A Gorey Demise

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I hear the chiming of the great bell in the tower. The howling wind rushes past me, trying to blow me of the top of a building. It's now or never. I have to fight.

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017



The freezing wind howls through the city, blowing my dark hair into my eyes. The full moon stares down on me like a king looks down on his servant, almighty like a wretched beast. The great bell in the tower I’m sitting on chimes as loud as thunder, echoing and resonating through the night. The sound makes the adrenaline pump through my veins, allowing my heart to race like a wild animal’s. My enemies know where I am, they are coming for me. The wind has started to calm now, the howling slowly dissolving to a whisper. I take deep breaths through my mouth, letting the air circulate through my lungs. I run and leap from the edge of the building and soar through the air. I tumble roll onto a building close by the bell tower. I continue running and jumping from building to building until I reach my destination, the tallest, widest building in the city. The agents will be here soon. It’s only a matter of time. The bell tolls for the final time before settling to its dead state. There is a brief silence before the loud sound of aircraft cut through the night. It is now or never.

I turn towards the sound of the aircraft which are now in position over my head. I unsheathe the twin swords from my back and let them hang by my side. Now the real battle begins. The first wave of agents descend from the air and try to surround me but I am too fast for them. I wield my deadly blades and slice into their flesh, carving my designs into the weakest, most fragile parts of their bodies. I move quickly, without uncertainty, making elegant manoeuvres almost like I’m dancing to my own rhythm of death. The next wave comes, then another and another. There is no rest for me or for the agents. They fire their guns at me but my armour is too effective and I easily slice through the bullets and their necks. My blood mixes with theirs as we dance to the deadly tune of death, creating chaos and sins of murder. I slice through one more stomach before standing still in the smelly, sickening gore which surrounds me. The agents have been killed, their organs and waste spilling out of their worthless, lifeless bodies.

For them the fight is over but for me it has only just begun. The final agent approaches me, his foul smile sending shivers of bloodlust down my spine. The agent starts sprinting towards me, a look of determination written on his face. I throw my swords away and run towards him too. He throws back his fist but I dodge out the way before he deals damage to my face. I grab his arm, twisting it harshly, but he kicks me away. We charge again and deal blows to each other’s faces, backs, ribs, arms, legs, anywhere we can deal any amount of damage. We kick and punch, strangle, slap and bite, trying to get each other on the ground.

Suddenly a burst of pain erupts through my chest. The agent has crunched and twisted his fist into the weakest point of my body, my only weakness. I let out a scream of agony and keel over. The agent doesn’t stop though. He grabs me around the throat and smashes my head into the ground holding me there. I kick out at him but he sits on top of me. I curl my hands around his wrists, trying to push him off me but it’s not working. We stare into each other’s eyes, sapphire blue meeting a soulless black. The blood runs down our faces and lands on the ground, adding to the mixture of doom. The agent snarls and I growl and bear my teeth. We stay like this, the agent slowly applying more and more pressure, watching me struggle and gasp for air, watching me crack under the pressure. A sick smile spreads across his face as he stares down at me. He leans over and whispers into my ear. A final jolt runs through my body, then everything turns black.

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