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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



I'm scared to start thinking of us in that space

A relationship and in love

Your heart is already taken So, what more can I say


Aside, from me talking to you all day everyday and seeing you every time I get a break...

You can't tell me your not my girl too

There isn't much that symbolizes that your not my boo

And it's true...

Even though, we haven't consummated this or sealed it with a kiss

Why rush those special moments

Plus after my last relationship I have to be 100% this time that it is me that is actually wanted and not what's in my wallet

My ex girlfriends hateful words still haunt me, I cry even when I'm sleep

I'm not shit and nobody will ever want me..

If you hear it enough you really do start to believe it

It's not just something someone says because they're heated

I need love and if it's not that then I need to know now so I can change paths

No more strings tuggin me, I am not Pinocchio

I am ready to be loved and my heart deserves to let go

And trust that someone else will protect it I just do that for so many other's

Don't I also deserve the highest honor...

To be loved


We do what we do while these emotions grow

We're both to blame for this I gave in because I'm sick of going against the grain

We tried to fight it but now there's no way to hide it

I am lovestoned

If you tell me you want me rightnow, then I am yours

But I have never been more afraid

I want you so bad but I am scared too start thinking of us in that space

A relationship and in love...

I have never been more afraid to fall

What more can I say...


And I know that can happen any one of these days

Right time, right kiss...

I steadily fight it but she takes my breath away


It's lookin like your my girl though or at least a steady potential

When we don't speak I do miss you

I yearn and ache till I'm near you

I've never been afraid to kiss a woman but I am nervous when it comes to you

I stopped my womanizing after I saw the light in you

What we could be is a dream come true

Every being in me just wants to love you

But I'd be lying if I didn't say I am terrified too


It's lookin like your my girl

But that's just what they say...

Really it terrifies me too take it to that place

How do I know you'll catch me if I fall for you

My heart can't take another devastation

And I guess that's exactly why I gave in but I'm not yet 100% invested

It's my heart I gotta look out for especially since I'm the only person that loves me unconditionally too protect it

These days I've made it my mission

So, I have to sit back watch and decifer if this commodity of emotion I feel for you is lust, love or yet another life lesson

Love has put me through some tests

I can testify about my trials and tribulations

There's a dark side to Cupid

What more can I say love has taken me through pain


It's looking like your my girl...

But that's just what they say but it really terrifies me to take it to that place and kiss you

If I did, I know that will be the thing to make me fall

Rapidly, every being in me changing from the core within

And I'm fighting against loving again

Going against the grain but in my heart when she's gone tears fall like rain

Too kiss you is like...

It's like opening up flood gates

But damn if I don't miss you and ache till I'm near you

I'm fighting it and going against the grain

I just need to know it's real before I open up my sanctuary again

I want too love but I will leave it behind before I'm hurt again

What more can I say


So, I can't kiss you just yet I'm still so broken when it comes to love I can be hopeless

But this time... I can't kiss you and play with it

Every being in me will change from the core within

Hitting like an earthquake

Ready to erupt a volcano of emotion

Can you feel my heart beating for you

This was once my dream but now it's my existence

I am afraid to kiss you and fall because I know this is the real shit

For now we can leave this unconsummated 

© Copyright 2018 Tamaya Gunn. All rights reserved.

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