A Life to Die!

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How can a life Transcend Mortality? Life fails to answer but death does!
Either be a Selfless Saint and die for the world or be A Selfish Freak and Die Doing what you love the most!

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017



Often I sit back gazing into blank,

Trying to estimate a life account,

Each day be a new one, but how

Long does it take to make 'em count?


Wonder if there be a day when I walk unseen,

My path through a crowd that knows me.

Walk past a fear of past,

Smiling at how it used to be!


No grandeur, no magnificence I need,

For my demise if hearts sing as a choir.

Over the shoulders my spirit peeps,

Peeps over at remains of my memoir.


Thus Fearless I live, coz I have a whole life to die.

Body die such, I have a death to live; soul smile, coz I had a life to die!






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