Came to pass

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What is it about me that people see troubling them? I will diagnose this question with what I believe could be the answer.

Submitted: April 30, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017



Never underestimate the importance of listening. Our eyes can see more shades of green than any other color. With dreams comes passion, but how can you enjoy your life if your dreams are ignored? What if "God" is used to describe the universe, and we are created in it's image? I can't stand the sight of myself in the mirror sometimes. The feelings run deep. It's like I love living, but I hate my position. I'm not happy with who I am at times or at least that's what I think. Where did my destruction begin? The only answer could be in my decisions made in my earlier years. Had I been more respecting to those around me, took the role of a leader when no one was in sight to step up. Maybe I rely too much on things I can't control that don't matter at the end of the day. I asked if anyone could save me from myself, I heard no answer. I reviewed the past couple things I've written down, and realized I'm not as stable as I thought I was, there's too many things weighing on my mind to even think clearly that I've lost myself. I was too busy worrying about the money I wasn't getting it, I was so caught up exposing the truth I forgot to live myself. I smiled so much at pointless things I can't find what really makes me happy. I can't save the world, and I'm no superman. However, I am me and only I can make myself right again body, mind, and spirit altogether.

I'm my own God, where's theres an empty picture there's my imagination to shed some light on the darkness. I got my diploma, but I never learned anything in school. I taught myself the value of myself and what I have to offer myself and others. There's so many things to say yet I dont see myself on billboard charts sitting next to a clown on a talk show. I'm not looking for a profit for my books, short stories, or poems. I love sharing a piece of my mind because it might be a solution to a problem, or just a much needed reminder before you rest your heads. TV, music, and the Internet can be evil only if it's not handled right. Some mornings I wake up deciding if I should create a new social media adding people with only positive mindsets. At times I walk throughout the day with my hood overhead because I feel safe in my mind where I seek only happiness, even then the love of others places me in heaven wherever I am at the moment. I've heard powerful messages from music turn hearts warm and lift frowns into smiles. I've grown tired of talking, I'm completely focusing on my transformation for a better spot than I'm in now. With time comes work. I don't like 9-5's, but if it's what I need to see a better tomorrow then consider me the first on the site. In the end there's no excuses as to why I can't be happy.

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