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I don't really know what to write. i wrote the story after i wrote the description lol

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017



I am sitting alone right now. Contemplating my existence. Im lonely right now. Im hitting up all of my friends but every one is "busy" or they are just straight up not replying. But when they want something from me they will text back and ask. "Hey can you do me a favor"? And me, being the nice caring person i am can't stand to say no. But when i need some company no one is around for me. Why do i need these people to make me feel relevant? Like i have a reason to exist? I constantly think to myself what is the point on living on this earth if im not happy? i think to myself will someone ever care for me like she used to? I miss her. The love of my life. In the end I guess i wasn't important enough for her to stay for my sake either. I guess im irrelevant. A useless nobody. another face in the crowd. Another statistic, a number, a decimal that the government keeps track of. If I died today who would actually care? My friends? My Classmates? Honestly they would probably be sad at first but in the end, I would just fade away like a useless childhood memory. Why do i constantly wonder if anyone cares about me? Is it because i need people to think that i matter? Do the opinions of others matter? If nobody cared about me, does that make me valuable? Because see value is only worth what others think of something. So if nobody cared about me does that mean im an expendable worthless piece of garbage? You tell me.

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