Hollow Kiss

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Death Of A Friend

Submitted: April 29, 2017

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Submitted: April 29, 2017



Chapter Four: Death Of A Friend

Jakob and the others got back to the F.B.I building.

“Okay, we are to steer clear of Asberry or a lawsuit will be in our laps.” William explained to them walking into his office.

“So he gets away with hiring a killer while we try to find out who the killer is?” Jakob asked looking at him.

“Yep, So if you have any other ideas on what to do next we’re going to have to wait for the killer to kill again.” William responded as Collins and Kevin sat down.

“No, I quit. I’m done with all of this.” Jakob scoffed looking at them.

“What? What do you mean you quit?” Peter questioned as Collins and Kevin looked at him.

“I’m not going to wait for another kid to drop just so I can use their crime scene to find someone. If the killer had any self confidence he or she can come at me personally. But I’m not letting my friends be bait just so you guys can get bigger egos by catching him.” Jakob responded to the question before walking out of the office leaving his visitor badge on William's desk.

“Jakob wait.” Collins sighed walking out after him.

“What? What do you want?” Jakob questioned shouting at her.

“What’s wrong?” Collins asked looking at him.

“I already said. I’m not waiting for my friends to drop dead.” Jakob answered her in a calmer voice.

“Then catch the killer before he does.” Collins chuckled lightly looking at him.

“I can’t. Ryan was the only one connected to them. Now that we aren’t allowed near him this case will go cold.” Jakob said his voice rising slightly.

“Only if you let it.” Callins told him as Jakob looked at her.

“Sorry, but I can’t let this take control of my life.” Jakob told her as he walked away and Peter and the others watched.

“Aren’t we going after him?” Peter questioned as everyone shook their heads no.

“We have a killer to catch.” William sighed going back to his computer. Collins stared at the door a while more before opening a file.

“Peter get me the police report about Tamelia’s kidnapping.” Collins requested looking at him. Peter nodded looking through the files.



Jakob walked up to Tamelia’s house knocking on the door.

“Yo, It’s open!” She shouted from the kitchen. Jakob walked in and looked around.

“Tamelia? It’s me Jakob.” He shouted walking into the kitchen.

“Great, you’re here. Sorry about the whole Ryan thing. Taste.” Tamelia demanded holding a spoon of sauce to him. Jakob chuckled tasting the sauce getting a surprised look on his face.

“Tamelia that’s amazing. What is it?” Jakob questioned looking at her.

“New sauce I’m making for some spaghetti.” Tamelia responded with an italian accent. Jakob laughed slightly as Tamelia grabbed some noodles.

“Those don’t look like any kind of store brand of noodles.” Jakob told her looking at the noodles.

“I’d hope they don’t. I made these from scratch.” Tamelia responded putting the noodles on two plates.

“Wow, you really went all out.” Jakob chuckled helping her take the plates to the table.

“So, who’d you cook for? If I’m allowed to ask.” Jakob questioned looking at her.

“For you idiot.” Tamelia chuckled putting sauce on the noodles. Jakob coughed slightly shocked and looked at her.  

“Sit down.” She demanded sitting down across from him. Jakob nodded sitting down looking at her.


“What is it?” William questioned walking up to Collins. Peter and Kevin were sitting out of the office watching through the window.

“The person who reported Tamelia’s kidnapping made the same call to the first murder.” Collins told William handing him the file.

“Didn’t her mother call in the kidnapping?” William questioned looking at Collins.

“Yup.” Collins replied grabbing her gun.

“Let’s go.” William shouted to Peter and Kevin.

“Finally.” Kevin exclaimed as Peter put his phone in his pocket after texting someone.

“Hey, shouldn’t we go get Jakob? He might want in on this.” Peter questioned walking up to them.

“No, he wants nothing to do with this case. So, let’s not involve him.” William sighed as the elevator closed.


After Tamelia and Jakob finished eating Tamelia took the dishes to the sink and Jakob heard his phone go off.

“Hello?” Jakob questioned answering his phone.

“Jakob. Help. We need help.” John stammered on the phone hearing a faint scream.

“Where are you John? Talk to me.” Jakob told him grabbing his jacket. Tamelia looked at him following as he got out to his car.

“Tamelia, call Collins and William. Tell them to get to John’s house. Now!” Jakob shouted speeding off as Tamelia pulled out her phone. Jakob sped down the street going across the town slamming on his breaks just outside John’s house.

“Let go!” Jakob heard John shout from in the house seeing two people struggle and a baby wailing as he looked around waiting for Collins to show up. After a minute Jakob sighed running into the house kicking the door open. The killer threw John to the ground looking over at Jakob.

“You chase after my family. Now my friends?” Jakob shouted tackling the killer. Collins and the group got in front of the house seeing Jakob’s car and ran inside to find Jakob in the living room holding pressure to John’s major wound as paramedics took over and one walked up to Jakob.

“I’m fine.” Jakob told them standing up limping over to the door before being stopped by Collins.

“Check him out. If he needs to be in the hospital then take him there.” Collins told the second paramedic team as Jakob sighed getting escorted to a ambulance driving off.


“Collins, come here.” William told her as she nodded walking up to him in the living room where a smashed glass table was at and furniture on the ground.

“Looks like John put up one hell of a fight.” Peter chuckled walking up to the group.

“Not John. Paramedic told us his scars didn’t match any of these. Jakob’s did.” Kevin told them as Peter looked shocked a little.

“He really got pissed.” Peter chuckled nervously as the four went outside.

“Killer came out here and jumped the fence.” William told them as Collins looked around seeing something on the other side of the fence. As she got towards it she put on rubber gloves.

“What is it?” William questioned as Collins pulled a paper from the fence with a knife.

“A note. ‘Jakob, if John lives the next victim will be on your hands. Sincerely the Hollow Kiss.’” Collins read aloud from the paper as Kevin gulped looking around.

“Come on. I want police cars patrolling every street. Ten officers in the hospital. I want every available F.B.I agent searching abandoned buildings. Right now.” Williams ordered as uniform officers nodded.

“William, are you sure you want to do that? What if spreading the department thin is this guys plan?” Kevin asked as Collins nodded in agreement following him.

“I don’t care, this guy went with us to L.A. Whoever this is he’s pissing me off.” William shouted out as Collins and Kevin gulped leaving to join the search.


Collins walked into the hospital and into Jakob’s room as he sat up in his bed looking at her as she sat beside the bed.

“Looks like John will live. Although I don’t think you should be going around fighting serial killers.” Collins told him as Jakob scoffed sitting up.

“Jakob listen to me. This killer left a message. Since John is okay the killer is going to kill someone else.” Collins told him as Jakob looked shocked.

“What? We have to go make sure that doesn’t happen.” Jakob told her as he was about to get up.

“Whoa calm down. William has police cars on each street, he has cops everywhere in town.” Collins told him keeping Jakob down.

“Agent Kevin, take a look at this.” An officer shouted as Kevin walked up to them.

“What is it?” Kevin asked looking at them.

“It looks like blood.” An officer replied as they heard a crash in the back of the warehouse.

“You three, go check it out.” Kevin told them as he knelt down looking around the ground. The officers walked into the back of the warehouse as Kevin looked around before the killer came up behind Kevin slashing his throat. Kevin gasped for air as the killer dropped his body as the blood began to form a pool.

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