Regretful day

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Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



I fell, enrage to the confusion of this dilemma
wondering why you're still there but want to leave
what is the agenda?....painful memories are what i remember
heart ache seize, hard to breathe, "please just get out of here"
Burning sensations from scratches on neck, night before was neglect
To be left aloned then attacked, hard to deal, i kinda snapped
Warned you and pleaded, patience and composure being depleted
Actions receded then repeated, choked me twiced then i couldn't believe it
Back to the beginning, I fall...enraged, seen my left hand around your neck, i feed in
Tried to get a grip but couldn't so i tried to drag you out the room
The fire consumed, feeling like a black sun in its time of doom
I exploded, throwing things like a typhoon, wrecking my tomb
Was afraid this would happen to soon, why do you stay and fight but display
You don't care most of the time, or double standards yet im inclined
to be the same, always affectionate, open and close with no limits on benefits
Hiding my pain and when I'm stressing over shit, i told you over 20 times that I'm a pessimist
Reading your actions and becoming insecure, remembering messages but hearing "I'm yours"
What am I to do when I feel trapped from this emotional downpour, feeling more empty in this core
Wondering if I can stay in this rodeo, we both use to be happy but i wonder about that too
Was it true? Possibly, most likely...maybe but let's continue...I lost the venue
Just like I lost that trust, did you do it cause you was bored or did you do it for lust?
I look up...we're both sitting across from each other in the middle of a battlefield
We try to express how we feel then you do an extreme and I have to get out of here
What I fear is happening and we're becoming toxic this time it's maddening
Frightening and saddening, why is our love, now just a tragedy?
We're casualties...what if, we transform into fatalities? Unstable mentality
I only wish...our times could be more peaceful like when its us isolated from the world
Playing games, laughing, cuddled up, laying down this world, we're the only people
loser boy with the gorgeous girl...I'm sorry this ever happened
I'm sorry I ever hurt you because you're the only one that mattered
I only wanted to save you but after pain became enslave to
all of my demons but hope and a future with you was were my main 2 reasons
started performing treason and drifted away like the pass by of a season
I mean this, I love you with all my heart even when i'm in the dark I don't want us apart....

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