An Infestation

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Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017



An Infestation


T’is the time of year for insects,

They just love this muggy weather;

When the light begins to fade

They all just swarm together.


There are ones that like to sting you

With their venomous armed tail,

And ones that would much rather bite

Which you swat to no avail.


These hungry little biters

Want blood but just a drop,

They cannot gulp down gallons

Or they’d make themselves go pop!


But there is one bug that is lethal,

That will not leave you alone --

Once it’s got its grip on you

It will burrow to the bone.


And there it lays its many eggs

Which will then become its young;

They’ll spread throughout your body,

You’ll not know that its begun.


Your skeleton will house them,

Your muscles they will gnaw;

Your blood, well, they will feast on it,

You’ll not even feel it pour.


This is an infestation

Of the direst kind indeed

For you have become a victim

Of that superbug called Greed.


It will eat you from the inside

And it will devour your from the out,

Each further little bite it takes

Removes the slightest doubt.


Your hunger is insatiable --

You just need more and more;

Satisfaction is unreachable

Now Greed has got your core.


So buy up all those repellents,

Those sprays and all those creams

But Greed, it is impervious,

As it rips apart your seams.


There’s just one form of self defence,

Against it you must fight;

But to work, it must be instant --

Kill it off at the first bite!

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