Birthday Twists

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its a beautiful love story. its been written with full feelings of heart . its about the twists in author's life that too during birthdays but ts just a story not real life incident.

Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017






It was a late misty evening of winter; Janet was standing in front of her house waiting for me. These all began three months ago. It was the day when I saw her for the first time. The moment I saw her for her first time created an inexpressible feel and impression deep within me. I could feel nothing but my heart dissolving in the ocean of love. My eyes lost its sight competing with such a beauty. I felt as if l was left in dark forest with no one and she was sent by god as a luminous spirit. This moment forced me to change and I did change but gradually, I started to dress up good, comb my hair unusually etc…we both studied in same college.


In our college we oceanography students, arranged a trip in which she was also incorporated. I really had tons and tons of fun and enjoyment with my friends. There was another special event which added extra celebration and fun, it was my birthday. An unforgettable birthday it was. I received many gifts, treats, wishing etc… from my fellow. That day wasn’t only my birthday but also the day when I experienced my first birthday twist. It was around 10:00 pm then, I was so exhausted and sleepy. My mobile beeped. I picked it lazily to read the message. As soon as my eyes ran through the message, I threw my mobile up in the air and I jolted onto the bed. This message strikes my heart as a powerful lightening and energized me. The message was “Happy Birthday Arshan” with two hearts. Again a message came following the wishing saying that this message was personally from Janet. I replied to that message, thanks for your wishes and questioned her why was it sent personally from her. She replied me she wanted to wish me but she couldn’t as the whole I day I was crowded by my friends. This message was my first birthday twist and the chat between us continued not more than 40 minutes. By the end of the chat I found that she was sweet and jovial girl. Days passed and the relationship between us became more sweet and strong.


One day a junior girl of our college was teased by my junior girls, I went there and helped that girl to get relieved of those boys, further I explained the duty of men over women. I also added that

when a girl is alone it is not your opportunity but your responsibility

. She was far behind me which I didn’t notice. That night she messaged me that she was admired by me during that incident.

These were incidents three months ago and today is her birthday and I am searching for perfect gift to present her. After wandering into many streets and stepping in out of many shops I got her a ring and a red fresh bouquet. I went to the street where she live and parked my vehicle few houses before her house. As I was walking to her house I saw standing in front of her house wearing a pink woolen jerkin. It was a misty evening and she was breathing off the mist. The only incandescent lamp post behind her was slow glowing and blinking and this made the scene lovelier. As soon as she noticed me she came running towards me. I walked towards her stretching my arms to hold her. She ran to me and hugged me with great force. I wrapped my arms around her gently with the bouquet in the right hand. Then I presented her the bouquet and wisher her the best birthday wishes, I further picked her hand pushed the ring only her finger. Simultaneously she blocked my mouth with her palm preventing my speech. Having my mouth blocked by her hands she asked me will I be her life partner, and then she took off her hands. I was stammering, I couldn’t answer because of the shocking question of her. She asked me again then with no hesitations I answered yes, surely I will be your life partner. Again I asked her that I don’t have any property or job or money which she also knows well but still does she want me to be her life partner. She said as if slapping on my cheeks that she just needs a perfect man whom she can trust and who will keep her happy through her life, she also added that she never want an ATM machine with job and property. This was my second birthday twist. Though it wasn’t my birthday I was the victim for birthday twist again.


It all seemed to be a dream but I never want my story to end as dream. It’s a penned forecast.


A Lovely plot from

-Sham arshan,A.S


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