Remi Deupree great journey.

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about a young girl that made a hike up a huge hill to save a nest of baby eagles that lost there mom.

Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017



One summer day a little girl name Remi Deupree was watching tv when news came on about a eagle that was shot by a man near sky hill.the eagle was a friend of Remi she would feed it every day .she found the eagle when it was just a baby with a broken wing.she nurse it back to health and trained it to fly.  when it was ready to leave Remi let it go.  it was the hardest thing she ever had to do.a year later Remi went to sky hill where her eagle made a home to check on it.and found a nest up on the hill with baby eagles.after the news cast she rushed to the hill a mile from her home. she heard the sounds of the baby eagles up on the hill.  sky hill was a home to a wild cat the eagle kept it away from it babys,but now they have no protection.Remi new about the wild cat and had to save the baby eagles fast.the hill was a long way to the top a huge place very high up with trees and big rocks and snakes.the nest was half way up the hill.but it was still a dangerous climb .the wild cat was killing small animals and birds and it was only time when it attacks the nest.Remi had to get by the snakes and watch out for the wild she started up the hill the first thing she saw was a huge snake.  so she went around the snake with out making any noise.  as she got closer to the nest out of no where came the wild cat. so Remi found a big rock and threw it at the cat hitting it in the head.the wild cat jumped backward and fell off the hill in to a bunch of rocks killing it.the baby eagles was saved and Remi took them home to take care of them,  the news station heard about it and Remi became a hero.  she went on talk shows to talk about her adventure .  and in time she got her on tv show about animals.from hero to actress and as her baby eagles got bigger she let them go.but she new they would be big enough to protect them self.and every summer she would go to the hill to see her friends the eagles flying around the hill safe and secure.the end

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