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“…tantalising glimpses of a world of half-light, half-shade…highly visual poetry, words shaping scenes with deft skill…lyrical at times…emotional and emotive, the poet pulls the reader into his thoughts…often filled with a sweet poignancy that pierces the mind’s eye…intriguingly complex, many poems, though short, have a rich, dense texture…I greatly enjoyed this collection and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone…”

Millicent Fritter

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017



  Alexandria’s perfume quells my heart

The union of an unlit heart

My thoughts uneven by the way

The memory of another day


Apple-bloom, shining-appled

Honey-blossom, rainbow-dappled

Red-russet is the sea

Bees scramble with glee


Beauty’s realm covets night

Star-lashed silver-spilt night

Golden-breath soil-tipped

A heart so ripped


Fired by dune

Rotted by swoon

My Love’s beauty is fire-strung

Apple-scoops, ruby hoops dune-sung


Moon drapes an arch beauty

Emerald pools shimmer duty

Your sweetness is a dewy drape

Your sweet poison is the grape


Splitting sun sears my mind

Her harsh words…not too unkind

The memory of another day

When I was young, when I was gay






Alexandria’s wreathed crown

Beauty’s own jet gown

Violets and roses writhe in lust

My heart, to-morrow, to be dust


White mistress in naked stole

Wrapped heavy in crimson soul

Leaves dance the light

Autumn’s browned flight


Pearl-blossom is a silky hue

Woman’s dress velvet-blue

Satin waters, sapphire-blue

Isle’s dripping new


Diamonds wrap

A comely trap

A snared, toothed

A life proved


Flowers bend in summer’s shed

Colours fix time’s bed

Crystal sands time’s dead

A lover’s said


Your curséd smile, your false affair

Your stupid, vexed, wanton stare

Corruption is a lovely thing

Whose kingdom is a little ring






Alexandria’s closed gates

Shadow’s handsome waits

A ghastly friend leads my hand

“Come hither, join our joyful band”


Were I but a simpleton

An easy-lying stupid one

I would the night to give a bowl

She to save a wrecked soul


These wat’ry folds, yours to roll

Memories of a blackened soul

Spring’s fountains dazzling dare

A lover bare


Apple’s scent taints the air

Blossom pink the complexion wear

Spring’s tousled dream

A lover’s dream



Misty decked

A lover cradled

Waters ladled


Lily-pad calm-kissed

Lover missed

Kisses sweet

Smiling sweet






Alexandria’s beauty

Wasted, sleepy

A great bird swoop the sky

Mountains arch steep a-high


Beauty’s coven, nature’s heir

Graceless, troubled, poisoned air

A rotten apple is a lovely thing

Tangled beauty, purple string


Crumbling beauty

Maiden fluty

Passion sprung

Peach and crumb


Leaves and cherries

And youthful berries

A dog’s bark

A soul stark


Lovers mark their playful deed

Under your eternal steed

Yellowed rays bathe the world

Ever swirled


Were I, I would cry

Not I to die

Spume and sea

Is it I who see?






Alexandria’s music

Palled heart sick

Rest is sweet

The most tender meat


Art destroys

A nation’s toys

Icicle-dark is a stone

Circled by a universe lone


Blossom-one, nature’s pride

Ringing rhyme is the tide

Questions are

A voice too far


You are but a man

Who burnt and ran

To what end

A dove to send?


Leaves rippling

Lover’s quibbling

Frost-cold and deadly

A lover wed she


Lower your head

A dog dead

Remember the other day

How did you say!





Alexandria’s milk sweet

Beauty’s splendour fleet

Apple green thrills me

Desert pools still me


Blossom ripe

A lover’s type

Flesh’s glow

A lover’s snow




Forgotten days



A stone jolts a sheer surface

A dog gambols in grand circus

This fray

I muse by day



Lovers weep

Lovers’ crime



Lovers weep

Lovers sleep

Lovers cry

Lovers lie

© Copyright 2019 Hilary Pinkerton. All rights reserved.

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