He's Here

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
This short story about a girl trapped in a closet awaiting her stalker to enter and kill her. She anticipates that he will, but is it possible she will live?

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017



Audreanna pressed herself against the cold doors of the closet, fearful to be seen by him. Hidden well behind the clothing around her, she trembled, waiting for a miracle that’d he’d lose interest in their game of hide-n-seek. Unfortunately for her, she began to faintly hear the sound of his footsteps dragging their way upstairs, in which would quickly lead him straight to her. As tears ran down her face, she was careful not to make any noises to be sure not to alarm him of her safe haven. All too suddenly she could feel a cold breeze intrude into the small space… He’s close. Audreanna’s  breathing became frantic as she knew she’d been found, but she still had hope as the closet had two doors, one in which is the crawl space that she quietly, but quickly, began cramping herself into. He began snickering like a madman and mumbled something that she could not make out. This frightened her, sending chills down her spine and making it more difficult to stay calm. She could hear what sounded like fingers running up and down the door, then repeating, as if his signal to her… He’s closer. The door just ahead of her moaned as it was being pried open gently by the fingers that were just a second ago, teasing Audreanna. Panicked, Audreanna grip tightened around her legs. She sunk her head into her knees and silently sobbed, thinking this was the end. As the door widened, light burst into the small closet but was quickly put out as a shadow blocked its path. Audreanna could hear him picking at the clothes just above her and being thrown to the ground violently as his snickering grew louder, it was as if the excitement grew for him the more she panicked. Slowly she could begin to understand his muffled rambling and soon she could clearly hear his raspy voice growl, ”… hello… in… there…”. His snickering turned into a manic laughter like that of someone who was told a joke. Suddenly-- BOOM! The loud noise crashed into Audreanna ears causing her to jerk, alerting him that he found her. He’s here. As the door to the crawl space were torn from their hinges, Audreanna let out a horrific scream, which in return cause him to smile greatly as he reached out to grab her, digging his fingers into her flesh, ripping her out of her haven. Throwing her to the ground, he quickly mounted on top of her to be sure that she would not be able to escape. Audreanna struggled but could not break free from his grasp. He lifted his hands right in front of her eyes, still smiling, and began to push into her eye sockets.  Everything went dark… He was here.


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