The Darkest Demons

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Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



The Darkest Demons




The dark places in your mind will always be there,

to help you through when nobody cares.


Keep your heart there and forever safe it will be,

but let it run free and sorrow you’ll see.


Rest your head down at dusk every night,

knowing your feelings are well out of sight.


Don’t open up, don’t let anyone see,

keep them inside and the happier you’ll be.


Don’t ask and don’t tell – never show them this side, if its revealed tell your demons to hide – deep in your soul where they always can dwell – then one day life will ship your soul off to Hell.


Better this way, better to stay all alone in darkness than to see the light of day.


In the sunlight the worst of all demons hide – out in plain sight- always standing by your side.


All of the humans - they play games of the heart – being deceitful is a well learned art.


So, keep yourself safe hide from the soul sucking ones live in the darkness, stay out of the sun.

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