Military Psycho

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A teen straight out of high school who joins the army only to find that all is not right...

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017



Military Psycho




It was 4 in the morning. Considered early by many people such as Jack Smith. Jack wasn't the person who woke up early, in fact it was summer and he had been sleeping in until 10 but tonight he was awoken by a noise coming from his bedroom window. He got out of bed and stumbled over to the window. Jack looked outside, thinking that it was his neighbor's cat or a racoon in their trash. It was to dark outside to see anything and the moon was covered by the clouds but then the clouds cleared and he saw a silhouette of a man outside his window. Petrified with fear he fell to the ground and went to shout out to his parents but he remembered that they were out on vacation and his sister was at a friends for a week so they wouldn't fight. He ran downstairs and felt an odd draft coming from the entryway he turned around to find the door ajar. He started running up the stairs but barely could get up the first step before he felt something being shoved onto his head and he could see no more and he felt himself being hoisted off the ground and carried away. He heard a gruff voice say. “Bring him out back.’’

And then the world turned black.


Military Psycho--------------------Chapter 1

The Beginning Of, The End


Alex Fox looked out the window of the bus and saw the cars zooming past the window. He wondered if this was how all high school seniors felt on the last day of school? Probably not, they had all applied to universities already, just like his mom was pressuring him to do dad had died years ago so it wasn't like he was getting any crap from him, but nobody knew what his plan really was, well nobody but him that is. Ring, ring, riiing!  ‘The final bell of high school!!’ Laughed Alex’s girlfriend Zoe. ‘Ya I know right.’ Agreed Tom, who had been Alex’s best friend since 2nd grade. ‘What about you Al? How ya feelin ‘bout finally leaving this joint?’ He asked. ‘I dunno, fine I guess. I don’t really care.’ He muttered half-heartedly. ‘Alright something's on your mind, what's wrong.’ Demanded Zoe. ‘Nothing! Really I’m just thinking about university, that’s all.’  He explained. “Oh poor baby hasn’t applied for Uni yet whaaaaaa.” Kidded Tom. “Oh but off.” I grumbled. “Whaa whaaa whaaa.” He mimed again, only this time more loudly. “Shut up!” I screamed and in a blind rage punched him in the gut, hard. “ Owww! What the heck dude what the freak is you’re problem!?” He screamed. “Just shut up.” I muttered, suitably chastised. “Yeah, sure.” He agreed. “Hey, what do you say we egg the principles car then book it.” Well once the Land Rover was covered in clear yolk we drove out in my old beater of a car, dropped Zoe off and headed over to my place where my mom was baking cookies. “Yo yo yo!. Da famous fox cookies ya baby!!” Yelled Tom. “Ha ha I thought I would make them to celebrate your last day of high school! Wooo hoo!” She cheered. “Gee thanks mum.” I said thankfully. “Hey what’s wrong?” She asked concerned. “Is it because of the university situation again because I-?” She asked. “No.” I interrupted “I… it’s a thing I've been working on, I uh just got accepted.” I stammered “Honey that's fantastic where to?” She asked. “The uh, the Army.”


Military Psycho--------------------Chapter 2

The Reaction


“What the f…” started Tom. “Tom please let me handle this.” My mom ordered. Then she wheeled on me. “What the hell were you thinking!!” She raged. “Throwing away your future just to get shot by some arab terrorist in the middle of some desert in a country no one's even heard of peacekeeping in a war that isn't even our goddamn fault!” She stormed “There's nothing you can do to stop me, I sent in my acceptance this morning that's why I was so moody.” I explained desperate to get them to understand. But there was no calming the beast now that is had been released. “NO! Don’t you even start. All that talk university, moving to toronto all gone? Because you mr. hero has to go off and what, repay the country!?” “Yes.” I say quietly. “It’s exactly like that.” And I walk out heedless to their protests. I arrive ten minutes later at Zoe's house to tell her her reaction is basicly the same as my moms but with a lot more tears and pounding on my car door and my shoulder. All in all lets just say that that night I slept in a hotel room. I woke the next morning feeling like absolute junk, my head was pounding and I was remembering the reactions of the day before. I didn’t regret my decision not one bit but I did have to take into what they had thought of where I was going. So I decided to drive back home and see if I could maybe try and make things right with mom. As I pulled into the driveway I dreaded the encounter that was about to take place but I knew it needed to be done. I unlocked the door and stepped through it. “Mom?” I called out. “Mom I uh need to talk to you.” My mom came out of the bathroom looking angry but slightly disgruntled like she was surprised at me being here.. She looked at me with sadness in her eyes. “What am I going to do with you?” She asked clearly exhausted. “Except my decision, that's all I want you to do.” I begged. “Okay.” she conceded “I won’t give you a hard time, promise.” “Thank you.” I exhaled.” Breathing a sigh of relief that sounded like the weight of the world had just been lifted off my shoulders. Witch in my own world, it had. I hopped in my beater and drove to Zoes house. As I pulled into the driveway I thought of the worst thing that could happen in this encounter, probably that she broke up with me but I had to do this, if didn't before I had to leave then well, I don't know what I would do. I finally steeled myself up and cautiously rang the bell. Ding Dong! I heard it ring throughout the house. Zoe opened the door her eyes puffing and slightly red. “Listen I…” I began but she cut me off. “No YOU listen.” she demanded. “Come here.” And with that she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me like she had never before. “I love you.” She whispered to me. “I know.” I replied. “And that’s why I have to do this.” I said as I broke away. So I got down on one knee and took out the box I had bought two days earlier from Williams as I opened the blue box the diamond I had been saving up for for two years glittered in the early morning light. “So what are you thinking?” I asked. “I was thinking yes.” She answered, the answer I had been hoping to her since I was 16. I kissed her heedless of all else in world just for these few seconds and I was happy, happier than I had ever been before.


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