The Island

The Island

Status: In Progress

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: In Progress

Genre: Action and Adventure




A group of teenagers take a trip down south until they crash land on an supposedly abandoned island with no communication.
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A group of teenagers take a trip down south until they crash land on an supposedly abandoned island with no communication.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 1: School's out

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 28, 2017



The Island

Chapter 1 : School's out


And then I was staring at my alarm clock. The only thing that was over was my dream. I got out of bed and went to my closet, I looked at myself and sighed, I hadn’t done laundry last night so I was wearing shorts way to tight and you could see the ends of my underwear under the bottom. I was pretty average height at about six feet but I was heavier than almost all the guys in my grade at 200 pounds but don’t be fooled at least 150 pounds of it was muscle. I had brown hair that stood up at the front and blue eyes that turned brown every other day or was it brown eyes that turned blue every other day? No one knew for sure. I got out my shorts and t-shirt and realized I was already sweating. It was already at least 20 degrees outside due to it being june but it had its benefits, it was the last day of high school. I walked out to the bathroom and knocked on the door. My sister told me to go away so I realized I would have to go use the downstairs bathroom otherwise I'd be waiting until school started. I went into the kitchen and found my mom making pancakes and my dad drinking a coffee, reading the news, and I swear my dad's the only guy his age that reads the newspaper any more.

“Good morning hun,” my mom said “Want some pancakes?’’

“Ya thanks mom,” I answered, I hadn’t had mom's pancakes in months and I wasn’t losing the opportunity.


I was entering the school when something hit the back of my head. I turned to see who had done it but I saw my best friend picking up a ball and smiling behind me. I walked up to him and punched his shoulder.

“Why are you throwing things at me Noah” I said joking around. Noah


wasn’t that tall at about 5 foot 7 and skinny. He had blue eyes and blonde hair.

“Cause this,” Noah explained raising his ball, “was the ball I got at the beginning of the year and I thought ‘hey why not bring it on the last day.”

“I guess that’s a pretty good reason,” I said

We walked inside and I saw Natalie standing at her locker she says she has a athletic build and says she's 5 foot 7 but I know she's actually 5 foot 8, she just says that to make Noah happy, She's has beautiful brown hair with blonde at the end and brown eyes. Only Josh and Natalie herself knew that I liked her and I hoped to keep it that way until I took her on a trip this summer. I had known Natalie and Noah since grade 1 and we had been friends since school started. Out of luck and some miracle Natalie, Noah and I had lockers side by side with Natalie on my left and Josh to my right. I walked to my locker and Natalie with Noah.

“Hey Natalie,: I called.

“Hi Jacob, excited for the summer,” she said.

“I bet he is,” Noah said smiling.

I elbowed him because I knew he was talking about the trip I was taking, but only Noah, my parents, Noah’s parents, Natalie's parents, Jessicas parents and I knew that this trip was happening. I still had to invite Natalie and Jessica, Jessica was Noah's crush.

“Well I guess we better get to class,” I said, hoping to get away from the conversation before it went the wrong way.

“Ok Jacob see you in a little, bye Noah,” Natalie said.

“Bye,” Noah and I said in unison.

Noah and I had all the same classes except for that I had criminology as a extra class so we walked to class together every day, and today would be the last walking to class together.

“Dude,” I started saying,”what was that for back there-”

“Shh, Shh, here that,” he said putting a hand to his ear.

“What,” I worried, because Noah never got quite, especially on a day like this.

“I hear a voice calling ‘It’s time to invite the girls before it's too late’



OOHHH” And then he started laughing.

“Oh be quiet,” I joked, “I’ll ask at lunch.”

We got to our class a minute before it started so we decided to talk with some of the other guys in class, when M. Cockburn walked in. His name was the biggest joke in school and many people just called him M. Cock for short.

“Ok class settle down, as we all now it's the last day of school,” that earned a cheer from the class, “ok class I know it's exciting but we still have a couple of things to do before class ends.”

I sighed along with a few other people because everyone that had M. Cock as a teacher knew that a few things actually meant a lot of things.


“I still can’t believe we had a test on the last day of school!” Noah  exclaimed, “we’ve already had exams, for crying out loud!’’

“I’m pretty lucky I don't have M. Cock,” Natalie said laughing.

“Ya me too,” Jessica added. Jessica was a small girl with a slightly large build, she had blonde hair and ice blue eyes.

“Well I’m just excited that I won’t have to be his student ever again,” I said.

“Me too-” Noah was interrupted by the P.A system.

Attention students, can I please have your attention, as everyone knows and is very excited for it's the last day of school, and even though for most of the students at this school it means summer, but for the grade 12 students it means a new chapter in life for all the grade 12 students are graduating into to University or College next year, I hope you all have a good and safe summer, and I’ll see most of you next year.”

“I guess that means it’s time to ask,” I said

“Ask what?” Natalie asked

“Well,” I started, “Noah and I are going on a trip this summer and, um and we we’re, we’re um-”

“We’re going to the caribbeans and we’re wondering if you’d like to

come,” Noah interrupted.



“Of course I’ll come!” Natalie said, she was so happy she came up and gave me a hug, she hadn’t hugged me since she’d broken two of her ribs playing hockey and had to have surgery on her lungs because one rib had punctured it.

“Ya, of course I’ll come too!” Jessica exclaimed

“Great Come to my house tonight and bring your parents we’ll talk more about it then.” I said and then we left school.


On the way home that afternoon I was more excited then I had ever been. To go on a trip to the Caribbeans with my best friend and the girl I loved, it was a dream come true nothing could go wrong it was going to be the best couple of weeks I’ll ever have.


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