She's the loneliest girl

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I am making this story only for fun. You won't expect this story to be good because I'm not an English native speaker. I don't like writing but I do want to express what I felt as a person.

This story is based on my life as a growing person.

Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017



I considered myself the most miserable. I always hated school. Everything is so biased. Every year, I endured all the unenjoyable, painful, embarrassing memories I've made in school.

I'm silent, a loner and probably a loser. I never had friends or true friends, but I've made good relationships. I always tried to avoid trouble at all cost.

My school's religion is Catholic. I've always thought that people were good. But not all you always expect would come true.

I get bullied or backstabbed. Sometimes I get talked about in front of my face and hear them from others. It's usually the negative things, you know... the nonsense. I just wish I can control other people's mouths. The most painful part is teachers also doing that not only the students.

I tried to be mature by not minding all these. I get so sensitive in some situations. There was one time, I cried to my parents about it. I was so depressed. I told them I wanted to transfer to another school. Well guess what? They didn't let me.

I was in this school since elementary. Life is hella shit there.

But you know what? I'm graduating. I can pick which college will I go to. Finally, I will able to change my ways, my life. Make more friends and make my life less miserable. I'll try to become more confident. I won't let others think of me that way anymore and I won't let others bring me down.

It's been always my dream. I've been thinking about it all the time. I get anxious with my living everyday. Now my life will ease because it's happening.

I been chasing my dream for a long time. I'm glad I was able to make it this far. Though I may be hurt psychologically, I'll still try to view my life positively.

I believe every person gets bullied. These people shouldn't be discouraged. There's a future waiting for them. Even I myself is waiting for it. Future lies on every person and they should take good care of it as early as now.

People shouldn't be bullying others. It's not worth the time and it's being less mature. Who knows? Their future might be better than yours because they strive hard to become a better person than before. Past experiences matter. Still you have to respect them, treat them like human beings.

Don't let bullying happen to you nor don't make it happen to others. Life is to precious. We should spread love and not hate.

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