This Thing That is Time

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Thoughts about time

Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017



One of the most wonderful and incredible concept that we have made up as humans is the concept of time. I believe we do not see other non-human living beings plan to see their mother in a few minutes time or they make a date and time to hunt later in the evening. This can be attributed to the higher consciousness that we humans have. This has allowed us to invent up this concept which we call time. Time is dualistic as with most concepts that the human mind have thought up of, something that should be taken lightly and yet is heavily regarded. 

  Time is indifferent, yet it is personal. Time is the same for everyone, we all have the same amount of time each day. We do not have more or less everyday because we have more money or more power. It treats us the same and yet it is personal as we choose to spend it away as how we deem it be. The seconds that are being used is personal to us and us alone. Time is a problem giver and a problem solver. Time will create the injuries and will heal all wounds. Think about the biggest problem that you have now, a problem that you think will never be solved. A problem that you think is really making you worry. Then think about the biggest problem you had 5 or 10 years ago that is gone. It had felt the same as the problem now I would guess. This is the power of time. Time will provide the problems to you and they will solve it for you. Yes you may think that it was you who have solved it on your own, but think again, without time to think up of a solution and without time to execute the actions and definitely without time to bring certain external circumstances into place. Will your problem be solved?

  This thing that is Time is something that I will believe is the ultimate mystery to the universe. We all think that we know all that there is to know about time. How it is measured and what units to use. Think again, do we really control time in a way we can control the channels of a television. If we do not like this time of our life, we will just press a remote and it will switch to another time of our life.This concept of time has freed us and yet imprisoned us at the same time. It freed us from ignorance, to see the different days as something else. To be able to make plans, to be able to gauge a journey, to know when to do certain things. Yet it has trapped us, to limit ourselves to a specific number of seconds in a day and shows us that it is relentlessly moving on no matter what. 

  So what can we do with Time, it does not matter in fact. It is but a gauge that numbers our days and yet we spent a lot of effort trying to maximize it, trying to be as efficient as possible. Why does it not matter. Well in the grand scheme of things, we do not matter. Time does not exist outside of humans, the universe has been there for an infinite amount of  time and will be there for another infinite amount of time. Time does not matter to the universe. We alone make it matter. We alone in our limited consciousness and limited knowledge makes it so important. We have only ourselves to blame or thank. In the end, at the last hour or minute or second, will it matter? Does everything that you do matter? Before anyone starts calling this nihilist, I am not. I do not intend for this to be about the meaning of life or the purpose of life. Just to discuss time itself and the meaning that it gives to us. The meaning that we attach time to. 

  What about beings that are four dimensional? Let's try to pretend or make believe that such beings do exist. A fourth dimension being is able to view time in a non-linear way. They are able to see the events all happening at once at all times. Then in that case, time will be nothing to them. Time will not be a concept to them. They will just see everything that has happened, that will happen, that is happening to be just life as it is. Time again is a concept that is from the human mind. It is something that we have thought up of, that nothing else outside the human mind is going to comprehend. Time like all concepts only exist in our minds. To truly be able to travel back in time, we will need to mass hypnotize the world to change all the clocks and time telling devices to a day before or any date before, only when the collective consciousness that we have is being manipulated as such, we have no other way or I do not believe that we will be able to travel back in time. 

  This think called Time is the reason we live, the reason we die. This think called Time is the way we see the world, the way the world responds to us. This think called Time is there till the last human has died out and this think called Time is the conceptualized in us when we are born. The very exact second we are born, we have been exposed to time, it is something that is there yet we cannot see. We feel it and yet we ignore it most of our lives till it is too late. This think called Time is the greatest invention that we humans have thought of and we do not give credit to it as much as we would like to. This is about the time I should stop writing about time and I would like to thank you for the time you took to read this. 

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