House of Carbs

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My girlfriend wrote this story. I found it cute, so I decided to edit and upload it.

Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017



In the small country of Carbohydrates, there lived King Cashew, who was infamous for his love of carbs. Demanding all kinds of carbs, from pistachios to potatoes, he forced every town in his vast land to biannually provide him with six thousand pounds of their produce. And if the towns failed to meet his uncompromising requirements, the King cut off the town’s water supply, effectively killing off all its citizens via dehydration.


Lately, King Cashew’s favorite carb had been rice, and in the past few years of his abominable reign, the production of rice had exponentially increased to cater to his bottomless hunger. This hunger caused numerous problems to his countryfolk, including citizens of Jasmine.


Jasmine, a tiny town on the outskirts of Carbohydrates, was the sole producer of rice for the king, who always expected Jasmine rice during his lavish, royal feasts in his Macadamia Palace. In order to appease this gargantuan demand of carbs, the mayor of Jasmine foolishly opened all of the town’s fertile land slots for rice farming. Over time, the increased rice production stripped all of the nutrients from the soil. This lead to Jasmine’s notorious rice shortage.


During the shortage, the citizens of Jasmine held secret meetings, never in the same location so that the King could never find out, with the sole goal of redressing their predicament of not dying from thirst brought about by the King’s post-rice rage. At first, some citizens suggested that they simply explain their situation to the King, and hopefully he would be understanding. Others agreed and the group began discussing ways to cautiously deliver the news. Everyone was content with the plan until the town’s wiseman, old Mister Short-Noodle, screamed from the top of his antiquated trachea: “Stop this fooling around! We need a real plan to stop King Cashew from killing us! I know of a pasta served by my forefathers, pasta which God himself has forgotten. I know of a pasta that may save us. I know of a pasta that looks and behaves like rice, but requires fewer nutrients to grow in these lands. In order to survive, we must deceive the King by serving him this pasta. Orzo!” The citizens all gasped and fell quiet, until finally accepting, after careful consideration, old Mister Short-Noodle’s ingenious plan. They all rallied behind the wiseman and his plan, and everyone pitched in to help grow the food in time for the feast.


Soon the feast came. All of the representatives from each of Carbohydrates’ towns arrived, including those from Jasmine. To start the day, King Cashew consumed two thousand loaves of bread from the town of Basil, home to the famous Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Later, when it was time for him to taste the produce from Jasmine, he was offered the orzo, which the Jasminites introduced as specialty rice. Having never seen orzo before, the King tried the food, thinking it was an upgraded rice.


He loved it. In fact, he loved it so much that he ordered the slaughter of a goat in honor of Jasmine. All was well, and the citizens of Jasmine were safe for another year… well, all except old Mister Short Noodle, who, after finding out about Jasmine’s success, passed away quietly in his hut, surrounded by both his family and absolute triumph.


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