It Came From The Deep Field

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Hubble Deep Field with its thousands of galaxies had fascinated astronomers for years. All of a sudden, something came out of it and it was headed for earth at great speed.




George looked at the screen in absolute amazement and shouted at the top of his voice, "NNNNOOOOOO!"

Abigail, his co-worker quickly turned her head towards him and said, "What's the matter? What have you done? What's happened?"

"No, no, no." George said, "I have clicked on 'Send all!'"

“No way,” said Abigail, “That means that you told everyone just how much you hate Professor James Lawson, and sent the very same email to him?”

“Something like that,” replied George with a look on his face that subtly combined fear and hilarity.

Both amateur astronomers sat there in their office at the South London Observatory on a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of July realising that they were now in this together. Although George sent the email, it was Abigail's idea to complain about how they were both doing more work that the professional astronomers at the observatory but getting absolutely no cash for it. Calling Professor Lawson a slave driver and then sending a 'send-all' email with him as one of its recipients may not have been the best thing he ever did.

George sat looking at both screens on his desk and sighed, “It doesn't matter, Lawson is in the Maldives for another two weeks and he hardly ever properly checks email anyway. We can worry about it when he gets back.”

George looked at both of the screens on his desk. The one on his left listed his email inbox whereas the one to the right contained something altogether different, something very very different indeed. In full sharp colour, on that screen George was looking at a live regularly updated image of The Hubble Deep Field.

“Look at that Abs, absolutely gorgeous. Incredible. Amazing!”

“Yeah,” Abigail said, “Thousands of galaxies magnified, but in reality, only occupying one very small area of sky in the constellation of Ursa Major.”

George and Abigail were close friends who got along very well. George liked to think that there could be more but he wasn't really sure how Abigail felt. Nevertheless, as well as both being exactly twenty years old, they shared a common interest in astronomy, both of them more than willing to volunteer at the local observatory since graduating from university. They both had blue eyes and brown hair, his was short, hers was long and they both wore casual clothes virtually all of the time.

George was fascinated by the Hubble Deep Field. The Deep field is an area of sky in the constellation of Ursa Major taking up no more than that covered by a tennis ball held a hundred metres away. The image was taken by allowing the Hubble Space Telescope to photograph a seemingly empty area of sky over ten consecutive days. The end result was an image containing at least three thousand galaxies. The point of this image is that if it was produced by photographing an empty area of sky no bigger that that covered by a tennis ball 100 metres away then we are literally surrounded by millions, maybe even billions of galaxies on all sides stretching out who knows how far.

George stared at the image and said, “The annoying thing is that all that is out there so far away and we are restricted by the speed of light. Maaan we could never ever get out there and explore any of it.

“Yeah,” Abigail said, “All we have managed to do as a species is get as far as the moon. And we can't even do that any more.”

“George said, “Just think, in that image, how many inter-galactic empires have risen and fallen. Beautiful landscapes, strange worlds, bizarre races of people, beautiful princesses in lonely castles.”


“Oh, I'm just dreaming,” said George, “If you google 'Hubble Deep Field Forum' you will come across an endless collection of people online posting stuff like this. Everyone looks at that image, realising just how big the universe really is and dreams of what may be out there.” But now of course we have this brand new Deep Field Live Feed developed by Professor Lawson, which he allows us to work on.

“Yeah, until he gets back, sees your email and then bans us from coming here.”

“No, but its great Abi, the guy is on the verge of getting some major prize or something like that for creating a live-stream of the Hubble Deep Field, now that seriously rocks.”

Both George and Abigail along with a team of professional astronomers had been testing the Deep Field Live Stream for about 3 days now. Their job was to test it and see if it was all working okay and also just to see if anything had changed from one day to the next. Not that anything could or would change, each dot on the screen was a galaxy in its own right, and there were thousands and thousands of dots. They still loved looking at it though.

George looked at the screen gazing at a rather pronounced white dot in the far left hand corner, “This one looks quite big, I wonder what it's called,” he said, “I think I'm going to check it against the original 1995 famous Hubble Deep Field static image.”

“Yeah,” said Abigail, “The original image has names of some of the galaxies written on it, something that big will certainly have some name or description given to it of some kind.”

George loaded the original image side by side with the live stream of the same Hubble Deep Field and noticed something odd. To his absolute amazement, the large dot in the top right hand corner simply wasn't there on the original image. In fact the only difference between the original image and the new live stream was this rather peculiar dot.

“Abi, this is so weird, “ said George, “this new dot wasn't there on the original.”

“Could be an asteroid or a comet or something,” Abigail replied.”

“No it isn't,” said George, very insistently, we have all the data loaded regarding known comets, asteroids and potential passing space debris in the direction of the constellation of Ursa Major, where the Deep Field is located, and there isn't supposed to be anything there where that dot is.”

Both of the young amateur astronomers came to the decision that they would say nothing and do nothing and then check the live-feed again in the morning. If there was something extra in the Hubble Deep Field, they were the only ones in the world so far who would know about it. Although other astronomers would be shortly assigned to work on the Live Feed, it was just the two of them at the moment.

They both went home to their separate studio apartments in South London that night thinking about the new discovery and wondering what on earth the following day would bring.




Early the next morning, roughly Six o'clock, George was woken by his mobile phone ringing very loudly. He sat bolt upright in bed with a slight headache. He knew that bottle of wine with the Chinese last thing last night wasn't a good idea.

He grabbed the phone, not really looking to check who it was, “Hello...?”

On the other end it was the unmistakable voice of professor Lawson all the way from The Maldives, “George, George, hello, how are you?”

George was stunned. He was terrified that Professor Lawson may have got his nasty email all about him. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. Well, he thought, too late now, I've gotta say something.

“Professor Lawson, how are you? How's the Maldives? We miss you. How's life?”

“Well George, my boy,” Professor Lawson replied, “Seeing as you, Abi and just about everyone else there consider me to me an ice-veined slave-driver, I'm doing pretty well. Maybe the heat down here will melt the ice in my veins.”

George cringed, “Ooooooh, you got the email then. Wait, I can explain, what I meant was....”

Professor Lawson stopped him in his tracks, “Don't worry George, we can talk about that another time. I guess its the last time you will click on 'send all' huh?”

“Yeah, really sorry.”

“Anyway,” Lawson replied, “ I might have been more annoyed about it had something else more important not come up. The real reason I'm phoning you is about the Deep Field Live Feed.”

“What about it?”

“Well, you know that I am a workaholic and there is absolutely no way that I could ever pull myself away from my precious work, much to my wife's total dismay. What's more, I'm not going to completely leave the new Live Feed to you two love-birds.”

“What?” George was shocked, “Me and Abi are not going out with each other!”

“Not yet you're not,” said Lawson, “Ha ha, it's only a matter of time. Anyway, I have noticed a new dot on the image, I've been looking at it virtually all night. We are four hours ahead of you out here, so I've been up pondering this from some time.”

“Yes me and Abi have seen the dot,” replied George, “What do you think it is?”

“Well,” said Lawson, “It's not a Galaxy, it's too sharp for that. Other data tells us it's not an asteroid, comet or any known item of space debri. But do you know what, whatever it is, it seems to be travelling towards the inner Solar System at tremendous speed.”

George listened carefully. A shiver went down his spine as he stood there in his flat on what was a lovely sunny July morning, contemplating this surprisingly scary discovery. “Professor?” he said, “What shall we do? Who else knows?”

“That's the beauty of it George, “ said Lawson, “Nobody else in the world knows, just me, you and Abigail. You are the ones assigned to monitor the screen. It's my invention. I paid The Hubble Team a lot of money to allow them to let me link up my device remotely to their telescope.”

“What do we do about this now professor Lawson?”

“Do nothing George, nothing at the moment, discuss it very quietly and discreetly with Abi if you wish, but the moment this gets out to the media who knows what effect it could have on the world. I'll call you later, I'm off to the beach. Beautiful place the Maldives you know, no place like it in the world.”

Professor Lawson was a true sun-worshipper. He was only about sixty years old but looked quite a bit older. He had very brown sun-damaged skin, white hair and the type of accent that you would probably only usually find in somewhere like The House Of Lords.

The conversation ended and George went through his normal morning routine, along with its toasted bagels and coffee, a culinary habit that he picked up on a recent trip to the USA. All the way to work on the tube he couldn't stop thinking about this strange new object in the sky. Surely there were more than three people in the entire world who knew about it, there had to be. If Lawson had patented a device linked in with the Hubble Space Telescope then there had to be others, maybe the Hubble Team somehow knew about it, perhaps they had found a way to hack into the Live Feed.

As George walked into the observatory, he quickly glanced into the sky and looked around, wondering to himself if things were about to change big style anytime soon. He had no idea what was about to happen that very day. No idea at all.

He only managed to get as far as the reception, when Lucy the young receptionist with the rather strange northern accent stopped him and said, “George, you can't go in, none of the staff are allowed in, I was told to phone you earlier but I forgot, I'm so sorry!”

“Can't go in? Why?” George was perplexed as to what on earth could be happening.

Lucy leaned forward and beckoned him over, “There are some really big important guys from GCHQ in there looking at the Hubble Live Feed along with two guys who I think are from MI6, but I'm not totally sure. They've been here all night, I've only just found out. When I arrived earlier they told me to contact all observatory staff, both professionals and volunteers and say that the place is effectively closed for the day.”

At that very moment, Georges phone beeped. He had received a text. He looked, it was from Professor Lawson in the Maldives.

The text read, “ George, I have just heard from my contacts in Houston Texas who are working on the Hubble that GCHQ, MI6 and the CIA are now onto this big time. I don't know how they could possibly know. It seems that our exclusive link to the Hubble Live Feed wasn't so exclusive any more. I think they wanna find out what we knew when. Anyway they probably detected this object on other devices such as radio telescopes. It's coming in pretty fast, some say even faster than light.”

George was amazed that Lawson sent such a long text, but at the same time excited that if this think was coming toward Earth, things would start to hot up pretty quickly. He replied to the text, “ GCHQ here already, observatory closed for the day. I'm gonna catch up with Abi and see what she knows about all this. I'll call you later.”

George headed back out onto the street just as Abigail was arriving. He told her everything, all about his earlier phone call with Professor Lawson, the text and the fact that GCHQ were all over the whole thing. As they both walked down the street together, call it paranoia but George had the distinct impression that Abigail knew more than she was letting on. Did she know about the strange object in outer space earlier than yesterday? He was suspicious.

“Wanna go for a coffee at that new Italian Place at the end of the street?” George asked.

“Yeah okay, seeing as though you are buying,” Abigail replied.

“I never said.....”

“Come on,” she said, “Lets go.”

They both went and sat down in the Naples Coffee Shop with a Latte each, just as the main 9:00am CNN News bulletin was starting on the TV screen on the wall in front of them. The main breaking news story took them and the entire world by surprise.

Hello, this is CNN. Breaking News. A strange object has been spotted in outer space in the direction of the constellation of Ursa Major. The object is absolutely earth-shatteringly gigantic, roughly the size of China in width and is shaped like a huge pyramid. It is currently passing the orbit of Saturn and is calculated to be heading in the direction of Earth at tremendous speed. Some calculations say that it may even be travelling close to or even faster than the speed of light.”

George and Abigail looked at each other, “Wooooooooooowwwwwww!”

Other people in the coffee shop stood there frozen, looking at the screen.

The broadcast continued, “The Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Heinz Hoffman is currently meeting US President Williams at The White House in Washington DC. Both men will make a live statement in 15 minutes time. We await that very important press conference. Please stand by.”

Abigail buried her face in her hands, slowly looked up and said, “George, I, I, I've got something to tell you.....”

“What,” replied George.

“Well,” said Abigail in a very sheepish manner, “Yesterday when you discovered the object for the first time. I gave the impression that I didn't know about it. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry but I discovered it on the first day of the operation of the Hubble Live Feed four days ago.”


“Yes, I noticed it on day one and I let GCHQ know so they could investigate it.”

“Why didn't you tell me,” said George, feeling a little betrayed, “Why? Abi? Hey? Huh......”

“I'm so sorry, I guess I thought that if I told you, you would somehow grab the glory off me. That's always happened in my life. My brother, when I was young, he always put me down at home and …..” She started crying.

“Heeeeeey,” George said, “Please don't get upset, it's cool.” Secretly he saw this as his chance to impress her as to how nice he could be. Then who knows, he might actually get her to like him.

She smiled at him, “So you're not mad that I knew earlier?”

“No,” he said, “What did they do when you told them? And what about Professor Lawson did you tell him?”

“No I didn't no way!”

George decided that this was a good time to bury bad news so he confessed about his earlier phone conversation with Lawson. They both laughed, chatted and finish their coffees while all round them the background noise of other people seemed a little louder than normal. Under normal circumstances they might have been a little more annoyed with each other, but these weren't normal circumstances. There was a sense that something big was happening now, something new. The issue of who knew what, when no longer mattered. Other people in the coffee shop seemed alarmed with the news and there was a general feeling in the air that absolutely anything could happen over the next few weeks. There were a few cynical people however as always, who laughed it off as some kind of stunt. However, the world waited for this all important press conference from the White House.

People hung around and bought extra coffees just to stay and hear what the US President and the UN Secretary General said. Along with baited breath, everyone was poised, anxious, curious.....

This is CNN, we now go live to The White House in Washington DC where The President will make a statement.”

The cameras showed an empty podium in the Press room at the White House in Washington. Suddenly two men came into view and walked towards the camera. On the left was US President Howard Williams, a tall thin man in his mid sixties with a strong Texas accent. On his right was UN Secretary General Heinz Hoffman, a small rotund German man of a similar age. Both men had bald heads which reflected the lights from the camera crews as they both walked forwards toward the podium.

President Williams spoke first, “As you may have already heard on various news bulletins, intelligence sources on many levels tell us that there is a gigantic pyramid shaped object heading for earth at tremendous speed. It is believed that this object could have once travelled somewhere near the speed of light or even faster. We know theoretically that faster than light travel isn't possible but I am only the messenger here. However, even though it has slowed down somewhat it is estimated to now be travelling at tens of thousands of miles per hour. It is absolutely and utterly on a collision course with Earth and at its current speed it should be here within about two days. If it is slowing down then whatever it is or they are, then there may not be a collision as such. We just have to hope and pray.”

Gasps were heard around the coffee shop and also among the press core at the White House on TV. The president continued, “We simply have no further information at this stage. We do not know if it is hostile. But I can promise you that if it displays any hostility at any point over the next week, we have a substantial array of thermonuclear devices on standby which are aimed at the object and should do a good job protecting us.”

More gasps were heard from everyone.

Both George and Abigail were speechless. They sat there, not even aware that they had coffee in front of them, their mouths were like open caves. They looked at each other, then looked back at the screen. People could be heard crying in the corner. People were shouting, “No, wait to see if they are friendly” People were arguing.

The president went on to encourage people to pull together, “Trust God” and to look on the bright side.

The UN Secretary General made a similar speech and said that this is the time for nations of the world to pull together as we might need each other. He encouraged people to reply on their own individual religious faiths if they had any and again to support one another.

The Press Conference ended. Both George and Abigail and other people who worked at the observatory went to their various homes, watched further news bulletins, did housework and made the most of this sudden day off work. They were glad to get back to their various task at the observatory the following day as they found out that GCHQ and their colleagues only needed to use the equipment briefly and didn't need it any more as the “Pyramid” as it was now known was close enough to be visible on all types of normal ground-based reflector telescopes.




Friday morning, the observatory was up and running. Everyone had free access to look at what they wanted and there were no officials prying round. The Hubble Deep Field Live Feed had the strange object looking rather large and menacing on the right hand side of the screen, but then it was now visible on telescopes of all kinds all over the world. Some even claimed that they could see it through binoculars.

The mornings newspapers obviously capitalised on the incident to sell papers as they always did. Headlines like, “Doomsday approaches” and “ET is on his way” created far more sensation than was necessary. Various groups, religious leaders and politicians around the world gave their own interpretation of events and of what they thought would unfold. The markets and exchange rates started to wobble but finance ministers around the globe threw some serious meat at them to keep everything stable. The whole thing had the rather strange effect of somehow pulling people together. Everyone seem a little nicer towards each other and of course there really was now only one topic of conversation wherever you went.

George, Abigail and their colleagues had other duties in the observatory that day which included looking for new impact craters on the moon. In the corner of the room they had a big TV screen with a live pic of “The Pyramid.” There were even some who were suggesting that its pyramid like shape could possibly indicate that its inhabitants had some connection with the peoples of Ancient Egypt. Perhaps they were coming back to see how the world had developed

All of a sudden, mid afternoon, the door swung open and in walked the very recognisable although more tanned than ever figure of Professor Lawson.

“Boys and girls,” said Lawson as he wheeled in his suitcase.

George turned round, “Hey, you're back. You're back early. How were the Maldives?”

Professor Lawson smiled, “Well quite nice, but lying on a beach knowing that the world could possibly just about to be blown apart by aliens from The Deep Field isn't the most relaxing activity. Besides, I've got some slave driving to do. I decided to forget the beach and get a quick flight back yesterday.”

George and Abigail looked at each other and grinned sheepishly, then both burst out laughing.

“Fancy clicking on 'send-all'” said Lawson as he walked over to the free coffee machine and got himself a cappuccino. “Anyway,” he continued, “ I have it on good authority that the pyramid has communicated with us all and for some reason it wants to land a smaller craft on The National Mall in Washington DC in two days time.”

“What?” said George with his mouth wide open and eyes that almost popped out of his head and showed a mixture of fear and surprise.

Everyone else in the room overheard the conversation and gave much the same response.

Lawson looked around the room and said, “Guys, it's very complicated, it really is, and there is so much that I am not allowed to tell you but I have a feeling that anytime soon you will probably find out from the news anyway, so please be patient.

He wasn't wrong, a late afternoon bulletin from CNN started with this, “Good afternoon, this is CNN. Breaking News – We have it on good authority from a top secret organisation based in the Maldives that the Pyramid wishes to send a small landing craft down in the centre of Washington DC. It requests the presence of the US President, The UN Secretary General and the heads of various world religions to receive it as a greeting party. This will happen at precisely 12:00 noon US Eastern Standard Time, this coming Sunday.”

Everyone looked at Professor Lawson and said in Unison, “Base in the Maldives???”

“Had to keep it a secret,” Lawson said rather sheepishly, “I've been working down there for some time off and on with a top secret mission. We've been tracking The Pyramid for quite a bit longer than we have been letting on. What I can tell you is that we are about ninety-nine percent sure that the thing is friendly but apparently it has some message to bring to us. The Pyramid itself is a large transporter craft that contains many thousands of smaller pyramids. They will be landing one of these smaller ones in Washington in two days time. I have absolutely no idea why they have chosen the US capital. That's it, that's all we know. We don't know who they are, what they look like. This is a message that we have received and that's it.”

George, Abigail, Professor James Lawson and others in the room huddled together, chatted and watched the news. All the news channels and virtually every talk show and newspaper now contained something to do with the arrival of the pyramid. Now that it intended to effectively park itself in the Earth's atmosphere and send a smaller craft down to Washington DC, everyone had something to focus on.

The US Government were deciding on whether or not to evacuate the capital city but after a while they came to the conclusion that they wouldn't. After all they had it on good authority from this new secret communications base in The Maldives that nothing bad was going to happen. George, Abigail, Lawson, the rest of the staff at the observatory in deed the whole world got on with the rest of Friday in the way that they normally did, trying to make the best of the rather unusual circumstances.




Saturday morning arrived in rather an bizarre way for George and everyone waking up in the Western hemisphere, although what happened should have been expected by everyone, but nobody was prepared for it' Let's just say that the reality that hit everyone was rather odd to say the least.

George got up rather early. Seven oclock in the morning was definitrly early for him, but he decided to do so because he wanted to go out for a run. He had been having rather sporadic episodes of being totally into exercise and different moments in his life and this was one of them. Nice four mile run before breakfast he thought, that should give me the physique I'm looking for and impress the ladies, or one in particular.

To cut a long story short, he pulled back the curtains of his bedroom, looked out and ugghh!!! Ouch!!, Oh no! He could see The Pyramid in the sky, on its side in the distance just above the horizon. Well it wasn't there yesterday, it must have covered some serious ground (or space) since then. He fell back onto the bed so confused, scared, amazed, excited all at the same time. “Wow,” he shouted, “This is really happening, that alien thing is out there, approaching. Maaaan, this is happening.”

George turned on the TV, all the news channels had the thing in the sky in the corner of the screen with all types of religious, political, military, presidential and royal figures being interviewed and everyone saying what they thought would happen. People were arguing left right and centre and every now and then the cameras focused on the National Mall in the centre of Washington DC. The entire centre of the city had been cleared of civilian vehicles and there were tanks, helicopters and all kinds of military vehicles buzzing around.

Running parallel to all of this of course was Georges developing obsession with Abigail. He still couldn't believe his luck that she actually agreed to have a coffee with him the other day. Maybe it was a new level of boldness that he had acquired due to the bizarre reality that was now unfolding due to the visiting alien craft.

He had nothing really planned today other than putting some type of CV together for professor Lawson. He had heard that they were considering taking on another full timer at the Observatory and any volunteer that wished to work full time had to re-apply. But after further thought he decided that a more productive use of his time today would be asking Abi out for another coffee. If Aliens were going to arrive and possibly change everything then why not try to enjoy himself in mankind's last free day.

After he had been for a run, showered and got ready, he called Abi and asked her if she wanted to go out and so something like have a coffee. He totally fell apart during the phone call and he was sure that his nervousness came across. To his absolute amazement and wonder she agreed and they met later on that day at the same coffee shop near the observatory. As well as gazing into her eyes and hanging on her every word, he occasionally looked at the news on the TV screen in the corner of the room. The Pyramid was a very dark shade of green. He wondered what it could possibly be made of.

This whole thing was a dream, in both a good way and a bad way. It was great that he had somehow gotten close to Abi, but the fact that mankind could possibly be blown apart by a green pyramid from the Deep Field, well that was something else altogether. Deep down however, he was a romantic, having had only one girlfriend before and that was just a very casual thing back at school. He just wanted something really special and he really felt as though he had found her. He secretly hoped that when all this alien stuff had passed and the dust had settled that they could really be together, he hoped that they both felt the same.

The rest of Saturday went as soon as it came. Abi had things to do with her mum, dad and sister that evening so George decided that he would go back home and watch the rolling news covering of the pyramids arrival on TV. Normally on Saturday night, he would feel quite sad and lonely due to his deep longing for a relationship, but not tonight, things were different. Everyone was glued to the TV in eager anticipation of the next morsel of news about this bizarre object approaching Planet Earth at great speed.

What was now becoming obvious through various news information sources was that these mysterious visitors from millions, possibly billions of light years away wanted to hover above planet Earth at a distance of something like ten million miles (any closer could effect the tides in a big way) and then send a smaller craft down to land in Washington DC on the National Mall. The smaller craft apparently would be about a quarter of the size of a football field. But it was the next bit that puzzled everyone.....

A CNN News bulletin that evening said, “.......after landing on the National Mall in Washington DC, we are being told that they have something for all of mankind!”

George went off to bed that night wondering what this 'something for all of mankind' could possibly be. He tossed and turned all night, looking at his phone occasionally to check any news updates as well as desperately seeing if Abi had liked any of his status updates on social media, or even better, sent him a text. He dropped off to sleep!”


George woke up suddenly to the sound of a text from his phone and grabbed it with anticipation. It was about eleven fourty-five PM. Was it? Was it? Erm, uh! Oh! He looked at the phone, it was from Professor Lawson. His heart sank. Then he smiled to himself as he realised that Lawson had sent a “send-all” text to a group of people.

The text read, “Hi everyone, full-time, part-time and volunteer staff are invited to my house this Sunday to watch the aliens land live on TV. Got a big screen, popcorn, beer, the lot. Arrive any time after 11:30am – James Lawson.”

George laughed out loud and thought it was typical of Lawson to turn an event like this into some kind of party and use words like 'aliens landing.' He eventually fell off to sleep again with the nice thought in his head that he might actually get to see Abi at this Sunday gathering, that is if she got the text.





He was suddenly woken up again by a text, it was now 7:30am Sunday morning. He checked his phone, it was Abi. His heart leapt. It said, “Hey George, are you goin to Professor Lawsons later to watch the whole thing on TV? Be really good if you are, come on, it will be a laugh.”

He replied, “Yeah, see you there!”

She replied back, “Awesome!!”

He had the biggest smile on his face as he jumped out of bed like something out of an Olympic track and field event. As he stood there getting ready in the bathroom, he felt quite positive. Did she like him? Did she? Then he over-thought the whole thing.... Wait, if Lawson did a “send-all” text, was he supposed to get it? Hopefully it was for him too? It did say that volunteers were invited...…..Oh stuff it he thought, I'm going anyway.

Professor Lawson lived along with his wife and grown up son in Wimbledon, which although was a town in its own right, is still considered a suburb of London. It was a nice detached house with a lovely big garden with a nicely mowed lawn surrounded by all types of bushes and trees. He didn't spend much time there, he was quite often lecturing on Cosmology and Astronomy at different places throughout the country and indeed the world. George arrived about eleven AM just as various others were also, but he couldn't see Abigail. Nevertheless he knocked at the door, exchanged niceties with the Lawson family and then went in to the main lounge and made himself comfortable.

Person after person arrived and each one commented on the rolling news pictures of the Pyramid on TV, but not Abigail. His heart sunk, maybe she had forgotten? Overslept? Perhaps she was ill? Maybe she was too scared at what might happen with the alien stuff? His heart sank as he lay back on the couch wondering why on earth he had allowed this crazy crush to develop in the first place.

Lawson walked over to him and said, “I still can't believe you clicked on 'send-all' when you told everyone what you thought of me the other day, I could have been so mean to you as a result George, you know that don't you?”

“Uh, what? Oh, yeah?” George replied with a half smile. “So sorry about that.”

Suddenly, in walked Abigail and walked right towards George and sat down next to him and said, “Heeeey dude, how are you?”

George was happy, his favourite person was there, now the event was complete. The aliens could nuke Washington for all he cared. He had his Abi (or Abs as he sometimes called her) sitting next to him and that was all that mattered. This would turn out to be a great weekend just because of this moment alone, whatever happened with the alien craft.

Abi leaned over to him and said, “You make a habit of pressing 'send-all' far to often Georgy, far far too often. You've done it again you know.”

“What on earth do you mean?” he replied, feeling very confused.

“I'll tell you in a minute,” said Abi, still keeping him in suspense.

Everyone sat around watching the TV news, the whole thing was bizarre, very bizarre indeed. Although the news channels had been covering virtually nothing else since the object had first been spotted a few days ago, this was nevertheless a special programme dedicated to the arrival of this strange craft. Various professors, experts, political figures and military personnel were all being interviewed at different times. In the corner of the screen was a close-up of the craft. This huge dark green pyramid-like object had been stationery for some time and it had despatched a much much smaller silver version of itself which was heading slowly towards Washington DC.

Lawson stood there with a glass of sherry in his hand, “If you ask me they would be better off nuking the thing right now. Better to do that that us all face a thousand years of slavery to a group of three headed green ugly looking things. Not that I've seen them but I can't imagine they would win any beauty contest.”

“I can't imagine you would either,” Abigail slowly whispered, referring of course to Lawson. Both she and George quietly giggled as they watched the rest of the broadcast along with everyone else.

George was still baffled that this may have come from The Hubble Deep Field. Apparently, Lawson and a few other experts have somehow found out that it actually has and had been tracking it for quite some time. George suddenly blurted out, “Wow, look at that, all the way from one of the galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. What amazing race or empire is it part of? They may have been around for thousand, even millions of years. What technology do they have that allows them to travel at such a speed like that?”

Everyone gasped as the smaller silver pyramid from the main craft descended slowly through the clouds and landed just on the grass in the space between the Washington Monument and the South Lawn of The White House. It Just hovered silently and stopped, and that was it. There were of course guns and other military paraphernalia aimed at it but it didn't seem that they were needed. In some pre-arranged routine the Secretary General of the UN walked slowly towards it along with bodyguards in a scene that could well have turned out like the charge of the light brigade.

The men stopped about ten metres from the object when suddenly a big screen appeared in front of it like some kind of hologram. The screen was huge, about a quarter of the size of a football field. It had a white background with a long message on it written in English, black bold capital letters.

All the TV cameras focused on the message, it read as follows,

Greetings Citizens of the planet Earth. This object that has landed here in Washington DC is called 'The Invitation' the reason for this will become apparent in a moment. This object is just an automatic drone, there are no living creatures inside it, neither are there any living creatures inside the main green pyramid in orbit that you have been watching for some days now. It contains a device that automatically translates our message into the local dialect using a form of telepathy.

This craft has been sent by his most majestic and wonderful excellency Emperor Zorg from the Empire of eternal stars. Emperor Zorg sits on the efervescent throne of great beauty surrounded by jewels and ornaments of many colours on the planet Eternia in the Galaxy called Quadros at the far end of the Xenon Supercluster of Galaxies. We have chosen to land in the capital city of Earths most powerful nation because Emperor Zorg thinks your city looks really cool from his trans-light mega-terrestrial telescope.”

George, Abigail and others all yelled out in unison, “Wooooowww!”

The cameras continued to pan down the screen in front of the craft with the help of a TV announcer who read out the worlds, “Emperor Zorg has been ruling our supercluster now for over 500,000 years.”

“Come onnnnn!” said George, “Totally awesome, I love it, I knew there was some great stuff happenin inside the Hubble Deep Field, I just knew it.”

....It is Emperor Zorgs birthday very soon and you are invited to his party. It is the tradition of our people to send out a huge Invitation in the form of a green pyramid, which is simply an automatic transporter for many smaller silver pyramids. These smaller pyramids are themselves a type of birthday party invitation. You have received this invitation because we require your presence at the party on the planet Eternia. Please respond, .Thank you.”

“So that's it?” Lawson yelled out, “I've flown all the way back from The Maldives for this!! We've been tracking it for ages and it turns out to be an invitation to a party millions of light years away in the form of an automatic drone which has the single purpose of projecting a message onto a screen and that's it! Ha ha, so there's gonna be no alien invasion after all.”

The UN Secretary General was interviewed by The Press. Apparently he was invited by the drone sent from outer space to be the first person to read it, however the TV cameras obviously read it at the same time. However, he gave a brief summary after a discussion with other officials on the ground, “Well that's it ladies and gentlemen, it was simply a drone which had the simple function of displaying a message on a screen in the form of an invitation to the birthday party of the Emperor from a huge empire in a distant galaxy at what we believe is the other end of the deep field. Apparently this Emperor Zorg has some machine which sends out these huge transporters like the green pyramid, which contain many many smaller drones inside them which are then dispatched down to various planets. That's it, no green men, no invasion, nothing to worry about.”

The discussion and interviews carried on in the TV news broadcast and everyone laughed, chuckled and chatted in the room. George realised again that he was sat next to Abigail on the settee, he saw her face, she was still hooked on the broadcast and taking it all in.

She slowly turned to George with a smile on her face and said, “You know, you actually clicked on 'send-all' more than once Georgy. As well as sending that email to everyone including Lawson about how bad Lawson was, there was another email you actually sent to someone declaring your thoughts about them....”

“There was?” he said sounding quite terrified.

“Yes,” she said, “You sent an email to virtually everyone in the observatory the other day saying how totally hot you think Abigail is.”

“Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry,” said Jack as he put his hands on his head, “Abi, I'm so sorry, that was just meant to go to....”

Abi leaned over to him, grabbed his held slowly and affectionately and held it firmly and then said, “Hey, it's cool, I'm totally cool with it, I'm glad you like me and guess what, I feel the same way about you. And I'm really glad you came here today, I was hoping you would.”

“Wow, cool,” said George after nearly collapsing in shock and not knowing what to do or say next.”

The two sat there holding hands and looking at the screen. Apparently a second message was being projected onto the screen by the drone and the Secretary General was alerting everyone to this and beckoning the cameras to focus on what the extra-terrestrial drone was saying next.”

It read as follows, “People of the planet earth, there appears to be some mistake. Actually you are not invited to the party. The invitation should only be to The Emperor Zorgs closest friends and allies here in his own Quadros Galaxy, but his machine appears to have send invitation drones out to every single planet in the known Universe. The reason is that Emperor Zorg actually clicked on 'send-all!'”




Submitted: April 28, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Davewalker987. All rights reserved.

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You obviously love your astronomy! This was great, and that ending -- well it kind of explained the full significance of George's mistake. Good work!

Sun, April 30th, 2017 5:45pm


Hi, see what you think of this one - best regards -

Fri, May 5th, 2017 9:40am

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