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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: House of Ghosts
This book is about a boy and a girl making friends on the way to suviving a nuclear fallout.

Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017



Chapter 1 Our Time Has Come North Korea The Royal Palace March 24, 2021 11:30 p.m.. 

“St. Barney do you read in?” “Yes, St. Barney reading in to CPT. Price.” “Remember your code name is Shin Je Sang and you signed up for the North Korean military.” said Price calmly, Barney started walking towards the palace entrance, Barney is blocked by two guards, The one on the left was a tall male with the weight of what looks like a Mexican wrestler, he had dark shades and a tuxedo on. The one on the right was small with very bulky muscles, she looked like she had the weight of a strong Chihuahua, she was wearing the same thing as the left guard, booth the guards spoke English and Korean. 

“Hey can I get into the palace, I need to get to the meeting.” “Sorry, we need to see your I'D. card.” Said the guard on the left strictly. Barney put his hand in his back pocket and started to pull out nothing from behind his back. “Hey what’s taking you so long just give us your I.Deeh?” Barney punched the guard on the left, in the face repeatedly. Three of the guards teeth flew out of the his mouth, the guards mouth and nose started bleeding profusely, the guard cried in pain as he had felt his jaw and nose break, crack, and fracture. Barney then found a branch that fell off a tree and beat the guard. The guard on the right tackled Barney, Barney fell and cried in pain as his ribs and nose broke. Barney grabbed out a knife and then began to stab the woman repeatedly in the chest. Barney’s hands were a bloody pulp, he waltzed around for a bit. He looked at the side of the building and he saw a forest, he looked in the forest and saw a creek. He then began to throw the bodies down the ridge in the forest, he followed the bodies down the cliff, and washed his hands in the creek. After Barney washed his hands he stole the guard's ID. and pistol, then He walked back up the ridge and waltzed inside the Royal Palace. 

Barney started walking casually. “Barney what the hell was that for?!” Yelled CPT. Price through the earpiece, “What they hit me first, okay maybe I did hit them first.” Said Barney honestly. “Seriously why would you even do tha...Barney interrupts Price “Ah cry a river build a bridge and get over it.” Said Barney sarcastically. Barney walked about half a block, when he finally reached the meeting door. He opened the door and waltzed inside the room. Everyone looked at him and then got back to the meeting, the room was awfully big with a giant chandelier at the top of the ceiling, at the front of the room there was a stage with a podium, in front of the podium there were spaces that were supposed to be empty and seats that were filled. Kim Jon Ung’s son Kim Jon JR. paused for a few seconds then he got back to his speech. “???? ?? ?? ??, ?? ?? ?? ?? ????? ? ??? ... 

????, ??? ? ???, ?? ??? ??.” Yelled Kim Jon JR. in pride, everyone in the room besides Barney cheered in joy. “Barney what the hell did he say, Barney!” yelled CPT. Price in his earpiece. 





In translation he said “It’s our time now, I will avenge my father Kim Jon Un, Welcome to the super nukes, with this I will destroy the U.S.A..” said Barney in shock, “okay I’m going to go tell the president, just do what you think is right if anything happens.” Said Price concerningly. Price thru the earpiece off and ran to call president Trump. Barney looked at all the happy soldiers. “You young man, come up one stage and say hi to the crowd of happy soldiers, everyone say hi to our new recruit” said Kim Jon JR. excitedly, everyone in the crowd said hi to Barney. Barney started getting worried, he thought to himself, did I get caught, what did I do wrong, what would my daughter do if he was gone, he was fearful and scared that he might die. “Thank god I introduced you, now I will drop the act.” Said Kim Jon JR. happily, KIM Jon JR. suddenly pulled out a Type 70 Pistol and shot Barney in the left leg and right arm. Barney pulled out the pistol he stole from the guard and shot his only bullet at Kim Jon JR’s foot. Barney screamed in pain as the bullet stung his skin, he looked at Kim Jon JR. and saw that Kim was laughing maniacally none of the soldiers helped Kim Jon JR. or shot Barney, instead the crowd of Koreans cheered as Barney sat on the ground crying and saw that Kim Jon JR. Suddenly stood up and said “You are a smart young man Barney, Everyone in this room saw you kill those guards, and as the sickly minded person you are you then stole the gun and I.D.. of a guard, but worst of all you are an American FBI. Agent." Barney was shocked that Kim Jon JR. knew who he was, Barney was scared, worried, and fearful that he might die from the Korean soldiers or from his gunshot wounds. Kim Jon JR. looked at Barney and said “Suffer.” Kim Jon JR. then grabbed out a button and said “He will suffer while we party in hell!” Kim Jon JR. then pressed the button, threw the button on the ground and smashed it with his feet, Kim Jon JR. then pulled out a type 70 pistol and yelled out “I hate you all!” He put the pistol to his head and shot himself. Blood flew out of Kim’s head and the blood hit Barney like a slap to the face. Barney looked at the audience of Koreans in horror as every North Korean soldier shot themselves in the head, it was a bloodbath, brains, blood, and pieces of skulls flew everywhere, hundreds of bodies collapsed, Barney just stared into the eyes of death, he just witnessed a mass suicide. A recorded female voice came over the intercom: The U.S.A.. will be hit in 2 Days, 3 hours, 10 minutes, 16 seconds, and 37 milliseconds, the cities/states that will be hit are New York City, phoenix Arizona, los Angeles California, Anaheim California, San Diego California, Washington state, Honolulu Hawaii, and Springfield Missouri. This building will self-destruct in 30 minutes, 20 seconds, and 2 milliseconds. Have a wonderful day: “Barney, Barney what’s going on what’s happening.” whispered Price into the earpiece, “You don’t have to whisper, Kim Jon JR. shot me in the arm and leg, then he launched the nukes, , the cities/states that will be hit are New York City, phoenix Arizona, los Angeles California, Anaheim California, San Diego California, Washington state, Honolulu Hawaii, and Springfield Missouri, after that him and all his little Korean idiots just shot themselves, right now I’m dragging myself to the exit which is probably half a block away, and this building is going to blow up in 29 minutes, so if I don’t make it tell my daughter I love her and my wife.” Said Barney in pain, “SHUT UP DAMN IT... you won’t die, you’re too stubborn.... You’ll make it!” Screamed Price at the top of his lungs through the earpiece, “Shut up Price, look I know for a fact that we don’t have any equipment that can bring you to North Korea in 29 minutes Okay!” yelled Barney through the earpiece, “NO we can still get y... OH no he did’t, he just broke his damn earpiece..., wait the live body camera.” said Price surprisingly, Price turned on the computer and it took him 1 minute to find Barneys file out of a thousand other body cam files. 





Price clicked on the file, the computer started buffering. “Work damn it I have 17 minutes left.” Yelled Price while staring at the loading computer. Price turned around and ran out the automatic door. “Ahhhh why the hell is this agency so damn big” yelled Price as he ran into people and agents. Price ran about 1/3 a block when he reached the server room “Now where is server 148.” Asked Price to himself. He ran about a full block and a half. When he got there he slammed down the reboot button on server 148 and ran back to the door of the server and ran out of the room, “Oh god what time is it.” asked Priced to himself. Price lifted up his arm and looked at his watch. It was 12:41 a.m.., then when he was looking at his watch he ran into his friend John “Sorry bye.” Said Price quickly, “Hey Price what’s wrong, are you okay.” yelled John as he was chasing Price through the thick hallway, Price got to the investigation room, “Hurry up you got 10 minutes.” Yelled Price mindlessly at the monitor, “Hey Price are you okay, why are you yelling at a monitor?” asked John, Price did’t respond. John looked at the monitor confused yet worried, he suddenly realized that Barney was on the monitor doing his mission, “Oh my why the hell is Barney dragging himself on the ground?” Price still did’t answer. Barney was dragging himself as fast as he could. Price turned around and saw a communicator, the communicator was a helmet that could communicate to any agent on a mission where they had to wear a communicator responder that was implanted into the agent's ear, Barney obviously could not take the communicator responder out of his ear. Price took the communicator and put it on his head,*hello Price Anderson you are now linked to every communicator responder in the U.S.A.. please say the name of the agent you want to communicate too.* asked a calm and kind female voice “I want to communicate to Barney Foltz.” Said Price quickly *Pulling up Barney Foltz... done loading*ding ding* “Barney you have 7 minutes, you can make it.” Said Price excitedly “What the, dammit I forgot the responder look just leave me alone Price.” Said Barney firmly, “Look if you don’t make it I will tell your daughter nice and easily, but there’s no reason for that cause you’ll live” said Price confidently, “shut the hell up Price you’re a great man and I believe you but leave me alone*chh tt rip* * Signal lost to Barney Foltz* said a low female robotic voice. Barney had pulled the responder out of his tympanic membrane/ear drum, he lost all hearing in his right ear Price looked at the monitor as Barney cuffed his ear from the sting of pain, john on the other hand was sitting In his chair staring at the monitor in astonishment, “That damn idiot, how am I supposed to talk to him now.” Thought Price as he stared at the computer, “He has 3 minutes left.” said Price with mixed emotions in his voice like anger, sadness, and confusion, “minutes till what?” asked john, “ Till the building explodes.” Said Price sadly. John sat there with sadness in his eyes john wasn’t the best friend of Barney’s Price was, john was new and only knew him for a week, Price knew Barney since 2nd grade, but yet john had this sad feeling in his heart like he was losing a pet, but yet john did’t freak out or cry he sat there staring at the monitor. 


“What can we do about this situation?” asked john, “Nothing, all we can do is wait.” 1 minute and 40 seconds had passed with Price and John staring at the screen Price started saying these very numbers under his breath as Barney was about to reach the door “10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2, 1...” Price and John just saw the building explode, Price and John sat there staring at the monitor, on the monitor all they saw was smoke, 3 minutes passed by and the smoke cleared, at first there was nothing but rubble, they stared and stared at the monitor. *thump thump* Barney’s arms and legs started raining down from the sky. “Ahhh, NO NO it’s all my fault, I should’ve volunteered for the damn mission not Barney.” Yelled Price at the top of his lungs “NO NO NO NO!” yelled Price again. Price began to punch the table repeatedly yelling No over and over again, tears ran down his face as he screamed in sadness. He then began to punch the monitor repeatedly, John tried to stop Price but Price shoved him away. Shards of glass and computer chips flew into Price’s hand and face cutting him like a paper shredder, glass and computer chips stuck in his hands and face making him look like a bloody pulp. Two of the guards ran into the room and saw that Price was punching the monitor and John trying to stop him. Agents and workers started crowding around Price as he was being escorted by the guards to a therapy room. The president of the FBI. looked inside the room and saw blood and John sitting on the ground. John was in a corner crying while trying to talk to a guard. 












 Chapter 2 Veronica’s journal Wednesday march 19, 2021 

Springfield Missouri 

OMG I overheard Dad talking to Mom, well I did’t overhear I snooped but never mind that, so Dad said he had like a super top secret super-secret mission, I might try to get him to tell me what his mission is.! 

March 20, 2021 

My dad has been at the HQ allllllllll day, I think he might not actually come home tonight, like I’m actually worried, what am I thinking of course he’ll come home tonight. Ahhhh mom just called me up for dinner, wait that’s a good thing, bye. 

March 21 2021 


March 21 2021 10:30p.m. 

Oh yeah so in the last entry I screamed because one of the men shot the window and jumped in the classroom, okay so I just got done talking to the police about the shooting, so the police had a shootout with three men they killed one and were interrogating the other man, for some reason the man was asking for me and my father he was also saying it’s the end of the U.S.A.. it kind of creeped me out, oh the man that wanted me and my dad was also Korean. 

March 22, 2021 

sorry if I missed an entry I was busy with the police yesterday, my friend Julia called me saying that her mom was in a car accident and died it’s actually sad even though I’ve never met her mom, I mean Julia has been saying she that she’s been hearing a voice in her head I know it’s weird but sad. 


March 23, 2021 

OMG the whole school is talking about the shootout that happened on Friday, all I know so far is that one teacher and 11 kids died in the shooting, I know a couple of the kids were in our class but it was coming for them they were all druggies. 


OMG you like my new pens, I traded a gummy worm for them, I’ll probably use them once but there still cool. 

March 24, 2021 9:00 a.m.. 

So we’re supposed to be in school today but there was a news update at 8:00 a.m.. this morning it showed president Trump he said “this is a national emergency north Korea launched 8 nukes at the U.S.A.. 8 hours and 30 minutes ago, each nuke will hit their own town, city, or state. The towns, cities, and states that will be hit are New York City, phoenix Arizona, los Angelas California, Anaheim California, San Diego California, Washington State, Honolulu Hawaii, and Springfield Missouri. Each nuke will have a blast radius of 500 miles, the nuke will strike in 2 days2 hours, 30 minutes, 15 seconds, and 80 milliseconds please do not go into a state of panic stay calm get resources and either go into the towns/cities fallout shelter or your own fallout shelter please I urge you all to stay calm this broadcast Is being recorded and will appear in the next two days every 3 hours, please stay alert for and suspicious citizens because it is possible for riots and murders upon so please stay calm and thank you for listening.” So we don’t have school today. I’m also scared because we still have yet to go and get supplies. 

7March 24, 12:27pm. 

I’m crying my eyes out right now, why well ... Price just called and said that my dad just died. I did’t believe him at first because he always does this sort of stuff, so he said he would send me a video for proof and sure enough 2 minutes later I got a video on Gmail. I looked at the video and it said Barney’s Death, I clicked on the video and called my mom up it buffered for about 1 minute then the video started. It showed my dad’s point of view and at the beginning it showed him get out of a car and he walked to a house, when he got there the guards wouldn’t let him in the building so my dad killed both of them. Then he just waltzed into the building he walked about half a block and reached door that said meeting room on it he walked fin and Kim Jon JR. started saying the stuff that Trump reported. Then JR. tolled dad to come up on the stage. JR. then confronted him on stage and shot my dad in the arm and leg my dad shot JR. in the foot but that wasn’t effective at all, JR. fell to the stage floor and started laughing like a maniac he got back up and yelled I hate you all, then he grabbed out a gun and shot himself in the head, the crazy thing is that after that every soldier on the room then shoot themselves in the head to it was horrifying. My dad then dragged himself of the stage and tried dragging himself to the door but a few steps before the door the inter com started counting from ten to one, after one the building exploded and all you saw was smoke. A few seconds after the smoke disappeared... my dad’s arms, legs, guts, and bones fell from the sky and it scared the crap out of me and mom. Now mom is on the phone yelling at Price. 













Chapter 3 preparation March 24, 2021 1:29 p.m. 

“You idiot why the hell did you send us that damn video... so who cares if Victoria did’t believe you, you should’ve talked to me in the first place... SHUT up you damn asshole, I don’t show her worse than that video... NO how about you go die in a damn hole you dick!” yelled Victoria’s mom before she hung up the phone. Victoria’s mom sat down and ever so slightly pressed on her temples, “Calm down Jessica, here have some water.” Said Victoria nicely. Jessica took the glass of water and chugged it down in 5 seconds, “Thanks, oh and don’t call me Jessica, I’m your mom so call me mom.” Said Jessica firmly. *knock knock knock* Victoria walked to the door and looked through the peephole, it was her friend John, “Oh hey John!” said Victoria as the door quickly opened with a small amount of strength, “hey aren’t you going to go get supplies for the upcoming fallout?” questioned Victoria curiously, “Oh, that’s what I came to tell you about, we aren’t stacking up on supplies cause there’s riots going rapid and murders coming from the blue even the swat team is in town to.” Said John as fast as he could, “wait so there’s actual riots going on in town?” said Victoria cautiously, “Yeah just turn on the news and see for yourself.” Said John seriously. Victoria then grabbed the remote frantically turned on the TV and started clicking through the channels *click click click* *Do you like cleaning? Then get the sham wow you damn neat freak* “welcome back to kbbc this is a breaking news report as you already know there are riots and murders spreading out all over the town central we will now look at live footage of the town central from a helicopter... alright it looks like there is a shootout with the swat team between about 12 rioters *boom* oh my god, one of the rioters had a bomb on them and they just killed or injured about 15 people. *camera switches to broadcast room* *crash* oh my god I think someone broke into the building everyone please get low to the ground and don’t make any noise. All the news reporter and the camera crew could hear was their own heart beats.*thumthump thumthump thumthump* *bang crash* the intruder had shot the camera man through the small window. Ahhhhh the news reporter screamed as each of the camera men were killed one by one. The intruder looked at the camera and said, “Hi Jessica and Victoria, it’s me Price how you doing, I’m just sitting looking at this beautiful young news reporter, hi sweet cheeks * the news reporter start to cry * you want to play a game, it’s called Russian Roulette, do you know how to play * news reporter nods yes * okay let’s get started then, wait let me put a bullet in, alright then you go first here you go * he hands gun to reporter* oh and if you try to pull anything fishy i'll slice your neck with this switchblade * reporter puts gun to her head and shoots * *dink* 1, ooo this is so much fun, my turn! Price grabs the gun out of her hand and shoots the gun toward his head 3 times. Oh my god this is so exhilarating! Yells price while the news reporter is crying beside him. Your turn grab the gun *news reporter rejects the gun * GRAB IT BITCH! Yells Price, the news reporter grabs the gun and shoots. 







*boooom* the bullet had gone straight through the reporter's head. Brains, blood, and pieces of her skull ran down the wall like a race between cars. “Hey Jessica and Victoria you still watching? Oh and Jessica you know how you said you don’t show her worse than the video, well looks like you’re a damn fibber! OH I forgot to tell all of the frightened people that I’m going to die to and the reason for that is I put two bullets in this gun!” said Price happily. Price takes the gun from the dead body of Scarlet McKinley Hansen and points it at his head before he shoots he says “see you in heaven friend.” *boom* instead of the pistol shooting the pistol explodes in Prices hand, he dies almost instantly from the shrapnel hitting his heart and head. For the rest of the news broadcast all that is seen are the dead bodies and the studio. “Wait what the hell just happened!” said Victoria all surprised “well it looked like a guy named Price who you guys never told me about since it looks like he knows you just killed a whole room full of people.” Said John casually “I can’t believe Price would do that!” said Victoria sadly, “Hey who the hell is Price!” yelled John, “oh he just a friend of my dad’s.” Said Victoria casually john nods his head knowing that Price is just a friend. Jessica sat there staring into nothingness “I’m going to go upstairs and rest.” Said Jessica tiringly “okay me and john are going to go to town.” “Hey I never agreed with that Victoria” said john worryingly. Victoria and John walked out of the house and looked toward town central, there was smoke coming from buildings, a small glow of fire from the ground, and helicopters circling the town central. John and Victoria walked to the car and got inside, Victoria got the keys and started the engine and was about to move the car out of the driveway when out of nowhere john asked “when your birthday Victoria?” Victoria replies “oh it's today I’m turning * boom crash thump * Jessica fell from the 3rd story window and onto the car’s hood Victoria screamed as she saw that her mom had just shot herself. Victoria thought that her mom would help her to the end but she thought wrong. Victoria sat in the car and began to cry, while John sat there in silence. 5 minutes later Victoria pulled herself together and said “let’s go to town central” Victoria turned the keys but the car wouldn’t turn on she got madder and madder, then out of nowhere Victoria had a terrible idea. 

“JOHN we should steal my neighbor’s car.” John was surprised to see this side of Victoria she is usually nice and shy. John followed Victoria to the car and they got into the car. She looked into the cars compartments and nooks but she still did’t find the car's keys, then she realized that the keys were inside her neighbor’s house “Hey john do you want to go and break into my neighbor’s house and steal their car keys?” “No I’m staying here” said john pouty Victoria got out of the car and walked toward the door. She opened the door slowly and quietly crept down the short narrow hallway Victoria could tell that the TV was on cause of the small sound of the rioters yelling from a distance. The TV got louder and louder as she inched toward the living room entry. * Hey Ahhh boom bang bang stop move away from the kbbc station I said stop bang* when she got to the living room carpet she stopped and peeked over the corner of the wall. The living room was medium sized it had a chair in the middle of the room and on the left side of the chair there was a glass table, in front of the chair there was a traditional wooden table with a carving of a bear and on the top right corner of the wooden table there was a pack of cigarettes with the car keys on top of them, in front of the table there was a 70 inch holographic TV. Victoria was about to run and grab the keys until she noticed the tip of someone’s head at the top of the chair. She stuck to the wall on the right side of the chair. She walked slowly and when she passed the back part of the chair she saw that a hefty man had shot himself in the heart with a silenced pistol. Victoria covered her mouth and tried not to cry, she ran to the table grabbed the keys and ran out of the house crying

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