Connecting BBC World

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I have written for a time BBC World may connect the world ahead to live this story. Let us stop our thoughts to make this happen for the entire mankind. A live vision is before you to make it little more towards infinity for a freedom in this home leaves some grants for peace. Let us nourish this dream page ahead. :)

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017



Together looking down this hardtalk with new gestures,

Our home spanned a time no one ever will write this again,

To speak the truth with courage gifted us this freedom,

A voice still speaks us enlightened for a new day,

Our questions are tomorrows answers,

Being made to live in a world undead for ends,

Where we have a heart let us rise and salute with hope,

May we listened silently for what it says,

Unknown in a channel that flows from one heart,

Together we still never want to end this story on choices,

Unlike in a promise God kept me awake all the night,

This didnt start to end like a visitor of time,

Helping through the toughest battle of a sacrifice untold in our story again,

One day when you come back home for quest of the unremained silence of this friendship,

Hoping we live this story requesting our greatest commitment to make our world a better place,

Our destiny will place your offer in those unfailing freedom for the source of this peace,

Everyday we remain questioning what may rise from this hunger of this harmony,

Life gives a branch when its roots tear open your heart with love,

May you like this with what you already want to invest for the rest of your life,

Very truly you always lived for this home,

Unforgettable in a beauty kept you awake for all your purpose in this lifetime,

Always love fills our heart when we talk about your home,

How simple you have any such event always in your life ?

Lot to gift with your smile in this lifetime,

Please be this light of hope may save every moment for true happiness within,

Never again outside the arena of time,

We do truly love unforgettable gestures you have treasured all our self with this God given fruits,

All your talent span a time we must not regret,

As this will always be your daily bread for a new day,

Have you known someone in this conversation for our freedom towards peace on this path ?

For everything started for a purpose,

Unconditionally to give life with love and love life with gifts for a pure sacrifice that spoke in this voice within,

Together it made you from where you will be tomorrow,

Reasons may be infinite in the game played for few grants now,

In everything now God want is always a day you sowed its feathers in friendship with our planet,

For everyone God needs your help as HIS gift for a gratitude you may hug a day to be lived again,

In this purpose for a duty God gave you everything till now,

From future a visitor may tell us we need something here for our earthly peace,

Nothing ever existed created this noise till now,

For we are passionate more than we can pay back from our duty,

Undone it cannot bring back anything expect work of hatred living around what we spend for the days ahead,

For all we must stay away from this darkness,

May we light countless shades for this new harvest in a reunion ever gifted in our entire HIS story,

Let us start a sustainence for all on this Earth that nourish happiness within your hearts,

Always from emptiness let this grow sprinkling peace,

Let a start come from our home for this daily spendings... :)

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