Sarah Jenkins

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Sarah was just going about her daily life when things took a dramatic turn that would change her life forever..

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017



Sarah was just sitting there, minding her own business. Unbeknownst to her, her day was about to take a dramatic turn that would affect the rest of her life. As she turned the next page of her book, Sarah heard footsteps approaching but she dismissed them because she was in a public park and people were walking around. As Sarah read about the lovely miss piggy, she heard a loud commotion to her right then her head started spinning. All of a sudden, she was sinking into an unending abyss.


A loud, barking noise woke Sarah and she opened her eyes slowly. She tried to look around but there was nothing but darkness around her. She blinked hard to get rid of any remaining sleep but was still surrounded by darkness. ‘Where am I?’ she tried to say but her mouth was as dry as a desert. Sarah tried to swallow but something in her mouth that was preventing her. She flexed her fingers, attempting to move her hand towards her mouth but they were bound. Real panic set in as Sarah tried to scream but no sounds were getting past whatever was shoved down her mouth.

She started flailing about but soon realized that her whole body was held down by something. Then there was the incessant barking that she had briefly forgotten about in her panicked state. Tears started dripping down the side of her eyes as she lay there helpless, not knowing what to do. Her stomach started rumbling and she wondered when her last meal was. Her last memory floated to the surface and she remembered the commotion that must have led up to this moment.

‘Someone must have grabbed me in the park’, she thought. ‘Oh no, where is Rufus?’, then she realized that the barking dog must be hers. She started crying in earnest as she imagined how scared and confused her dog must be. Her sobs rattled her whole body, shaking whatever she was lying on. The screechy sounds hinted at a metal bed but the hard surface did not feel like a bed. “A metallic table”, she thought to herself.

‘What kind of sadistic bastard would kidnap someone and place them on a table?’ as soon as she finished the thought, Sarah started laughing hysterically even though no sound was coming out, just more screeching noises. Instead of being worried about why anyone would kidnap her in the first place, she was acting as if the table was her biggest problem. Loud, emphatic footsteps sounded off in the distance and her laughter stopped cold. Fear gripped her and she could no longer catch a breath.

‘I’m going to die’ ,was the only thought on her mind as the door opened in front of her to reveal a behemoth-like figure backlit by a yellowish, dim light. The figure reached towards the wall and a blinding, bright light came on. Having been in the dark for God knows how long, Sarah had to close her eyes against the glare. As she slowly peeled her eyes open, her heart was beating a tattoo in her chest.

She turned her head slightly and spied blonde hair, lots of blond hair, cascading down a well-chiseled face and the brightest blue eyes she had ever seen in her life. Although she was disoriented or because of it, Sarah could not help thinking that he must be the most handsome kidnapper ever. Her eyes slowly trailed his frame, noting the huge biceps and large hands that could wring her neck quite easily. In his hands, the man was holding a bowl of water and a small towel.

Her wandering eyes snapped up as soon as the man cleared his throat. He was staring at her peculiarly and she blushed. ‘Why am I blushing?’ Sarah wondered. ‘Am I attracted to my captor? Is this what they call Stockholm syndrome?’ Her stupid thoughts were interrupted by a deep baritone voice asking how she was feeling. Sarah forgot that she should be afraid and stared daggers at the idiot in front of her. “How am I doing? How do you think?’ she thought to herself. She was taken aback when the man chuckled, ‘he got himself a feisty one’, he said in that gravelly voice. Sara was immediately confused. ‘How crazy is this man? He is speaking in third person’. He reached a hand toward her face and her train of thought stopped as she flinched. The giant had the audacity to look hurt ‘I would never hurt you’, he said in a gentler voice than the one he had used before.

Sarah was sure the look she was shooting him was hot enough to melt ice. The man reached out again and pulled something from her mouth. She started coughing uncontrollably as the cloth tickled her throat on its way out. Once she was able to take a breath without coughing, she swallowed and realized that she was parched. ‘Water’, she croaked out, unsure of whether any sound would come out. Her captor flew into action and grabbed a cup of water from somewhere behind him then helped her to drink it.

Once she had had enough, Sarah gathered enough courage to confront the kind kidnapper. ‘Why did you take me? My family has no money, so if you are expecting a ransom, you are shit out of luck’. One side of the giant’s seductive mouth went up in a sort-of-smile and her hackles rose. She was about to give him a piece of her mind but he started speaking before she could.


This is how the first day of the rest of Sarah Jenkins’ life began. When she looks back at it now, she can almost see how fast the old Sarah disappeared….


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