Cheap Sex & Cigarettes

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I’ve never been ashamed of my passion for sex. Everything about it resembles a masterpiece, moans become a gentle or deafening soundtrack, the backdrop resembles a bed post or a car or a freshly wiped kitchen counter. Cue the lack of lights, and set the stage for pleasure.
I’m seventeen years old and i’ve probably had more sex than most of your children or siblings or even you. Yeah, you, reading this. Have you engaged in the taboo act of intercourse in a parking garage? What about a dirty playground bathroom without a door? If you have, we should be great friends. If not, Strap in and see your world from my perspective.

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First in Line

Submitted: April 28, 2017

The first time I had sex was both liberating and traumatic. No, it wasn’t non-consensual. I wasn’t forced against my will to lose my virginity, I wanted it. I was a naive sixteen year old bearing the thought that I simply couldn’t be the last to lose it. I wish I would’ve known that it would turn me into a girl I never would’ve considered being. Read Chapter

An Ode To The Freaky Girls

Submitted: May 04, 2017

The reaction to a female having a lot of sex is always along the lines of the word ‘slut.’ If a woman is known to get around, her r... Read Chapter

Happy Little Pill

Submitted: May 08, 2017

Probably the hardest chapter for me to write yet. Read Chapter

The Aftermath - A Letter To Me.

Submitted: May 15, 2017

Due to the explicit and triggering content in this chapter I want to warn you. There is mention of rape and the content is mature. Proceed with your own caution, please. Read Chapter

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