Stuck Out Adrift

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: The Imaginarium
A short story inspired by the Imaginarium House One Word Prompt -- horizon

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017



Stuck Out Adrift.


How long have we been drifting, although drifting isn’t really the right word. We’ve been hardly moving for days. Just bobbing up and down on the gentle waves making no progress backwards or forwards. At least so far as any of us have been able to tell.


It had all been going so well. We’d caught the breeze, not too strong but enough to keep us moving steadily. And then, once we were far enough away from land to see nothing but the blue of the ocean whichever way we turned, it turned its back on us and disappeared.


Even with plenty to eat and drink it gets a bit boring after a while and tempers were starting to fray. Four of us, not really that good friends in the first place, stuck in close proximity with no escape. In some ways I guess it is kind of miraculous that no one has either been pushed or has jumped overboard.


We’d expected to be sailing for two days and nights at the most but we have been out here for almost five already. There’s not even a whale or a dolphin to bring a splash of entertainment, to break up the monotony of!


For the thousandth time I ask myself what I am even doing on a boat. I HATE sailing! I only agreed to make the numbers up. That’ll teach me to just go along with other people’s plans in future!


I’m just standing there, attempting to keep out of everyone’s way when I see something on the horizon. It’s not much more than a speck. I rub at my eyes, just in case it’s a drop of water or some kind of insect got in there. But no, the speck is still there!


Look!” I’ve shouted out before even thinking about it.


What, Adam? What’s up with you now?”


Chris is none to impressed when he sees what I’m pointing at. “But that’s miles away! It could take another week to get there at this rate.”


No sooner does he stop talking, then there’s a puff of wind. It feels wonderful! And we all get to work, trimming sails and what have you. And finally we’re on the move!Now we’re out of it I can admit just how dreadful the doldrums are.


It’s getting larger now, more than just a speck but it’s certainly no major landmass. That island on the horizon has turned out to be very small, even up close. Not an awful lot more to it than the volcano slap bang in its middle.


But it is solid land. A chance to stretch our legs and put a bit of distance between each other for an hour or so. Then back to the boat, back to sailing the sea. But this time the wind is on our side!

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