Kaptin Komma - part three

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part three or four

Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017








The radio crackled within the pickup truck.  The red battered machine trundled to the remote garage.  ‘Dan’s Diner’ was quite dead.  Only one hungry trucker stuffed his face with bacon.  And drowned his throat with black coffee.  The scruffy worker nodded as a new face walked into the place.  Smelling the coffee brewing he called over for one beverage.


It was dark out.  The neon light seemed to highlight the starry sky.  The radio announcer reported the news for New Mexico, USA, from the diner auditory FM transistor.  Strange lights had been seen near the moon.  It was a full moon, but the ignorant men merely supped their drinks.  The old mechanic Dan washed up the dishes.  His hound sat forlornly near the front door.  Dan dropped some old bones.  The gentle beast sniffed then scoffed the tasty morsels. 


At midnight the trucker was going to bed down in the back of the cab of his forty footer.  He tucked a half full half litre bottle of bourbon under his jacket.  He had left a tip on the table, then moved to the doorway.  The eyes of the other man and the dog, followed his movement.  It only took seconds - when a beaming red orb appeared at the pumps of the diner.  The hound whined, the visiting man dropped his cup.  The trucker cowered by the dog.  Dan held his broom and moved to shoo away any troublemakers.  He then fell to his knees praying.  The sight was too scary for them to behold.




From nowhere shone a green ray of light.  It moved gradually yet swiftly.  It set its glow on the doorstep of the diner.  The legs of the trucker were met and affected.  Even the mindless hound was hindered by this oddity.  The unclean man felt the skin on his shins and thighs being gripped and pulled horizontally.  The paws of the dog shuddered along the diner floor with the driver halfway out of the doorway.


The haunches of the doorframe were unceremoniously clasped by white knuckled digits.  The animal bit a trouser leg, whining as it tussled.  The pair felt their flesh being sucked.  The other men watched in disbelief.  They could feel the dimmer part of the ray trying to get them too.  Dan threw his broomstick at the scourging beam.  He pulled the other man with him over the side of the counter.  Their eyes watched in horror.  The victims dissolved into the ray.  Then without moving, the scene was gone.  The café radio buzzed back to life.  Before Dan could gather any of his senses, the other man threw up, on his cotton shirt covered chest, his sickly alienated coffee.




Puce filled the visual cortex.  Pulsing pain moved inward.  The eye socket revealed the cause.  A metal probe was seen entering the wall of the organ.  Then removed to the relief of the victimised patient.  The blood cleared and allowed clearer vision for the human.  A grey silvery wall could be seen beyond the medical light.  It was not a wall known to mankind.  It seemed to move like a breathing lung.  Where am I?  Begged the mind.


Two figures were looming by a wall.  Staring at a thing in a Petri dish, sat on a table with a built in cupboard.  On closer observation, the man realised that they were toying with his remains of his left eye.  A seething wave of pain and panic grew in the subject.  Beside him, was the sorry sight of the bloodhound.  Lying dormant, on another table, with its belly opened and innards taken out.  The man tried in vain to escape this nightmare. 


A third alien appeared in a doorway.  His head was round like a soccer ball.  His arms were like a plastic drainpipes.  His body was a turtle shell.  It glowed purple.  The other aliens had demonic features.  They closely resembled gargoyles from the gothic period.  The man stared in astonishment, when the third alien shot the others with a ray gun.  It was all too much for the human.  He fainted back to the safety of the unconscious realm.  Before he blacked out.  The third being leant over him and spoke, ‘try not to worry.  I am here to help.’


* * *




Kaptin Komma sat in his pod; the loading bay was full of a hundred parked up machines.  Some had noticeably gone.  The thoughtful leader mused over the few absent aliens.  He hacked into his pod Scaro databank.  The living craft merged with his brain.  It poured in factual revelations.  Kap learnt that all the while, ever since he became an alien and before, activations had been taking place on Earth.  Humans had been abducted and studied.  They were being tested upon.  The Scaronites wanted to fit the humans with alien DNA.




On the wall of a pod hangs a map of space.  It shows where a Scaronite wants to see.  The man inside the alien, wanted to know where humans were being taken from.  A flicker of light highlighted a sketch of Earth and the land known as USA.  The map moved shape and scope.  Pinpointing a region of land.  It was a remote community of one and a bit.  In the New Mexico desert.  A feeling infuriated the human quarter of Kaptin Komma.  Something had to be done, so he decided to do it.


The egg like pod moved out of the loading bay.  Space encompassed as it drifted away from the Sero spaceship and the dark side of the Moon.  At the man viewed Earth closer and closer, a plan formulated inside his alien head.  To his alien comrades he was an alien hero and leader.  Alien, evil, scary and clever in a different way to all other Scaronites.  The trouble for him and the race of Scaronites, his human part would not cooperate.  That spelt trouble for the Scary Knights.  This time they were to suffer the taste of their own medicine.  They might wish they had never met, humanity.




Alien eyes and alien technology were very useful aspects of being an alien from outer space.  This affinity was helpful in zooming a lens at an object that lay static.  The thing was placed among desolate and hot hills.  They ranged in a dusty landscape that was oblivious to human beings.  Only a few bugs dared to race among the few brave desert bushes and cacti.  One blind scorpion ran carelessly into a fleshy tanned and tangible wall.  The Earth creature tried to sting this strange cave exterior.  In vain, the scorpion sped away, into the safer searing midday plain of New Mexico.


The pod of a Scaronite had no name.  Like the shell of a pea, they were a living thing.  Not like the shell parasite, that encompassed hosts like Kaptin Komma, these, had intelegence and special abilities.  The pods though were amazing life forms.  They could reform into pretty much anything practical.  It was a certain one that Kap had found in the desert.  It had been enlarged and designed into a chamber.  Within could be decked out for multi purposes.  A dwelling, or fortress, or a laboratory.


Kaptin Komma had found a hidden torture chamber of the Scaronite Agonizing Practising Surgeons.  Or Saps.  Typical, mused Kap.  It was here that cruel research aliens studied and probed humans and other creatures of Earth.  This was why Americans feared and believed in abductions. 

* * *





The man from space paused outside the strange structure.  It was like a house sized caravan.  For a human, the entrance was very hard to find.  For an alien, it was at one end or the other.  Only a faint whiteness in the grey pinkness marked the way.  The alien man stepped into a small hallway, that lay just before the main part of the Saps lab. 


On a wall in the hallway was a reminder that Kaptin Komma was a Scaronite.  A wall chart showed the basic physiology of a person from Dredalo.  A brief history explained the origin and life change of this species.  Eons ago, the Dredalo race lived much like humans of Earth.  They lived, fought wars and died.  They specially liked wars.  It was this that led them to study their sun and its strange properties. 


With the help of two elements, the mild bear like features, of a Dredalo man, were transformed and disfigured into the demonic and despotically evil beings, the Scaronites.  A shell torso gave the host super health.  The side affect was to affect their mental state.  The Scaronites allowed the evil forces to grow and fester.  It also led nasty scientists to enjoy performing horrific tests and experiments.




The tall evil master Kaptin Komma moved into the white walled room, that had a reddish hew.  It complimented the environment.  Kap observed two Scaronites a male and female, doing something unbecoming to a human.  The semi naked form of man lay upon a surgeons table.  A tired and aging man writhed in unaware pain.  Kap hid in the only shadow of the room, by the entrance, next to a tall cupboard.  It was easy for a Scaronite to reach high up places.  They could grow to many heights and lows.


Kap Komma spotted an animal pinned to another metal table.  It had been dissected.  It was noticeable that the man was waking up.  Kap pulled out his laser pistol.  The scientists were studying gleefully at the naked eyeball of the man.  The male held the putrid sight with pincers, while the female placed droplets from a vial.  Kap understood that they were learning the affect of human and Scaronite blood vessels.  The sickening thing was that the pair of mindless doctors, were salivating at the human eye.  The female poked it with one of the digits, just for fun.  It was widely known that women on Dredalo had a deprivation for eating any kind of sickly flesh.  Some say it was a side affect of being a Scaronite.  The female was feared more by enemies of the Scaronites, than the male.  It gave many Scary Nightmares.




A weak shadow appeared from behind the scientists.  They turned to feel the full force of a laser beam.  It passed through both bodies, simultaneously.  They melted into the floor of the pod.  The eye was forgotten.  Kap moved to the poor human.  His humanity breathed calming words.  It eased the man somewhat.  He collapsed by the form of the alien saviour.




A machine on the wall hummed.  A voice echoed lowly, ‘this is Sero, this is Sero.  What are your findings?’


No other beings dwelt in the lab.  It would not take long for the crew of Sero to know, that something was wrong.  The aliens were not totally brainless.  Not before long, General Kanta would be sent to check on the situation.  And the disappearance of his Kaptin would force him to search for the deserter.  The Hero of Mars could become the hunted. 


Kaptin Komma left the sound alone.  Carried the human out of the lab.  His pod was not far.  It was increased and changed in size.  Placing the victim on a grown out rest.  The humming pod rose.  It glided away from the Saps Laboratory.  Not far away lay the empty diner.  Kap landed at the rear of the building.  His craft became transparent.  There he woke the human.  The semi conscious trucker then noticed that they were having a meal. 


The trucker thought it strange to see an alien eating burgers.  Then he did not realise that Dan’s Diner occupants were oblivious to the aliens features.  The dog less owner poured the humans more coffee.  The alien man needed time to think.  He sat as the man he once was.  This time though, something of importance, did, bother the man.


* * *





A man named Brad was enraged as he sat in the car park, in his chuck wagon.  He had just been sacked by management.  His future looked very dim.  He watched and stared, when his former manager and deputy manager were walking to their cars.  At the right moment, smoke filled the air.  The sound of bone on bone dry gravel merged with the roar of a chuck wagon.  The factory security watched on a monitor in disbelief. 


The night was growing.  The small truck raced out of  Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  It made for the wild west mountains.  The burning tyres were forgotten by the searching lawmen.  The chuck wagon trailed into the deserted hills.  In the distance glowed a neon light.  The killer placed his unused handgun back into his shirt inside pocket.  Bullets loose in another pocket. 


Brad did not see or care about the strange lights in the Moonlit night.  Death was his name.  His vehicle screamed to a halt.  He leapt from it then stood fuming.  Ready to bash anyone or anything.  He groaned then wiped away his temper with his cold killing hands.  Brad found fifty bucks and strode into the quiet diner.  He ordered three bottles of bud.  Slumped into a booth and supped his head off.




Some way from the diner, a gushing river flowed.  It was caught by the wind of a unknown source.  For a mile the water surged up at the whiter than dark machine.  The thing left moved away at the bend.  Five ball shapes raced toward the blue haze above a broad window.  The door of the building caused the objects to totally forget the forgotten waves of the lunar lit waves. 


Inside the diner sat the man Brad.  He toyed with the gun, under his jacket.  He was pondering on robbing the joint.  He thought, what the heck.  To other men sat nearby in the cramped café.  The humanised Kaptin Komma was beside the weary but retired truck driver.  The garments had been quickly gathered from his ever waiting forty footer.  He also found his lightly shaded sunglasses.  They helped to hide his naked eye socket.  And made feel more of a man again.


Old man Dan dusted down his bar top.  The other man was still drinking whiskey, ever since the abduction.  Both men were too afraid to go home or to bed.  It had been five long hours.  Too long for fear to set in.  The arrival of the new man, made them both need more drink.  Dan’s dog had not returned.  This made them both sense that more trouble would be coming.  Both buried themselves in strong whisky.  To ease the tension in the still dark acrid air.




Outside the small garage diner stood five Scaronites.  Leading the fray was General Kanta.  With him were two Sero crew members, Private Lot and Private Smoz.  Also were two bigger harder warriors.  Ready to kill on command.  All held laser rifles.  It was the favourite weapon of a typical Scary Knight.  These things could destroy a house if desired, quite easily.  The General though, only wanted to take Kap back for questioning.  In the brig. 


Inside the wooden hut sat edgy Brad, with his hidden handgun.  The human trucker had a rifle from his cab.  Kap had his laser gun under the table.  Behind the counter old Dan had his own shotgun, at hand.  The other man played with a baseball bat.  Rolling it on the bar top.  The scene was set for the Gunfight at Dan’s Diner. 


* * *





Brad turned his gaze from the floor, to the old man behind the bar, then in astonishment to the strange dude who showed up by the front doorway.  The recently sacked murderer almost choked on his beer.  He laughed allowed.  Afraid of nothing now, but death itself.  And that was a joke he was sure.  The sight of walking turtles seemed some kind of con.  The head of the stranger was triangular shaped.  Like a skunk that had dried grey in the heat of time.  The night is strange, Brad mused allowed.


The killer turned his head to the men sat near.  One man was shaking.  The other changed his appearance.  Another alien now sat inside the diner.  ‘What the heck are you, buddy,’ quizzed the half drunk Brad.  The incomer approached, cautiously, a tone resonated from what appeared to be a mouth.


‘Come on outside,’ Kaptin, ‘we can talk this out, outside.  No one needs to get hurt.  I am willing to make a deal, if that what it takes.  You are a hero.  Or you can become a martyr and die with your ideals.’


Everyone else in the diner froze in silence.  Brad tried to get involved but his head was too intoxicated.  He was sure this was all a dream.  Maybe he would wake up, back at work, and not going ape and steamrolling his bosses.


‘Hurt!’ hissed Kaptin Komma.  His words and tone hit the ears of the humans.  It had an affect on the feelings.  ‘Hurt, you say we are evil.  You have mindless doctors playing butchers.  I know your plans now.  I do not mind that so much.  It is how you treat your victims.  Specially when they are humans.’


‘Oh, you like humans, don’t you, Kap?’ the generals tone changed more malevolent.  ‘I think your rebirth went wrong somehow.  Come back with us.  We can get that fixed.’


‘Fixed,’ raged Kap.  ‘that is what you always do.  I think it is a time for change.  At least a little.’


‘You are only one.  What are you?  I know you saw our god.  We Scaronites are to become the greatest race in the Universe.’


Silence filled the air, as minds tried to understand the situation.  Soon the bubble would burst.  Something had to happen.  And it would.




Five aliens now stood inside the diner.  Including one that was against the others, who seemed set on harm that was for humans too.  This perturbed the already disturbed mind of Brad.  He knew he was a bad human.  Even so, he was human and did not hate all of them.  Without thinking.  His pistol moved from inside his jacket.  A simultaneous missile launched and glided past and slightly hit the shoulder of General Kanta.


The momentary attack moved the general to slightly smile.  At last, some thing he understood.  Battle.  A bolt of light raced from his side.  It pierced the right arm of the gun totting human.  Brad slumped beneath the table that he still sat at.  He was down and out.  A rasping noise echoed from behind the bar counter.  Green blood gushed out of a warrior alien.  The other fighter blasted the heart out of the instantly dead, old man Dan.  His white shocked form slumped to the ground, behind the bar.  The other man stood poised with fear, gripping tightly the baseball bat.  Sling low - sounded a voice in his mind.  The wooden stick rose up to demon chin.  Knocking out the beatable alien.


A hum filled the air.  Deafness slowed down the attacking Scaronites.  They cowered a bit, by the doorstep.  It was enough for Kaptin Komma to act.  His laser hit the General in the centre of his shell.  It was so fast it hurt the parasitic covering.  The alien officer fell aback onto his remaining fighters.  They stepped back outside the door.  The four living aliens retreated to their pods, by the fuel pumps. 


* * *

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