A Dragon Slayer from a Forest

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This is a blockbuster-type short story about... well, the title tells what it is about! : )

Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017





The horse was galloping hard. Jeong Ho carefully looked at the ground, searching for the track. It was late evening, but the young dragon slayer was tracking the monster for the whole day, and he was very tired. Suddenly, a loud roar went through the evening sky. A shadow quickly sled on the ground. Jeong Ho stopped his horse. There was silence for a moment.

A tree fell nearby. Then another one. Jeong Ho saw a black head with horns. Bright yellow eyes stared at him. This was mala persona, one of the most dangerous and rare dragons that ever existed. Nobody survived after meeting one of those. At last, the dragon understood, that a small alien was invading his territory, with a possible threatof eating his children. Jeong Ho was not moving. He was a very experienced hunter.

The dragon finally attacked. A stream of fire went through the trees, burning everything on its way. Jeong Ho stayed still for a moment. Then, overcoming his old pain in a leg, he jumped. The next moment dragon looked at the empty piece of land, with fallen trees around it. Suddenly, mala persona jumped, feeling somebody on its tail. Something cold bit the tail, and the dragon felt terrible pain. Jeong Ho remembered uncle’s lessons about dragon slaying. His hand and axe movements were accurate, and no movement was useless.

After about ten minutes, the dragon lay on its back, dead. Jeong Ho took some alchemical ingredients to sell them in the Capital. With that, our brave warrior continued his travel. Not far away, he heard a small roar. Jeong Ho stopped the horse, looking back. Some red object was doing circles above the place, where mala persona was killed. This might have been Jeong Ho’s archenemy, the leader of all dragons and the most cruel creature found on Earth, the Red dragon. Yet, Jeong Ho was too tired to fight anymore, so he continued his journey to the Capital. Soon, he got to his destination.

The first place Jeong Ho went to, was the alchemic store. Inside, there sat a small person with very white hair, and he was mixing something. He didn’t seem to notice it was late evening.

He didn’t look at the dragon slayer at first, but then asked in a weak voice, “Same products, sir?”

“No. These ones are of much better quality”, answered Jeong Ho.

“Killed a good dragon?”, said the alchemist, with same voice, and without stopping his work.

Mala persona”, slowly and sleepy said Jeong Ho.

“Your uncle taught you well, didn’t he? How are your searchings?” asked the alchemist.

“I feel he is close. My leg pain got worse”.

The old alchemist was very happy. He didn’t have so good ingredients for a long time. The old man carefully looked at dragon’s eyes, than at its teeth, and then at its heart. He, surprisingly quickly and accurately for an old man, started to sort these organs on his shelves. After that, he went to his basement, and got out a shirt.

He said, “That is going to be good for you. I got it a week ago from the dwarfs of Japan, whom I sell my potions made out of dragon parts. They asked me to give them some dragon skin, and a week later, I got this. You know, there are no dragons in Japan. That mail shirt is light as a feather, and strong as a diamond.”

Jeong Ho took the shirt. Suddenly, the sky was filled with the loudest roar possible on the Earth. The air suddenly got hotter.

The roar repeated. Jeong Ho put the mail shirt on in a moment. He knew what that roar meant. His archenemy, who had killed all Jeong Ho’s family long ago, came for a fight. When young dragon slayer looked out, he understood he was right. The red dragon was doing circles above the Capital.

Jeong Ho ran up the stairs, then through the windows, then on the roof. He needed to find a way to put the dragon down to earth. The warrior from the forest got out some meat from the bag, and threw it at the dragon. The meat bounced and flew right into the palace fountain. The army of Korea, which was called to help, stood around the fountain without knowing what to do. The king and all the generals were escaping through the underground tunnel.

Jeong Ho’s throw was not useless, and the dragon sat down on the fountain, looking for the meat. The army stood around without any action. Jeong Ho ran to the fountain as fast as he could, but when he saw the army, he --- stopped. Timidness grew in the young dragon slayer. He didn’t feel very good, when people were around him, and he practically couldn't fight in front of people. The only thing Jeong Ho could do was to shoot at the dragon with arrows, but the dragon’s skin got unharmed. It didn’t even feel anything, and was staring around at the soldiers, waiting for a chance to attack. The soldiers stayed still, not daring to fight, or to run. Jeong Ho knew, that he was killing people with every second of his standing, but he just could not move. His long practicing seemed useless, and the last chance of revenge on dragons was almost lost. The dragon started firing.

The army got into panic. They ran, they fell in cries of agony, they tried to hide, but everything was in vain. The Korean army became smaller and smaller every minute. The front yard of the palace was filled with dead bodies. Suddenly, dragon stopped firing and flew to the top of the palace. By that time, the citizens of the Capital were running out to the forest through two gates. The other eight were already destroyed. Jeong Ho noticed something. The dragon was looking directly at him, a dragon slayer, who was standing lonely.

Jeong Ho understood, that there was no moment to lose. Nobody was looking at him, so the young warrior could overcome his timidness and run. Yet, the dragon got to him first. Its teeth went into Jeong Ho’s body. He heard bones cracking. His thoughts were about life and death, which was here. Jeong Ho’s eyes went black.

He woke up. It was dark. Only a small beam of sunlight shone through the broken planks of the destroyed roof of a house. Jeong ho now could recognize the stone walls with shelves all over them. It was cold, but surprisingly dry in that place. The alchemist was sitting at the back on an old chest.  Several soldiers were with him.

“How are you?” asked the alchemist.

Jeong Ho couldn’t think now, but tried to talk, “What happened?”

And he understood everything at once. There were drops of blood leading to the basement. Jeong Ho tried to remember, and couldn’t recall anything. The alchemist understood, what Jeong Ho was thinking about, and said, “Your dragon ingredients saved you. The mail shirt too”.

Jeong Ho was given some food. It was the most disgusting food he ever ate. The alchemist’s food was kept in the side room, but the door was blocked with debris. The survivors had to eat some alchemic ingredients. The best ones, that suited for eating were dried spiders.

The prisoners in the basement had nothing to do but to sit without action. Jeong Ho couldn't just sit on his bottom. He had to revenge. For his mother, his father, his uncle. At last, for his leg. At noon, Jeong Ho, tired of sitting, tried to clear the debris, that blocked the exit. The alchemist and the soldiers watched with amazement. A dragon slayer, who recently broke his bones, was lifting heavy wooden beams.

When everybody climbed outside, the dragon was flying right over the alchemist’s house. He obviously noticed the escapers, and fired at once. Jeong Ho forgot his timidness. He was scared now.

Young dragon slayer was wondering about his feelings. He never has been scared of a dragon. No dragon could break his bones, and when the Red dragon did, it was a new experience. Experience of fear and pain.

There was no time to think now. The dragon flew straight on them. Jeong Ho was not prepared to fight, and seeing that, the alchemist threw a flask filled with a mysterious orange liquid in it. The flask exploded in front of the dragon's nose. The dragon opened his mouth to sneeze. Jeong Ho threw his sword.

This all happened so quickly, that nobody could think anything. The alchemist, and the soldiers ran to hide behind the wall. They could hear a great crack.

After a while, they went out in the street. The dragon was lying dead on the ground. Jeong Ho stood silently above it. He turned around to the alchemist and the soldiers, and slowly said: “My quest here is finished. There are no dragons in Korea anymore. I will move on. To Scandinavia”.

He started walking away, but his manner of walking changed. The leg didn’t hurt him anymore.


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